Monday, August 08, 2011

Raya shopping

Raya shopping ...sigh

MUST you buy new things for raya? Sadly, for my kids, yes. Because they outgrow their clothes at an amazing rate. My daughters wear my clothes allready. (One of them anyway)

I don't mind sangat because we don't shop usually. They pass their clothes down anyway right. Kesian kaklong lah, dia yang pass things down. In fact she had been asking to go out shopping dah lama dah. Shopping is fun. I just don't like shopping when there are lots of people. I prefer GE Mall over KLCC for example. Jalan TAR is a no no no ...unless its at 10 am.

Yesterday , finally I gritted my teeth and took them to one of the busy malls. Masa pergi tak crowded, nak balik, so ramai ! I was with my eldest 2 and youngest 2. The middle one had seminar UPSR which she went to in protest.

When they were younger, we'd buy their things for them .Now, I have to let them choose. They have different style and sizes!

The mission : get blouses and jeans. 5 minutes on arrival , it became clear that my 2 elder girls were natural born shoppers. They were browsing leisurely, happily oblivious to the younger 2 who were getting restless and starting to invent games like let's run around the store or let's fight each other. In the end I left the kaklong and kakngah on the women's floor (women dah!sigh) and took the other 2 up to the kids' floor.

And I discovered that my no 4 is ALSO a natural born shopper once she was in the right place! She knew what she wanted and happily pulled things to try. She is such a girlie girl , the things she chose. But nak beli tshirt kena carik long sleeves and not much choice sadly. So happy to find her baju kurung there that fits her and that she liked - I can cross THAT off the list. In and out gak lah kita masuk changing rooom ..jojo's baju melayu lah, jeans lah. My son never mentioned it before but apparently he only has 2 pairs of good jeans left. he had his sight on one shirt over a teeshirt and wanted that. He was also particular about his jeans, not too long, not too loose. He doesn't like short sleeve shirts. He likes long sleeve shirts (so belia kan).

Thankfully that was soon done and we went to find our other 2. Round round gak lah since they were nowhere to be found. After going round the floor 3 times we found them in the changing rooms. They had found several blouses and i rushed them to the counter....tu pun ada hati nak try try lagi. 1 plus hours is not enough time! Girls.!

And out we go!

By the time we were going home it was crowded dah...with prams, and mommies holding kids' hands and daddies looking harrassed. he he he.

Shopping not done yet! We still have to get the baju kurung of no 1 2 and 3. And the tops for no 3..

Next week lah pulak

You all dah shopping?? .


1na said...

Belum kak...

Bila la nak start nie hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

takpa...banyak masa...try to go during i suruh my kids to kosong kan almari..mana yang kecik letak tepi..boleh bagi orang...

MrsNordin said...

I haven't started! The girls dah ada baju dah.. sorang satu. The boys belum lagi (itu baba dia punya part). Stress lah bila fikir beli barang for raya ni.. stress nak keluar duit + stress nak bergasak2 dengan orang ramai!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

J- memang stress. the duit tu toksah lah cakap...diorang pakai saiz harga macam kita jugak lah...and i hate crowds. ada orang kata pi sacc mall kalau nak lawa..or pkns complex ...what do you think? Tapi kena pi lepas subuh lah so that tak crowded!

Anonymous said...

We went to PKNS the Sat before puasa, by 11 am, dah tak leh bernafas. Tu pun we went to get Sara's school stuff. Stay away unless you enjoy smelling sweat and jostling.



i can leave the bag of raya goodies (baju raya le..) for you to look at for the girls..tapi entah bila la pulak..i used to love shopping, now dah kurang..dah tue agaknya.hehe
ps: word verification: sicuri!

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- izzit??? Aiyoo i can imagine lar...dont the shops start at 10?? one hour je dah penuh?? but what do you t hink of the baju- cantek sangat ke?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Putri- please do!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Putri- that could be it..although I think its because we have so many other things to do..

Anonymous said...

Adoi la.. awat hang nyiksa diri bulan2 puasa ni Shila.

Next year buat camni.

Kalau nak pergi TAR (ini tempat mcm kena pergi gak sempena nak raya - beli tak beli lain citer), kena amik cuti 1 day a week before raya. Do not pergi sabtu ahad.
So we went satu pagi hari Rabu dan takde org sgt, dan color & size baaanyak lagi leh pilih.
'Aniz' ada baju melayu siap sampin yg not bad & not too expensive dan 2 org layan 1 customer. Sukaaaaa.

Pastu leh makan nasi beriyani kat yassin - mango lassi lagik.

Settle 3 boys + 1 pak-nya.

Maknya + 2 gegirl - ini project lagi 2 minggu sebelum puasa di AEON saja. Kerana color baju maknya yg menentukan kaler baju seluruh yg lain jadi ini kena settle dulu.

Pastu leh gi Johnny's hirup soup tomyam.


Ardini Humaira said...

dni dah beli beberapa keperluan raya hehe :D

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