Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gigi oh gigi

Remember I had the sakit gigi?? Toothache??

A really funny story , this. he he.

So I cancelled the first appointment right..sebab ada hal (iaitu takut) and the next appointment was on Monday.(last Monday)

So I had a bad tummy ache (ie takut) the whole weekend. And on Monday morning I stopped by to see Dr Md Shah in Keramat who according to Dr Fa&uziah is an expert. Anyway he does the kids' braces so I know him allready.

So Dr M S said - hmmm take out the painful one, and the other good one we see later what to do. I said ok, I will tell my dentist. I went and told him that I had another appointment and was only seeking a second opinion

Then at 10.30 (appointment was 11) dengan berkobar kobar nya saya pergi to the dentist....I was of course early and I dragged my clerk with me, holdinghands ok! Anyway the receptionist cum dr's wife cum friend told me - dr not in yet! I'll call u when he gets in ok!

Phew!! So we walked back to the office (seriously, this clinic is about 2 mins walk from my office door)

At about 11.15 she called me. This time sorry lah my clerk so bz ooready and takda masa nak layan the boss punya chekadak so off I went alone. Dah ready dah nak take off 2 gigi as discussed last week

Tengok tengok he didn't start. He started to tell me taking 2 teeth out is drastic. And I will be left without teeth. Basically. And dentures is uncomfortable. And anyway I have lived with this infection for nearly 3 years right...and sometimes the pain comes and sometimes it goes but all the time it goes....

As for rootcanal..well, the front molar (which looked decent but rootwise is a mess) is basically dead. The back tooth (which looked a mess but root still alive - JUST) can be rootcanalled.

But the problem is , that tooth is very complicated, 4 roots instead of 2 (of course it would be complicated, dah expect dah ..lagi takut doctor gigi lagi complicated your gigi) . Plus only 50 percent chance to plus plus

So he's sitting there waiting for my decision and I'm thinking- WHAT THE HECK DOES HE WANT ME TO SAY HERE? This is what I got from him:

1. The teeth are bad and not going to get better. Not necessarily gonna get worse. If you take good care of it you may even get rid of your infection yourself. He knows of a guy who lived with a huge cavity for years and years with no pain.

2 The root canal is no point.

3. losing 2 teeth is drastic (plus no more income for him lar)

So in the end. I told him, cover je lah! So he did a plaster filling for it, he will do a permanent one next 2 weeks, and kalau sakit., come back.......

SO MY TEETH ARE SAVED...still there, still rotten.But at least still there!


Anonymous said...

Dear Superwoman,

The 'foundation' of the teeth are already closing the cavity won't do anything to what is already infected. So basically those teeth are like time bomb, bila2 boleh meletup. I donno how the dentist expect you to 'get rid of the infection' yourself. Kak, why don't you go and see a proper endodontist (private pun ada, UKM, UM dental fac)? They usually have microscopes to look down the canals of the 2 roots ke, 3 roots ke, 4 roots ke, selalunya no problem to them as long as the tooth is still restorable. Sayang kalau gigi2 tu dibiarkan saja begitu...

Silent reader (also a sp. dentist)

Anonymous said...

Shila, I agree with your silent reader. Get Jab to refer you to the HKL dentist and ask them to then refer you to Klinik Pergigian Jinjang (they did it for me). The restorative team there is very good, and they will surely be able to help. Trust me on this one.

fulltime mom.

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