Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chakit GIGI

I chakit gigi...... I have the world's worst toothache. I have this huge huge HUMONGOUS cavity that I have been nursing for the last 2 years. I went to the dentist 2 years ago, he diagnosed that the gigi was bad, gave me a temporary plaster, and told me to consider rootcanal. The plaster broke down about 1 and a half years ago and I sat on it. Bukan susah nak pergi dentist ni, because he is in my office building, and on the same floor, and about 2 seconds walk, so I should have gone right. Also i know Dr Fauziah, the famous dentist. But I am a great procrastinator and when it comes to my teeth I don't really need too much of a motivation to put it off. So when it FINALLY hurt yesterday, I FINALLY went.

And despite the fact that this dentist I see almost every other week at the restaurants, around the building etc, he told me why didn't i come to see him earlier? Hello, you never called me, you couldn't have thought it was serious right? Ok ok, it was my fault...and I should have gone..heheheh

The prognosis is- CABUT. well he was trying to avoid it but I told him look , there's no other way, the infection has reached the BONE and I would rather be toothless than be in pain. But TWO teeth ok. I have to consider dentures sigh....but better than suffering this pain! And the pain is excruciating.

I have tried teabag. (it worked except its a bit messy and you drool tea) and I have tried cloves (it's very fiddly and I have to take it out when I drink) . I kept downing the painkiller , antibiotic and the papase the dentist gave me(thought of waiting for husband to get me medicine but too long to wait lar) - but no jalan , no go. I had the worse of nights last night, with a hot towel compressed against my cheek. Hot towel lak had to get cold lah kan.

Finally found relief when husband went out to get me a mega fantastic once a day painkiller and also some strong antibiotics. Finally got to bed and finally slept .

Now i am awake, and I feel like someone has punched me. The pain is still there...but throbbing a t a low level. instead of going MEEE MEE MEEE. (macam ambulance) . If tak tahan I will try to recite the surah I know and try pain distraction methods (hellowww had 5 kids...should know a bit about pain distraction) ...I also imagined being in the sea, surrounded by waves....

When you are in pain, you realise that nothing matters. But your health.

So moral of the story...go to the dentist....and appreciate your life..for you could be having a toothache instead! Hehehehehe


MrsNordin said...

Hey, I thought you had gone earlier! Aiyo.. how lah you boleh tahan sakit gigi sebegitu lama? Now dah kena cabut dua-dua sekali.

But you know what? Without these 2 teeth, eating will not be as wonderful experience as how it was before. Rasa tu macam tak puas because some parts of the teeth are missing. I lost one molar, susah betul kalau nak makan. Had to eat on one side only. Tak best!

Get well soon. The pain killer should help.


I know sakit gigi and they are the worst kind. Glad your suffering dah end. hehe..

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