Sleep escapes me

I have very bad sleeping i'm awake. I slept at about 8,30 pm and got up at 11. I have to go to my BNI meeting in about 4 hours - today is visitors' day and we're going to have about 20 visitors insyallah...and we can network with them and where the heck are my business cards allready and I hope i have enough..Tomorrow I have to be there by 6.00 am I think to oversee everything..the team is quite good in organising - its allready arranged at Bankers club but you know lah, last minute things kan.. and I feel so diva sometimes giving ahem- orders as in - can you get more chairs, can you send this here there everywhere (although sometimes I suspect they just humour me) . As per usual to make something look easy takes a heck of a lot of hard work.

anyway i got up at 11 and jumped out of bed saying "I'M LATE!" and husband laughed and said its only 11 laaa. and he also said his auntie JUST left and guess what , his auntie is good friends with the owners of the house we are buying!! What a coincidence! I wonder if his auntie can ask for us if we can get the keys early. Also I wonder if his auntie thinks his wife is very lazy and not even bothering to get up to see her...sorry Mak B i really didnt know and I would SO have gotten up if I did...

Very excited about new house. Well takdalah excited na actually tapi got excited yesterday after visiting this furniture shop . Friend partner boss wants me to throw out the entire furniture in my house - he said YARD sale ...macam lah ada orang minat my furniture ni..the key word when we buy furniture is functionality and cheap! takndaklah beli mahal mahal kan..and also I have no clue what fits with what..asal boleh pakai, jalannnnnnn..

But I guess now we have to co-ordinate eh?? hehehehehe tengok lah budget kan..baru berangan sikit je, God is great, terus dapat surat cinta dari LHDN.. padan muka...

Kids are ok..why do I have this feeling that my kids indulge me in my nagging and allow me to play mother ...and they actually will just do as they please actually but to not hurt my feelings they pretend to do what I say lah, For example my daughter sleeps v late. I tell them your bedtime is 9 and you have been violating that since you were 11. Never mind that you are now 16 hehehehe. Of course another issue is time..they take their own time to do things..and have their own sense of priority. Isn't it my job to hammer in to them that bath and meals take precedent over everything especially the extra long edition of AVATAR? Bath, meals and prayers. Yes, they definitely humour me...

In laws are here and I am embarrassed to tell you that semalam my mother in law cooked . while her daughter in law was at the office...aiyoo poor her...sorry sorry today I will make amends,..

but first i have to go sleep.



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