Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new maid!!

Ok ok now the story about the new maid....

Well, my next door neighbour Kak S(actually I call her Auntie ) said this former maid of her friend , is bringing a maid over. This former maid is now not a maid lah. The auntie's friend works in the embassy (of Indonesia) . So if I want a maid, I should call her (the former maid - called siti) to ask if she can help me.

So this Siti said if she has anyone she will call me. At the moment no one is coming over.

So she called me the other day. There are 2 girls coming over and they have left there and would be arriving on Sunday. (Last Sunday) - postponed to Monday. But please pick up on Wednesday.

Please bring RM3000 which she will use to pay the tekong. And then I have 14 days to turn her social visa to working visa.

So we went last night. Husband came back at 10 pm and I was a bit cross because I had promised that we would pick up by 8. (he told me to say that). And then he said he wont pay her one until her medical check up clears. He basically wants t otake the maid home first , see if we are ok, then pay. I said how can, like that. Allready promised![ I was sleepy, he was tired, we were yelling at each other, and I was so mad, and I know I was so mad, and I know this wont last long because I was just yelling for the sake of yelling , but it felt so goood. We're ok of course because we got it out of our system by yelling at each other . He also so tired, having operated and rushing from Serdang, GH and PCMC (he really has to choose soon) and some more no food..and I know all this but sedapnye marah marah..shetan kannnn) ]


The maid !! I went over to the house - the lady is a cook at Sari&Ratu and led me up her rented house (aiyoo one of these Indon's rumah batu that is sooo like a maze inside.)

The maid is so young! So small also, very thin like my 2nd daughter. and she is 19! I bet she is really 16. Aiyoo. And pretty. And wearing very tight jeans. If she was curvier this would be a problem. Both of us (husband and I ) were going - WAAA She's going to run!!

And we took her (and Siti) to do the medical check up at PCMC for her blood, urine etc. While we were on the way I asked Siti..can this girl do work??? She said that this girl has worked before in Suraba&ya...and she has done maid work...and she lasted 4 years (since she was 15?) and she also is very keen to work

She saidthat this girl lives in front of her house in Indonesia (where is Tuban btw?) and she can vouch for her. Ok ok

So we took this girl home lah...let's give her a chance lah....

BTW im supposed to deduct her salary for 3 months. But I will give her something lah. Maybe RM200 for 3 months? Sebab..would you be happy working for no money??

The good thing is if she is on holiday (once a month) she gets to go back to this Siti house. So I dont have to worry about it.

I told my current bibik to show her the routine..But god please dont show her HOW you do work, dear cincai....heheheheh

Insyallah........everything will be ok.......pls pls god....

Do you do this?

You know what is annoying? People who, when you are so excited to tell them something, comes and tell you- yeah memang lah ! or , Yeah lah like I said or I allready told you what ! Or- yes, when that happened to me, I did x y z..." Simply put, they know it allready.

Aiyoo potong steam betul. My mom does this all the time.

Cakap lah apa, they have done it, seen it. I'd say Did you know that the moon is now detaching from the earth and coming to land at Kuala Pilah? And the person who has this perangai will say - "Ya lah...its coming down this thursday."

Warghh!! Cannot ah one time you dont know what I'm saying. Or you pretend you never heard of what Im this:

"Iya ke Shila??? "


Gigi oh gigi

Remember I had the sakit gigi?? Toothache??

A really funny story , this. he he.

So I cancelled the first appointment right..sebab ada hal (iaitu takut) and the next appointment was on Monday.(last Monday)

So I had a bad tummy ache (ie takut) the whole weekend. And on Monday morning I stopped by to see Dr Md Shah in Keramat who according to Dr Fa&uziah is an expert. Anyway he does the kids' braces so I know him allready.

So Dr M S said - hmmm take out the painful one, and the other good one we see later what to do. I said ok, I will tell my dentist. I went and told him that I had another appointment and was only seeking a second opinion

Then at 10.30 (appointment was 11) dengan berkobar kobar nya saya pergi to the dentist....I was of course early and I dragged my clerk with me, holdinghands ok! Anyway the receptionist cum dr's wife cum friend told me - dr not in yet! I'll call u when he gets in ok!

