Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maid lagi.

You know the agent who didnt do the permit for my maid? I called him again i am ashamed to say. and he gave me another maid. He's so smug you feel like hitting him with a frying pan but i guess its better the devil you know huh.

I gave him a scolding (in my own gentle way which is not scary at all) about not doing the permit for me and taking my money- he blames the moratorium. Come to think of it if without a permit pun this bibik has been waltzing around , go to Jalan Tar, go to Giant, the other day want to go to Johor (after refusing to come with us to Kluang over Raya pleading not well , stayed home and smsed me can she follow her friend to Johor ARE YOU KIDDING ME??) Apa lagi lah if she has permit..she would have gone everywhere else . Ni pun sometimes when I come home early she is not at home ok. She is gallavanting to shop lah, go visit other maids lah. She is the maid every other majikan dread, I'm sure!

Anyway the reason I called Edi (nak sebut nama pun macam sakit hati sbb macam jilat balik you know) was to ask whether he can do magic for Ayu. Ayu was this maid that I got through the neighbour. The neighbour was a neighbour to the boss of the girl who brought ayu. (get it?) Ayu got in through her friend Siti, who used to work for En X , who used to be Auntie S sebelah's neighbour. En X works in the embassy of Indonesia.

So the person who managed Ayu's passport in Indonesia before she came, didn't know that they have to be 21 before you can do the permit, and didn't alter her age in her passport (I say think being resigned to the corruption there) so basically as she is 19, there was no way I could do her permit la. I asked Siti to find out who can help me and she got me this agent . Problem is she told me very late. And this agent charged Rm4000. And very rude. With no guarantee.

So I called Edi to verify ye ke this agent can do magic. One dodgy agent should know about whether you can dodgify stuff right ? Edi said now very difficult to do things that are not kosher. Every port has biometric now. You can call yourself Tini now, and later try to come back in Malaysia under the name of Yati or something , and this time round you will find yourself stuck because when they check your thumbprint Tini will come up. And there is no way you can magic anyone under 21 to do permit unless lah you get special permission from the ketuapengarah. he said this agent is conning me- (well you should know, Edi!)

So anyway after I spoke to Edi I resolved lah to send this small girl home. And it was with regret that I send her back sbb dia ok. Rajin and very no nonsense, do work seriously. Speak english. She had been made to do bibik's work.

When I sent her back to Siti, I asked her, that money I give her for buying clothes RM100 , there was RM30 balance with the elder Bibik, which I told her to pass to you , did you get it? She said yeah, she got RM15. The elder one has pau-ed the balance.

Haiii..that basically set a chain of events for me. Earlier that day I found out the grasscutting man only charged Rm70 . The maid usually insist on paying first (she normally calls him when she thinks we are not at home, pay first and then when we come back she will ask for the money) and she has been asking for Rm120. Last month mom tried to pay directly she rushed out and said no need. This time I asked hubby to pay and hubby said the guy only asked for RM70.

When I called my mom to tell her about it she said she's been suspecting it (mom and her naturally suspiscious nature) and did I know she has been giving my groceries to the persons who sweep the roads? She thinks we have too much stuff. Hallo, I buy for you izzit??

I kept quiet and pretended nothing has changed , as I brewed over this. Maybe she has a good reason. I told the younger one on her way back and she said she knew and she said the elder bibik said that this month the guy was cheap.

YA' THINK? That basically sealed the deal. I made up my mind.

I was still cool- but the next day I changed her flight to a date earlier . And this I am not telling her and KIDS IF YOU READ THIS YOU BETTER NOT TELL HER EITHER!! I cannot have her in my house any longer.

I decided not to have any maids for a while. But then spoke to husband and he said we need one. I called Edi again. Edi charged RM8000 (which is the same as last time - dulu dia mention naik harga RM9800 tapi ni jadi Rm8000 (he will discount the levy part) . Malam tu jugak I went over to see the maids he brought over. There were 3. 1 married with 1 baby, 1 unmarried, 1 mom of 6. 1 talked too much, 1 seemed lazy. He suggested that I take the mom of 6- she is a 37 year old pleasant looking lady from Lombok whose eldest is 13 and youngest is 8. Insyallah lah ok. Edi will do the JP visa. I will have to go with him to immigration next week. There will be one month free trial. When he came to the house yesterday morning terperanjat my maid. She didnt expect me to be friends with him. I gave her the cold shoulder, asked for her passport and papers back .

