Latest Folly!

More and more earthquakes are tak pernah pernah, India.

Didn't I read somewhere that earthquakes are a sign of Qiamat?

Aiyoo,,,do you think we are going to be around to see it? will it happen in our lifetime?? Let's pray not. Because I think its going to be horrible

This is what happens when we get depressed..we spend money!!

I don't know how to buy luxury handbags , nor do I go mad about shoes (only when Im in the shop) but I do love travelling... sooo....

I went and booked flights to ........Perth?? New York??

Nope- Kota Kinabalu..!

MAS is doing a fantastic deal of RM320 return each...and all of us cost about considering that the other option (ahaks macam dapat pergi) is RM23 k, marilah kita ke Kota Kinabalu....

Ada kadazan, ada gunung, ada island...


(the husband is now getting excited as he found out that Kundasang has a golf course...hehehehe best lah dia ni...tak pernah say no to his merepek wife..)


MrsNordin said…
RM320 is very cheap! I pun nak pegi lah!
Kan?? jom bj!! now taking in laws , and brother and hopefully ramai ramai lah..raya haji kat kk
bestnya..already booked KK for October tapi naik Airasia je..all in 5 of us return just RM360.hhehehehhe

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