Phew!! So we walked back to the office (seriously, this clinic is about 2 mins walk from my office door)

At about 11.15 she called me. This time sorry lah my clerk so bz ooready and takda masa nak layan the boss punya chekadak so off I went alone. Dah ready dah nak take off 2 gigi as discussed last week

Tengok tengok he didn't start. He started to tell me taking 2 teeth out is drastic. And I will be left without teeth. Basically. And dentures is uncomfortable. And anyway I have lived with this infection for nearly 3 years right...and sometimes the pain comes and sometimes it goes but all the time it goes....

As for rootcanal..well, the front molar (which looked decent but rootwise is a mess) is basically dead. The back tooth (which looked a mess but root still alive - JUST) can be rootcanalled.

But the problem is , that tooth is very complicated, 4 roots instead of 2 (of course it would be complicated, dah expect dah ..lagi takut doctor gigi lagi complicated your gigi) . Plus only 50 percent chance to plus plus

So he's sitting there waiting for my decision and I'm thinking- WHAT THE HECK DOES HE WANT ME TO SAY HERE? This is what I got from him:

1. The teeth are bad and not going to get better. Not necessarily gonna get worse. If you take good care of it you may even get rid of your infection yourself. He knows of a guy who lived with a huge cavity for years and years with no pain.

2 The root canal is no point.

3. losing 2 teeth is drastic (plus no more income for him lar)

So in the end. I told him, cover je lah! So he did a plaster filling for it, he will do a permanent one next 2 weeks, and kalau sakit., come back.......

SO MY TEETH ARE SAVED...still there, still rotten.But at least still there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Whats been happening with you? Tau jelah blog..kalau update nak update hari hari. kalau tak update langsung lupa ..

1. Maid baru

Well, we are getting one..TOmorrow. She comes direct daripada sana, which is what is needed to ensure that they want to work as a maid. Those who have been here and have worked here very rarely want to be a domestic helper. Would you? Come to think of it, why not, stability... so tomorrow I have to collect the maid from the agent's house tomorrow, pay RM3000 and then do the necessary .

2. Passport baru

I have to do one..dah expire this December

3. IC anak I

She's so big now, and she was wailing that in 6 more months she will be thirteeeeeeen!! When is mommy going to do her IC??? Ni sophia lah of course..

4, Anak sedara baru

My brother in Ireland has gotten another boy!! Yay!! Yang funny nye he said 4 times ultrasound showed a girl..sekali dapat boy..there you go...dont play play and dont buy PINK! Never mind lah least sehat and sure cute ek!!

5. Trip to KK - well in laws have said yes. Mother and father in law are coming. Other in laws ...hmm macam tak minat...sister in law in Kelantan wants to come but her husband not that interested. Eh ni Kundasang you know - very nice one!! My parents dont want to come .. aparah. My mom nak sangat pergi but my dad tak berapa to force?? Dia kata boring. I said let my mom je lah dad said if my mom pergi sorang nanti babah sasau.. hahahahaha.. ye lah tu..sapa nak buat kopikan...

Husband nak naik Gng Kinabalu..tak exercise ni tapi! Boleh ke?? My friend suggest naik Bukit Belacan dulu..orBukit Broga...kalau semput..then tak fit...

6. Trip to HK- tak pernah terlintas nak pergi, suddenly my (chinese) friends all pergi I pun macam interested..anyway its good practice kan being around crowds .... let's!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latest Folly!

More and more earthquakes are tak pernah pernah, India.

Didn't I read somewhere that earthquakes are a sign of Qiamat?

Aiyoo,,,do you think we are going to be around to see it? will it happen in our lifetime?? Let's pray not. Because I think its going to be horrible

This is what happens when we get depressed..we spend money!!

I don't know how to buy luxury handbags , nor do I go mad about shoes (only when Im in the shop) but I do love travelling... sooo....

I went and booked flights to ........Perth?? New York??

Nope- Kota Kinabalu..!

MAS is doing a fantastic deal of RM320 return each...and all of us cost about considering that the other option (ahaks macam dapat pergi) is RM23 k, marilah kita ke Kota Kinabalu....

Ada kadazan, ada gunung, ada island...


(the husband is now getting excited as he found out that Kundasang has a golf course...hehehehe best lah dia ni...tak pernah say no to his merepek wife..)

Friday, September 16, 2011

hi ya


No, I don't have it. But I'm reading about it.

Am I being morbid? I find myself thinking about all the diseases that can come and visit us over 40s now...husband dah high cholesterol you know. And what else is waiting ..I feel like God has blessed us with so many good years ...are the bad years around the corner? Nauzubillah....