When I came home yesterday, I called her to one side, and I asked her about the Rm50 thing. She said it was a new man, and she bargained like anything for him to reduce to RM70 . Yah lah because she wants a higher cut I assume. Anyway when I asked her about the RM30, she said Ayu volunteered the money to her. Really?? This new girl, who needs the cash, will volunteer to give you money?

Look, maybe you think I am overreacting. After all its onlyRM15 right. Beli lunch at Ampwalk pun cannot get. So why am I so bothered. But I am. I am sooooo mad that I dont look at her when I speak to her, IF i speak to her at all. Maybe you think I should believe her? Maybe lah I should...but hard to lah.

Boy, husband better not try lying to me - maid tipu I dah marah macam ni , husband buat entah entah incredible hulk/ hahahah!

Today the elder bibik sms me to say she finished cooking (she started at 6) can she cuti? I said NO. Sorry.

Tu lah cerita maid I....dah lah mula dengan sinetron, berakhir dengan sinetron juga...

One day I will be able to do without maid. And I will be a stay at home working mom.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some old pics

at the Peak..Hong Kong

This is the view you can see from the Peak. The Peak ni ala ala Bukit Bendera lah, except not so high. And you take a tram to go up.VERY STEEP!!!!! When you reach the Peak ada shopping mall (Where I got my crocs yang save my feet from being swollen for the next 3 years) and ada Madame don't HAVE to go ..they let you take pictures with Bruce Lee outside..he he. The first thing we did when we arrived?? Carik toilet!!!
After the Peak we wanted to try Halal Dimsum at the IslamicCentre Canteen . Menggagau cari mosque ni..dari the Peak we took the tram down, and then waited for a long time for cab cause I aint gonna walk, and then the cab driver didnt understand roman letters and I had to google the chinese characters then only he understood! On the way there we were stopped by 4 men in kupiah who were chinese from China and they asked us the way! They made gestures for Allahuakbar so I guessed that was what they said! Sama samalah kita sesat ....until we found an indian chap who pointed the way to us.
At the mosque - ada ceramah in cantonese. See?? Islam is NOT for malays and arabs only.
makan dulu.........This is the poor waitress at the restaurant who was tickled pink at these 2 gluttons who ordered dimsum as well as ordered from the menu- ye lah, we haven't seen meat for a whole day!!! hahahahahaha- we had chicken , beef etc etc.
TThe food if truth be told could be better, a little bit bland but then by the time we finished we were so bloated !

I took the chance to do my zohor and asar! Thank you God for allowing us to combine 2 prayers in one prayer time! Islam encourages travel y'all!! Anyway today they had an election thingy for Indonesian committee...everyone stared at me while pretending not to. Spoke to a few Indonesian maids who have been here yonks. They get Sundays off and some head to HK. They have to cook ham and pork im afraid.

This whole post was for Saturday. On Sunday we woke up (I woke up) at 4 am and rushed to the airport as our flight was at 8.45 am. We were early (Phew!) however we didn't take off until half an hour later and it was due to engine problem.. imagine my horror when, finally when we DID take off, the pilot said we cant proceed and have to turn back. Something about the landing wheels not going back in??? Anyway then they circled and circled for what seemed like ages..and I promised every kind of promises to God and husband and I realised that if we were dead today we would have nothing to leave the kids !! Anyway finally we landed and MAS crew handed us over to the airport people . Everyone congregated at Gate 532 and we heard the announcement that those with medical or family emergency should go and register. Thinking that that meant we could go back earlier, husband went and played the "I am a doctor saving lives" card. That didn't get us anywhere. After some more waiting, all of us were told to go get lunch and given a HKD75 per person. Which was great except the fact that some places would not accept the vouchers! Bummer. We finally had fried chicken at Popeyes (halal! Yay!) .Then we went back to the gate 50000032 (felt that way) and they told us the only flight we can take was the Malaysian airline special flight. Arriving at 10.40 pm and specially leaving at 11.40 pm just for us 200 plus people.In the meantime would we like to stay in Marriott??

Phew!! Penat betul tunggu the time to pass. Husband slept like the dead (Sebab bini paksa bangun awal kan)and I managed to do some work - cant surf as no free internet hooohooo...

That was it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1 continued!

