Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Carcosa !

Hari tu we all dapat rate murah (ish) from Groupon (sorry Putri!) to stay one nite at the GrandMakmur suite in Carcosa Seri Negara. Plus afternoon tea plus breakfast. So me being the self confessed hantu hotel, dragged husband , mula nye just husband for a break (tak sudah sudah dengan break yek??) ..then everyone came...The kids took up this room called Kinabalu room..wah maka marilah kita menjadi orang puteh sekejap...

Ini ada lah toilet dalam bilik Grand Makmur tu...boleh tidor and makan sini I think...! Belakang tu ada jacuzzi..ada lah gambar tapi x rated ler..heheh! as this place does not have a pool, everyone had a turn at the jacuzzi.. bak katanye we really got value for money laH! hehe
So this is the way to the bathroom, ada hallway ok just to get to the bathroom, and you will see a walk in wardrobe area first.
Living room at Grandmakmur. Bebudak thrilled as they gave us a plate of fruits! And chocs! Yay!

Sekitar living room Grand Makmur (Johan discovered the telly thank you Johan)
Dahlia posing at the entrance of the GrandMakmur suite- ada biskut and cawan (for wine perhaps?)

Jauhnya Grandmakmur from the kids' room! tengah tengah ada bilik lagi..serai ke apa nama nye.,,mat salleh duduk. So my kids lari kiri ke kanan tu agaknye disturb dia lah what lah kan?
Ni lah "boudoir" bilik mandi Kinabalu- in a separate area of course. (Of course)
Ni living room Kinabalu - I prefer this actually , much cozier than the Grand Makmur suite tu..macam unfriendly je...
ha ni pulak bilik for the Kinabalu suite- 2 double beds! Apparently v fofular with Japanese couples because they don't share a bed (the waiter gossips)


Well, first, datang and makan afternoon teeee...dia bagi lah roti halus halus, pudding, kek cupcake and trifle, all cute mute ...we drank and drank copious amount of tea....and johan mintak hot chocolate .seronok gak lah.

Then, we rushed out get Kaklong..because she had camping and finished at 7..

then we bought Nasi Briani to eat in the room..sbb have you seen the menu here!! NOt worth paying lor...honeymoon takpa lah...anyway we all had the briani kambing and the Matsalleh carcosa berbau kambing lah malam tuuuu...siap ada extra and bagi kat Butler (they call the manager Butler)

Then malam tu say babai to my kids-- and husband and I (AND johan- potong stim tol) went to the other room. Sejuk tahap maksima - freezing enough for you to continue your imagination that you are not in KL. can pretend in London lah..except bila nampak tahi cicak tu ,reality comes back ha ha ha.

The rooms tu memang luxurious lah. The tea they gave us was unusual (to us) and novelty value memang great lah. I can get used to waking up with a huge balcony and outside got green and sejuk, with a big tree outside ...(until I remember hantu suka duduk atas pokok)

We all went down for breakfast, outside. Breakfast was continental and also english(got 2 types)- the english breakfast got eggs (tu je beza nye) . The other one only has pastries. But so many types of pastries !!! We ate buttered croissant with MORE butter and spread the cream and the jam lavishly (my weighing scale tells me it was very very the lavish)- and after breakfast- we walked around the grounds (we being the kids while mummy read the paper) and after that, we went up (supposedly to pack) but actually we all went back to sleep! (and another turn at the jacuzzi best giler)

We left about 12- there was a birthday party for a 1 year old that was being set up as we left..wooahahhh ...birthday party ok..for one year old....Carcosa is no longer for the Rich and famous (ikut suara that matsalleh guy in the tv programme)

The other building., Carcosa , is closed- apparently for refurbishment. Should be nice when both blocks open..mari kita take a slice of history...

Good break ! I think the kids enjoyed it too!


MrsNordin said...

You got the GrandSuite.. no wonder it's so grand! I think mine was Kinabalu or Serai, or whatever. I'm glad you had a great time.

Yes, you are now officially known as "Hantu Hotel"! (in a good way.. hee.. hee..)


hehe..tak kisah la kak shila..groupon ke milkadeal..i've left MAD already so jom beli coupon apa2 pun boleh...:)bestkan carcosa!

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