Eeee tak yah lah membazir masa thinking of this. Waste time only...and take it positively least there is that impetus to appreciate your life every day as it comes and be thankful that you are for now, healthy! Fat, but healthy.

So my life is full of cats and kids. And nagging husband to come home. Aparah. Dah dekat 18 tahun kawin kalau dia balik lambat still nak kena call aparah. Shame on me. Should emulate my other friends who have husbands spending days , months away and remain cool. Me, husband balik lambat je I jadi kuching..pace up and down. hahahhaha. And the first thing he has to do is hug me. And the last thing he has to do is also hug me. Poor guy - he married a post it note- ashik melekattt je. Even the kids have given up.

Yes I have kids and cats. Kids-well, my eldest daughter cannot come to the hari raya dos tomorrow because she also has hari raya dos...and I have to come and accept that...and my second and third daughters are doing really well in piano, something that they only took up a few short months ago (although we have had keyboard piano in the house for YEARS). My no 4 spent the day with her friends and her friends' mom at 1 Utama watching a movie yesterday. I had to send and I had to fetch .Friend live in this mega castle in Kenny Hills. Walawwwww.. My son is talking to me as if he is 20 , discussing all sort of things in a grown up surreal manner. God has given me kids to advise me in my old age.

As for cats...well . we have 5..the kitties have grown!! but still naughty..pantang tengok kita tengah nak buat kerja, they will jump on my laptop. They will walk in front of you and suddenly lie down with their tummy showing so you can rub them. I hear cats are proud creatures. Well- not here they ain't. They are totally pathetic, and always looking for people to hug them. Er much like me hahahaha. My 2 black and white cats and my 2 half persian ginger tabbies are still not getting along (they are 2boys and 2 girls and hiss at each other all the time) -but seriously stress reducer. Why I need a maid - to take care of their food and poop. Why no maid would work with us- see the above reason.

Ok then I have to finish my work now...which is NOT to read about diabetes or talk about kids or cats. Or flights to San Francisco (change of venue for berangan-angan)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chakit GIGI

I chakit gigi...... I have the world's worst toothache. I have this huge huge HUMONGOUS cavity that I have been nursing for the last 2 years. I went to the dentist 2 years ago, he diagnosed that the gigi was bad, gave me a temporary plaster, and told me to consider rootcanal. The plaster broke down about 1 and a half years ago and I sat on it. Bukan susah nak pergi dentist ni, because he is in my office building, and on the same floor, and about 2 seconds walk, so I should have gone right. Also i know Dr Fauziah, the famous dentist. But I am a great procrastinator and when it comes to my teeth I don't really need too much of a motivation to put it off. So when it FINALLY hurt yesterday, I FINALLY went.

And despite the fact that this dentist I see almost every other week at the restaurants, around the building etc, he told me why didn't i come to see him earlier? Hello, you never called me, you couldn't have thought it was serious right? Ok ok, it was my fault...and I should have gone..heheheh

The prognosis is- CABUT. well he was trying to avoid it but I told him look , there's no other way, the infection has reached the BONE and I would rather be toothless than be in pain. But TWO teeth ok. I have to consider dentures sigh....but better than suffering this pain! And the pain is excruciating.

I have tried teabag. (it worked except its a bit messy and you drool tea) and I have tried cloves (it's very fiddly and I have to take it out when I drink) . I kept downing the painkiller , antibiotic and the papase the dentist gave me(thought of waiting for husband to get me medicine but too long to wait lar) - but no jalan , no go. I had the worse of nights last night, with a hot towel compressed against my cheek. Hot towel lak had to get cold lah kan.

Finally found relief when husband went out to get me a mega fantastic once a day painkiller and also some strong antibiotics. Finally got to bed and finally slept .

Now i am awake, and I feel like someone has punched me. The pain is still there...but throbbing a t a low level. instead of going MEEE MEE MEEE. (macam ambulance) . If tak tahan I will try to recite the surah I know and try pain distraction methods (hellowww had 5 kids...should know a bit about pain distraction) ...I also imagined being in the sea, surrounded by waves....

When you are in pain, you realise that nothing matters. But your health.