Its 1.42 am now, and I have been awake since 12.- a.m that is. Slept at about 6 plus or was it 7pm? Remembered coming back to the hotel , and then husband saying something about wanting to see the pool, and me going ok then, I'm going to lie in bed kejap and then have a bath, and then we can go see the Symphonyoflights in HK which starts at 8.

Next thing - its past midnite. Wow, Terus crash!!

Tiring tol shopping ni. We took a tram from behind the hotel (very convenient, about 2 minutes walk from hotel) and going to NorthPoint. Rupanye you can stop anywhere. We should have stopped at Causeway Bay where the shops were but tersasar jauh. Senang je, take any tram the other way.! Only thing is, make sure you have change because the tram does not take notes! Ended up giving a 20HKD for 5HKD worth!! Bazir bazir- emergency stop at the local supermarket to change money (came out of it with Lays Sour Cream and Onion crisps..yum)

This tram thing is very convenient. Laju and you don't have to wait for long, and stops along the major roads. We are on HK Island, where Central (Business district) is and Causeway Bay (12 storey SOGO) is. Central has all the upmarket branded goods like LV and Burberry.

I wanted to see Sogo on the recommendation of a shopping maniac friend ha ha (he loved HK shopping!) . Also I just know my shopaholic husband would love it.

I was right! He loved it! We went up to the 12th Floor and worked ourselves down. Got stuck at the electrical and home area where we got suckered into buying those steam iron that can iron standing up (its so cool!) and also a knife sharpener that can sharpen all sort of knives (thinking of old cheapo knives at home). And then he went to the men's section, and he got stuck . I must say that the sale is good, more than 70% off pun ada.

I went to the ladies...and seriously got depressed. The clothes which were on sale cannot be tried for fitting (weird kan) and when I asked do you think I can fit in it , they all SHOOK THEIR HEADS! And pidgin english, one word- SMALL! even the bagak blouse!

Ah never mind who wants to shop for clothes anyway (Sour grapes he he) . Walked on to the shoes section-the thing about shopping nih, you startbelieving their hype. You start thinking- oh murah nye..walhal you would never spend that amount or would never havebought the shoes- eg the sketchers shoes. Mak kau HKD999! Which comes out to RM400 . I started thinking- ok lah , tu. Walhal I don't think I would think that in KL!

Made husband stop to eat kejap- at UCC Cafe - the line to go in was long but once in, phew!! lega..we had seafood pasta ...and gratin. Loads of cheese and prawns and I can feel my hips expanding more and more.. and coffee was lovely/ Sempat gak lah chatted with this lady next to me dining alone. She looked chinese but spoke English and I asked her whether she was local , turned out she was from KAJANG. and now living in Australia. hates politician, thinks Chinese were persecuted, and therefore cannot live in KL/ I told her which Malaysia were you in?? teruk ke? I said we in private sectors, bumi ke tak bumi, we all have to compete. Maybe if we were in the gomen sector bumi can get you places but still you need smarts to succeed.

Hmm I think there are a lot of ppl out there who think that Malaysia is not for them. And there is no changing their opinion, which is sad. No need lah to run away and disown your country guys....I agree there are a lot of things that need to be bettered but to think that another country, apa lagi Australia, where the PM sendiri pun tak betul plus they treat THEIR aborigines badly and they are quite racist themselves, to think THAT country is better than the Malaysia that we have, is madness! I mean, malaysia escapes all sort of storms, and there are no blinking forest fires , can't we be grateful?

Hoooo jauhnye I digress...Back to fluffy stuff like shopping. Husband bought shoes which he said he had been looking for since Uni days (well ok I exaggerate, he said for ages) And every other thing he liked. Susahnye nak tarik dia.He loves shoes -he has SO MANY! I tell people he is the shopaholic in the family.

At the handbag section- wow. I am not a handbag person, but its so easy to buy. (if you have the moolah or credit card that is) The branded shops are not exclusive at ALL, senang je, masuk macam masuk kedai Vincii or something, there are no doors . So you can just saunter in..

There are just so many choices!! And you reach a point where you don't know what you like anymore. In the end I opted to NOT get one, but indulged in TWO OOOOOOO Pairs of shoessssssss- 9 west that are just speaking to me..BUY ME BUY ME...(you guessed it, shoes are my weakness too!) Husband diam je laaaa dia pun beli shoes hehehehehe..but the lovely thing about my husband is, what ever I want is ok...and the thing about his wife is, I don't want much! (except jalan jalan lah hehe)

Anyway we caught the tram back...and like I said...crashed out!!

