Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Whats been happening with you? Tau jelah blog..kalau update nak update hari hari. kalau tak update langsung lupa ..

1. Maid baru

Well, we are getting one..TOmorrow. She comes direct daripada sana, which is what is needed to ensure that they want to work as a maid. Those who have been here and have worked here very rarely want to be a domestic helper. Would you? Come to think of it, why not what...security, stability... so tomorrow I have to collect the maid from the agent's house tomorrow, pay RM3000 and then do the necessary .

2. Passport baru

I have to do one..dah expire this December

3. IC anak I

She's so big now, and she was wailing that in 6 more months she will be thirteeeeeeen!! When is mommy going to do her IC??? Ni sophia lah of course..

4, Anak sedara baru

My brother in Ireland has gotten another boy!! Yay!! Yang funny nye he said 4 times ultrasound showed a girl..sekali dapat boy..there you go...dont play play and dont buy PINK! Never mind lah Adek....at least sehat and sure cute ek!!

5. Trip to KK - well in laws have said yes. Mother and father in law are coming. Other in laws ...hmm macam tak minat...sister in law in Kelantan wants to come but her husband not that interested. Eh ni Kundasang you know - very nice one!! My parents dont want to come .. aparah. My mom nak sangat pergi but my dad tak berapa minat....how to force?? Dia kata boring. I said let my mom je lah pergi...my dad said if my mom pergi sorang nanti babah sasau.. hahahahaha.. ye lah tu..sapa nak buat kopikan...

Husband nak naik Gng Kinabalu..tak exercise ni tapi! Boleh ke?? My friend suggest naik Bukit Belacan dulu..orBukit Broga...kalau semput..then tak fit...

6. Trip to HK- tak pernah terlintas nak pergi, suddenly my (chinese) friends all pergi I pun macam interested..anyway its good practice kan being around crowds .... let's!


tireless mom said...

Was in KK kan last year. I loved it. You can check some insights kat my blog. Yani's too.

Anonymous said...

SW, kenapa maid you 3K je? Bukan 7K ke?

Btw, HK is fun :) go there, if you can.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Yatt.. will do ! Can't wait!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally- ahah!! ni i post nanti ok !Loving the fact that you are very kind to comment btw!

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