So moral of the story...go to the dentist....and appreciate your life..for you could be having a toothache instead! Hehehehehe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ups r!

tomorrow is first seemed to sail through it at the government school. The second one did hers in the private school and had to grapple with the private exams as well as the government exams so didn't do too well. Didn't do too badly actually when considering she was studying for 18 subjects. Didn't do too well when compared with the sekolah kebangsaan cousins.

my no 3 , we learnt our lessons. Where we were lepakz with the no 2, (after all its just an exam right) we are more diligent with no 3. Her BM being what it is, we called the teacher at the very last minute to drill the techniques and the tips to answer. Yes UPSR is not that important but it is a way to measure her skills. Have her standards to a certain level. I don't want her to be unprepared to face secondary school! Teacher reported that she has improved. For the money Im paying you teacher she'd better improve is what I say heheheheh..

Some of my friends are taking leave. I'm planning to as well. But to do what, do I sit in her school? Do I pray at home? She told me to come to fetch her. She is very cool, and just now was on her bed telling me she is bored. The night before upsr ni, she is bored. Ok lah tu I guess.I guess I should go over what she's supposed to belajar. But husband said now is not the time, and wants to take her for icecream. I don't remember any time being the time, as far as my daughter is concerned!

One never knows what one is doing when one is a parent. Ok scratch that. I don't know what I'm doing with my kids. Just winging it and hope for the best. My recipe, Lots of agama, lots of hugs lots of scolding and mandi 2 times aday is a must.

Good luck to all parents!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Sleep escapes me

I have very bad sleeping i'm awake. I slept at about 8,30 pm and got up at 11. I have to go to my BNI meeting in about 4 hours - today is visitors' day and we're going to have about 20 visitors insyallah...and we can network with them and where the heck are my business cards allready and I hope i have enough..Tomorrow I have to be there by 6.00 am I think to oversee everything..the team is quite good in organising - its allready arranged at Bankers club but you know lah, last minute things kan.. and I feel so diva sometimes giving ahem- orders as in - can you get more chairs, can you send this here there everywhere (although sometimes I suspect they just humour me) . As per usual to make something look easy takes a heck of a lot of hard work.

anyway i got up at 11 and jumped out of bed saying "I'M LATE!" and husband laughed and said its only 11 laaa. and he also said his auntie JUST left and guess what , his auntie is good friends with the owners of the house we are buying!! What a coincidence! I wonder if his auntie can ask for us if we can get the keys early. Also I wonder if his auntie thinks his wife is very lazy and not even bothering to get up to see her...sorry Mak B i really didnt know and I would SO have gotten up if I did...

Very excited about new house. Well takdalah excited na actually tapi got excited yesterday after visiting this furniture shop . Friend partner boss wants me to throw out the entire furniture in my house - he said YARD sale ...macam lah ada orang minat my furniture ni..the key word when we buy furniture is functionality and cheap! takndaklah beli mahal mahal kan..and also I have no clue what fits with what..asal boleh pakai, jalannnnnnn..

But I guess now we have to co-ordinate eh?? hehehehehe tengok lah budget kan..baru berangan sikit je, God is great, terus dapat surat cinta dari LHDN.. padan muka...

Kids are ok..why do I have this feeling that my kids indulge me in my nagging and allow me to play mother ...and they actually will just do as they please actually but to not hurt my feelings they pretend to do what I say lah, For example my daughter sleeps v late. I tell them your bedtime is 9 and you have been violating that since you were 11. Never mind that you are now 16 hehehehe. Of course another issue is time..they take their own time to do things..and have their own sense of priority. Isn't it my job to hammer in to them that bath and meals take precedent over everything especially the extra long edition of AVATAR? Bath, meals and prayers. Yes, they definitely humour me...

In laws are here and I am embarrassed to tell you that semalam my mother in law cooked . while her daughter in law was at the office...aiyoo poor her...sorry sorry today I will make amends,..

but first i have to go sleep.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dreaming ...

Chakitnye kepala...

i know why..ada HUMONGOUS hole in my molar...two molars....

So I would rather eat panadols like they were candies, rather than go see the dentist...

Anyway to distract myself I am checking out FARES TO NEW YORK

Hahahahhaha ..husband kat sebelah ni buat tak dengar je...i told him indulge me indulge me...apasalahnya berangan right...after all I dulu wanted to be a diplomat..(not because I want to work with foreigners but I wanted to go see places)

Anyway did you know that it is possible to take 7 people to NYC for RM21k ONLY?? (Kira cheap lar tu since MAS and other airlines cost about RM6k each) - only drawback is it is KUWAIT Airways....erks....kena berenti kat Kuwait, pas tu kena berenti kat Heathrow, pas tu baru sampai....