Tomorrow lah we will try to see more of the sights.. :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1

Well! I am in Hong Kong!

Ok to be frank, I never thought I would like HK. Too many rude chinese people, too many people fullstop!! BUT BUT now i eat my words. Hong Kong so far is great!

Arriving at its airport last night at 10.30 pm was like arriving at the airport in Men iN Black- it was just so huge and had so many shops and many levels! The check out and immigration and bag process took about 25 minutes can you believe it! And we went to the counter of the hotel (A2) and was directed to where we can take a cab, no need to get coupons etc.

Honestly, KL is a small town in comparison (Although I love that about KL) Tak yah lah kita perasan...heheheheh. I am so impressed! The buildings so modern and the roads so one colour one (I am always amazed at how other countries' roadworks are only donein one colour whereas in KL we have many shades of grey and many lopaks lopaks ha ha)

After about 1 hour of the cab driver driving like a madman, we got to the hotel.. Tepi kedai kedai..not own building. So ingat korok lah. 3 star lah gamaknye . ala ala Corus lah ..tetapi bila dah masuk...The hotel is fantastic! Its small, but hey, free internet ! It's got all the modcons that the diva in me love- like the slippers, the coffee making machine, the shower that totally rocks. Next time you all nak pergi go to Island Pacific ok. Plus it is about half the price of other hotels here in the same class.

(By the way the cabbie cost was HKD360 . Mahalnya HK!! Esok naik bas!!)

Food lah satu..just had Room service- order telur poached- did not dare to order anything fried. Even the fried hash brown looked suspect. Too conservative?

Anyway my plans that I have been doing up since I first booked this trip ., all hancus. Tu lah, action lagi. I said taknak gi shopping. Kan dah . it's raining so hard now and the only thing I can think of doing is indoor stuff which includes shopping ha ha! Husband said tomorrow is going to be a better day , apparently - so we'll do the sightseeing tomorrow.

Kids have called. Missed them loads !!! Mom and Dad and Brother are home with them..they are all gems and I shall never take them for granted ever again!!

Ok husband finally bangun..I have been up since 5 (BNI Training as Friday morning 6.30 ada meeting!) and am dressed and raring to go!!

Eh now I dah ngantuk lah (dah makan!) Masalahnya mamat ni laa pulak nak jalan!

Catch you later!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jalan jalan cari makan

I had to go to Johor last Monday and Tuesday. Actually I thought Monday je,sekali terpaksa stay over...dah lah tak da baju...and terpaksa beli...Nasib Baik lah ada Reject Shop, boleh beli beberapa blouse- dapat 4 blouses for less than RM200! This is great! Even got a teeshirt to be used to sleep in! Unfortunately forgot the pants so that was a bit annoying!! And the next day realised I didn't get deodorant! Never mind, used SOAP instead!! Eeeww but then my car is magic because all of a sudden I found a deodorant! A new one! (Later when i got to KL I told my husband and he said Nadine bought and left in car. Wah..thanks!)

Sempat gak pergi Singapore...macam ribut, went at 9.30, came back at 12.30. Is this what people who commute from Singapr to JB do every day? The queue was long and moved very slow (at the immigration I mean). The minute you reach Singapore you know it, because everything looked so matsalleh and spanking new. I don't know how to describe it but it's true! JB is like Kelantan, and Singapore is like KL. Of course I prefer JB. But I am always impressed by Singapore. Everything is gleaming lah! Im sure there are invisible oompaloompas cleaning everything up you know.

Went to Raffles Place. Saw the office crowds walking back and forth and they were all dressed in office wear. Everyone of them in grey or black or white dresses or suits. No flimsy flimsy strapless blouse or spaghetti straps or flouncy skirts that some of the amoi in KL wear..or even flipflops or sandals. hehe maybe its against the law to look selekeh??

