Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new maid!!

Ok ok now the story about the new maid....

Well, my next door neighbour Kak S(actually I call her Auntie ) said this former maid of her friend , is bringing a maid over. This former maid is now not a maid lah. The auntie's friend works in the embassy (of Indonesia) . So if I want a maid, I should call her (the former maid - called siti) to ask if she can help me.

So this Siti said if she has anyone she will call me. At the moment no one is coming over.

So she called me the other day. There are 2 girls coming over and they have left there and would be arriving on Sunday. (Last Sunday) - postponed to Monday. But please pick up on Wednesday.

Please bring RM3000 which she will use to pay the tekong. And then I have 14 days to turn her social visa to working visa.

So we went last night. Husband came back at 10 pm and I was a bit cross because I had promised that we would pick up by 8. (he told me to say that). And then he said he wont pay her one until her medical check up clears. He basically wants t otake the maid home first , see if we are ok, then pay. I said how can, like that. Allready promised![ I was sleepy, he was tired, we were yelling at each other, and I was so mad, and I know I was so mad, and I know this wont last long because I was just yelling for the sake of yelling , but it felt so goood. We're ok of course because we got it out of our system by yelling at each other . He also so tired, having operated and rushing from Serdang, GH and PCMC (he really has to choose soon) and some more no food..and I know all this but sedapnye marah marah..shetan kannnn) ]


The maid !! I went over to the house - the lady is a cook at Sari&Ratu and led me up her rented house (aiyoo one of these Indon's rumah batu that is sooo like a maze inside.)

The maid is so young! So small also, very thin like my 2nd daughter. and she is 19! I bet she is really 16. Aiyoo. And pretty. And wearing very tight jeans. If she was curvier this would be a problem. Both of us (husband and I ) were going - WAAA She's going to run!!

And we took her (and Siti) to do the medical check up at PCMC for her blood, urine etc. While we were on the way I asked Siti..can this girl do work??? She said that this girl has worked before in Suraba&ya...and she has done maid work...and she lasted 4 years (since she was 15?) and she also is very keen to work

She saidthat this girl lives in front of her house in Indonesia (where is Tuban btw?) and she can vouch for her. Ok ok

So we took this girl home lah...let's give her a chance lah....

BTW im supposed to deduct her salary for 3 months. But I will give her something lah. Maybe RM200 for 3 months? Sebab..would you be happy working for no money??

The good thing is if she is on holiday (once a month) she gets to go back to this Siti house. So I dont have to worry about it.

I told my current bibik to show her the routine..But god please dont show her HOW you do work, dear cincai....heheheheh

Insyallah........everything will be ok.......pls pls god....


Anonymous said...

Oh, now i understand why it cost only 3K. sometimes maid through recommendation by current maids do work out. because they know that they should introduce only good ones.

wish you all the best and hope the new bibik does a good job.


Anonymous said...

3K is cheap..I paid more. How much is her salary Shila? We waited more than 1 mth for her permit to be approved. Kena extend her tourist pass by another month.


Anonymous said...

If use agent is expensive. ard 7K. this is thru fren's reco, thats why only 3K


Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah- she is going to be paid 600 a month.. can extend tourist visa ke??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally- if i think about it too much i rasa ee chekik darah nya...apa yang cost 3000 ni...she naik boat pun berapa lah sangat..HIIII should we have a maid at ALL - i understand why ppl dont have, kan.

Anonymous said...

SW, I pun nak maid. But tak sanggup lah. 7K and monthly 600. Kalau maid confirm bagus and buat kerja semua ok, worth it. If not, totally waste of money. I don't have kids yet and my house is not that big. So for now, I can still manage. Once in a blue moon I get those hourly paid ones to come and clean certain areas at my house. RM600 is a lot for maid who dont have much work to do. Imagine this, we still need to feed them food and buy for them daily necessity items and repair any electrical items that they spoil.

Those days, agent fees is only around 2.5K and maid salary ard RM300 kot. Now sky high. Mostly agent makan lah. Most agent mata duit...thats why their perut buncit :) and they kaya raya without doing much work. They not only take $$ from you, but those maids also need to borrow money from their kampung to pay the agent before they can come over to work.


Anonymous said...

Shila, we paid abt RM4.5K, through my SIL's maid, gaji also RM600. Tourist visa can extend sebab more often than not 1 mth tak sempat siap la, immgration process agak lama. That is going to set u back about another 1 K tau.

U need a maid sebab rumah u besar, tambah dgn laundry lagi. Kalu dok appartment je ok kot.

we all tak ada maid 11 mths tau, it's a nice feeling coming home to a clean house. I still cook but at least after makan i can relax already.

I wish you all the best. Mine is so far so good, cuma i ni tak reti sgt nak bercerita dgn dia..


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