I've always loved NYC..chehwah! Macam dah biasa pergi! Dulu je lah pergi sekali...and then pun 2 hari je kan...lots of museums and stuff we have not seen. Surreal actually sbb you see the sights on tv and movies all the time..sekali you tengok in front of macam orang describe MEKAH je

Shila you have to save for MEKAH....bad bad girl.

Ok ok now I am told we have to go to that was a nice berangan....byeee!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Our Raya!

Soo how was your Raya??

It was a lovely break for us...

To summarise:

Sunday: we went back to Kluang. First time in ages we beraya pertama with inlaws. Selalunye merasmikan raya at my grandmom and my mom's place. Since my grandmom passed on, things have not felt the same. Anyway I thought as the eldest family we should be home to clean things up for my parents in laws. So when we arrived we started marketinglah, cleaning lah, and I told mil that I was going to make my mom's famous rendang (I was going to try anyway) Me and my other sister in law decided to help in the kitchen (read, take over) because MIL is kind of famous for her er...impulsive way of cooking.

Monday: Fasting...cleaned up the plates, took out the trays and jars for the biscuits, arranged the house etc. Started to cook 3 kg of rendang. MIL suddenly said NOOO just do 1 kilo. Otherwise itwill be wasted...and don't put too much of the lung ...ppl don't like, and dadin law won't eat so much anyway. Hah?? Flabbergasted because we had definitely planned to make 3 kilo , thinking of the other in laws and visitors that will definitely come..But must defer to her so we sister in law buat kuah kacang but her kacang was declared as HANGUS so MIL wanted to throw out. YIkes!! I think we figured out that MIL not used to us taking over her kitchen so she was a bit cranky heheheh

Tuesday: Selamat Hari Raya!! Sis in law and I stayed home much to the puzzlement of my in law who thought we should go and pray Raya. We stayed and zoomed over the house - sis in law mopped and we prepared the table for Eid...heheheh bagus pun cause they came home and we all could eat....

We then went to visit Daus...he was so happy I think to see us. The Administrator took me aside to tell me he walked out a couple of time. Aalah he's a bright guy. I pun akan lari kalau duduk kat situ.. nothing to do. She also said that I should not call him because she thinks there is a connection between him running away and me. She thinks that I trigger his memory of being in college etc. In fact he did ask for his pharmacy books and he said he wanted to study somemore. I am seriously considering the options available to him. The Administrator thinks he is chronic. I don't know...maybe if he gets better care?

Anyway after that went to visit Irma, our friend in JB.. wallaped the delicious red velvet trifle her sister made and sampai dia bagi bawak balik ...eee malunye...

Wednesday: Hari Raya no 2! Mom in law said rendang finishing so can we make some more?? waah must be nice lah my rendang he he. So cook again we did...Told husband I was running out of undergarment and the sweetheart went to Giant to buy ada ke...of course lah salah size lah, tali putus lah hehehe he was so annoyed with Giant. I did tell him tak kelakau

Went back to Kampung Podeh for my father's side of the family...dapat jumpa uncle uncle and for the first time bagi duit raya to them (they dont really need the cash!) and happy to see their shocked faces. hehehehe. Also met up with parents as well who had come from KL .

Wednesday : got sms from friend that they are going to Sibu Island for diving and break...and they might see us in Kluang. Thought- hey why not!! So made a few calls and booked a 2 days 1 night stay at Sea Gypsy Resort. Tak book at TwinBeach Resort sbb tak nak orang tau kita pak lang owns the Twin Beach!

Thursday: Pagi pagi macam pencuri we left the house...the plan was to leave at 6 am but by the time we said good bye to everyone, it was almost 7.30. Aiyoo we were going to have to rush to catch the ferry at 9. Mom in law couldnt understand why we had to leave so early. We could NOT tell her (*shhh) for fear of offending lah, raya raya pi jalan lak ...and the other siblings had just arrived - Atie from Kota Bahru, Zu and Epa from Nilai (we see them often though) and Nor and Fairus (they live in KL so ok lah sikit) ...

Thursday and Friday- main laut and makan and tidor. Tu je lah kerje...Nadine and Sara wanted to try diving - ada trial diving so they went for it...and enjoyed it...Dad lost his glasses - the sea took it for 2 days he was virtually the night time it was quite bad as I had to pimpin him up the stairs etc.

Friday we came back to Johor..went to Faiz's in law in tol lah raya ni. can see ppl you have not seen for a long time...and then we left at 10 the time we arrived back in KL it was 4 am

Phew! Penat kan Raya nih??Tapi best!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...