Anyway was so glad to be able to go home. Dah tua lah nak buat outstation trip like this. Although they gave me a hotel room, in Thistle no less. Well I did say I don't mind Tune hotel but they clearly did not realise that I was going to charge them for the cost of staying in they suggested all sort of grand sounding hotels. Thistle was great! Except got no bathrobe and no cookies welcoming me. (which sucked because I was hungry) I was so peckish that I ordered room service. The thistle sandwich was big and tall and nice! Except I was allready going out to dinner by the time it came. The bathroom door in the room kept banging itself against the wall and made a knocking sound (TOCKTOCKTOCK) which was slowly driving me up the wall. It was not a hantu but rather the air from the aircond pushing the door and the engineer came to put double sided tape on it to shut it up. I remembered that I was actually a scaredy cat and closed the curtains quickly incase I see anyone smiling at me and hovering out of my window on the 8th floor. I was however and thankfully, too tired to be scared too long and crashed out without even having a bubble bath(Something all those M&B books told me is luxurious but in real life, something I have very little patience to do- I try to read in there tapi basah magazine..what do ppl do ha in baths??)

Anyway that was my trip. And malas nye nak am going to HKong yay! Berdua lagi!Sooo looking forward to it. Just hope we don't kill each other. Allready I am studiously ignoring him as he insists on bringing a huge bag to check in instead of my suggestion of just taking small bags which do not require to check in..senang..tak yah tunggu baggage...dah lah sampai lambat kat sana..nanti bus takda...tapi takpa..apa apa lah..

Ok check with you later!!Have a great day!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lunch date

Soo anyway ..I just had lunch with this guy called NK. He is a policy maker, think tank and is a name in shipping and maritime policies. I first met the guy when we (old firm) had me MC a shipping seminar. I was with my pearls and suit and long coloured hair . He asked me out for lunch one day and asked me to chair another session on shipping.

He is hilarious. A serious father of 5 , he is totally bawdy and witty. The poor guy had a heart attack when he met me this year with my tudung and my glasses. For a long time he would be quiet but then now and then he would text me to say lets have lunch. After about 5 times saying of No im busy, I finally said yes.

Of course lah I asked my husband woit...semana witty orang pun , lagi witty husband saya..dan lagi handsome husband saya..and I asked him eh do you mind if I have lunch with NK? And he said nope.

I said ok..bagus lah you! Tapi kan you, you tak boleh tau.... double standard, I know. Tapi its ok, takda orang ndak kat I.

You think he really is cool with it? I asked him, are you ok that I work with H? He said ok! Are you ok if I go for lunch with so and so? Ok! Aiks - semua ok nih! My daughter tak approve dia approve.

My daughter is very jealous. She's going to say TAKDALAH MUMMY if she reads this but I think she doesn't think it's right if I catch a lift with a guy for eg. Habis macamana , mummy malas bawak kereta dan ndak jadi diva. How? :)

Anyway apa apa pun we have to preserve own integrity, and our husband's good name. Ie tak leh lah sosial sangat sampai tahap s0o sial . Jadi isteri yang mithali..kiri kanan tanya husband

Ok then back to work!


ISh ish ish...

I just read the gossip about chefwan and the ambassadors for rafflesia who got married recently... kesahnye! The Chef fedup with the huge publicity and misleading promotion etc, and felt it was not justified...and the sister of the groom got annoyed and responded that he must be jealous..OPS salah orang lah kan...hehehe

(Of course I have work to do.Melambak . tu pasal shok pi tengok blog gossip ni he he)

Anyway I pun menyampah and its not because of the RM12 million. Its the wedding of an adulterer , apa nak thrill nya. If I were the couple I would sit at home or get married quietly because my very wedding will remind people of how I met my partner in the first place and also that my meeting my partner is the reason one happy family was crushed and one woman's heart was broken..and I memang alpantang orang yang cheat on his wife nih!

And yesterday I dreamt my husband tak pasal pasal pi FIJI conference for a day. kat FIJI. And tak beritau I.. tau tau takda je.. Hmm terjaga I .. Apa pelik sangat mimpi. Rupanye suruh semayang subuh....

I was also reading about Demi and toyboy dia yang actually seriously gorgeous kalau you tengok baik baik.. He cheated on her with 2 gals apparently. Alah no 1. - apa nak heran tu kan culture depa and no 2- maybe dia mabuk in which case he would not realise pun...hish hish hish....

Currently my other half is getting so boring..he has no life except work, kids and me. HOW LONG IS THIS HEAVEN GOING TO LAST? hehehehheeh! I love it of course but kecian gak...kalau takda outlet takut karang boring...Can you believe I suruh dia main golf?? meh kita ajak dia naik basikal least boleh buat sama sama....But he genuinely does not like to lepak outside. Sungguh bagus ni!

Kids finally saw the house from the inside. Kids no 1 and 2 and 4 that is. They went in on my borrowed keys (shh, the next door neighbour passed me his keys sekejap unbeknownst to the owner shhh) and mulalah semua nya BOOK BILIK. Oit...tak cukup bilik ler...semua share ok! Dah siap berangan dah nak letak katil kat mana etc...

Ok lah sebelum I merapu LEBEH LEBEH let's getback to the work I woke up to do...

Have a great morning everyone!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Carcosa !

Hari tu we all dapat rate murah (ish) from Groupon (sorry Putri!) to stay one nite at the GrandMakmur suite in Carcosa Seri Negara. Plus afternoon tea plus breakfast. So me being the self confessed hantu hotel, dragged husband , mula nye just husband for a break (tak sudah sudah dengan break yek??) ..then everyone came...The kids took up this room called Kinabalu room..wah maka marilah kita menjadi orang puteh sekejap...

Ini ada lah toilet dalam bilik Grand Makmur tu...boleh tidor and makan sini I think...! Belakang tu ada jacuzzi..ada lah gambar tapi x rated ler..heheh! as this place does not have a pool, everyone had a turn at the jacuzzi.. bak katanye we really got value for money laH! hehe
So this is the way to the bathroom, ada hallway ok just to get to the bathroom, and you will see a walk in wardrobe area first.
Living room at Grandmakmur. Bebudak thrilled as they gave us a plate of fruits! And chocs! Yay!

Sekitar living room Grand Makmur (Johan discovered the telly thank you Johan)
Dahlia posing at the entrance of the GrandMakmur suite- ada biskut and cawan (for wine perhaps?)

Jauhnya Grandmakmur from the kids' room! tengah tengah ada bilik lagi..serai ke apa nama nye.,,mat salleh duduk. So my kids lari kiri ke kanan tu agaknye disturb dia lah what lah kan?
Ni lah "boudoir" bilik mandi Kinabalu- in a separate area of course. (Of course)
Ni living room Kinabalu - I prefer this actually , much cozier than the Grand Makmur suite tu..macam unfriendly je...
ha ni pulak bilik for the Kinabalu suite- 2 double beds! Apparently v fofular with Japanese couples because they don't share a bed (the waiter gossips)


Well, first, datang and makan afternoon teeee...dia bagi lah roti halus halus, pudding, kek cupcake and trifle, all cute mute ...we drank and drank copious amount of tea....and johan mintak hot chocolate .seronok gak lah.

Then, we rushed out get Kaklong..because she had camping and finished at 7..

then we bought Nasi Briani to eat in the room..sbb have you seen the menu here!! NOt worth paying lor...honeymoon takpa lah...anyway we all had the briani kambing and the Matsalleh carcosa berbau kambing lah malam tuuuu...siap ada extra and bagi kat Butler (they call the manager Butler)

Then malam tu say babai to my kids-- and husband and I (AND johan- potong stim tol) went to the other room. Sejuk tahap maksima - freezing enough for you to continue your imagination that you are not in KL. can pretend in London lah..except bila nampak tahi cicak tu ,reality comes back ha ha ha.

The rooms tu memang luxurious lah. The tea they gave us was unusual (to us) and novelty value memang great lah. I can get used to waking up with a huge balcony and outside got green and sejuk, with a big tree outside ...(until I remember hantu suka duduk atas pokok)

We all went down for breakfast, outside. Breakfast was continental and also english(got 2 types)- the english breakfast got eggs (tu je beza nye) . The other one only has pastries. But so many types of pastries !!! We ate buttered croissant with MORE butter and spread the cream and the jam lavishly (my weighing scale tells me it was very very the lavish)- and after breakfast- we walked around the grounds (we being the kids while mummy read the paper) and after that, we went up (supposedly to pack) but actually we all went back to sleep! (and another turn at the jacuzzi best giler)

We left about 12- there was a birthday party for a 1 year old that was being set up as we left..wooahahhh ...birthday party ok..for one year old....Carcosa is no longer for the Rich and famous (ikut suara that matsalleh guy in the tv programme)

The other building., Carcosa , is closed- apparently for refurbishment. Should be nice when both blocks open..mari kita take a slice of history...

Good break ! I think the kids enjoyed it too!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...