Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1 continued!

Its 1.42 am now, and I have been awake since 12.- a.m that is. Slept at about 6 plus or was it 7pm? Remembered coming back to the hotel , and then husband saying something about wanting to see the pool, and me going ok then, I'm going to lie in bed kejap and then have a bath, and then we can go see the Symphonyoflights in HK which starts at 8.

Next thing - its past midnite. Wow, Terus crash!!

Tiring tol shopping ni. We took a tram from behind the hotel (very convenient, about 2 minutes walk from hotel) and going to NorthPoint. Rupanye you can stop anywhere. We should have stopped at Causeway Bay where the shops were but tersasar jauh. Senang je, take any tram the other way.! Only thing is, make sure you have change because the tram does not take notes! Ended up giving a 20HKD for 5HKD worth!! Bazir bazir- emergency stop at the local supermarket to change money (came out of it with Lays Sour Cream and Onion crisps..yum)

This tram thing is very convenient. Laju and you don't have to wait for long, and stops along the major roads. We are on HK Island, where Central (Business district) is and Causeway Bay (12 storey SOGO) is. Central has all the upmarket branded goods like LV and Burberry.

I wanted to see Sogo on the recommendation of a shopping maniac friend ha ha (he loved HK shopping!) . Also I just know my shopaholic husband would love it.

I was right! He loved it! We went up to the 12th Floor and worked ourselves down. Got stuck at the electrical and home area where we got suckered into buying those steam iron that can iron standing up (its so cool!) and also a knife sharpener that can sharpen all sort of knives (thinking of old cheapo knives at home). And then he went to the men's section, and he got stuck . I must say that the sale is good, more than 70% off pun ada.

I went to the ladies...and seriously got depressed. The clothes which were on sale cannot be tried for fitting (weird kan) and when I asked do you think I can fit in it , they all SHOOK THEIR HEADS! And pidgin english, one word- SMALL! even the bagak blouse!

Ah never mind who wants to shop for clothes anyway (Sour grapes he he) . Walked on to the shoes section-the thing about shopping nih, you startbelieving their hype. You start thinking- oh murah nye..walhal you would never spend that amount or would never havebought the shoes- eg the sketchers shoes. Mak kau HKD999! Which comes out to RM400 . I started thinking- ok lah , tu. Walhal I don't think I would think that in KL!

Made husband stop to eat kejap- at UCC Cafe - the line to go in was long but once in, phew!! lega..we had seafood pasta ...and gratin. Loads of cheese and prawns and I can feel my hips expanding more and more.. and coffee was lovely/ Sempat gak lah chatted with this lady next to me dining alone. She looked chinese but spoke English and I asked her whether she was local , turned out she was from KAJANG. and now living in Australia. hates politician, thinks Chinese were persecuted, and therefore cannot live in KL/ I told her which Malaysia were you in?? teruk ke? I said we in private sectors, bumi ke tak bumi, we all have to compete. Maybe if we were in the gomen sector bumi can get you places but still you need smarts to succeed.

Hmm I think there are a lot of ppl out there who think that Malaysia is not for them. And there is no changing their opinion, which is sad. No need lah to run away and disown your country guys....I agree there are a lot of things that need to be bettered but to think that another country, apa lagi Australia, where the PM sendiri pun tak betul plus they treat THEIR aborigines badly and they are quite racist themselves, to think THAT country is better than the Malaysia that we have, is madness! I mean, malaysia escapes all sort of storms, and there are no blinking forest fires , can't we be grateful?

Hoooo jauhnye I digress...Back to fluffy stuff like shopping. Husband bought shoes which he said he had been looking for since Uni days (well ok I exaggerate, he said for ages) And every other thing he liked. Susahnye nak tarik dia.He loves shoes -he has SO MANY! I tell people he is the shopaholic in the family.

At the handbag section- wow. I am not a handbag person, but its so easy to buy. (if you have the moolah or credit card that is) The branded shops are not exclusive at ALL, senang je, masuk macam masuk kedai Vincii or something, there are no doors . So you can just saunter in..

There are just so many choices!! And you reach a point where you don't know what you like anymore. In the end I opted to NOT get one, but indulged in TWO OOOOOOO Pairs of shoessssssss- 9 west that are just speaking to me..BUY ME BUY ME...(you guessed it, shoes are my weakness too!) Husband diam je laaaa dia pun beli shoes hehehehehe..but the lovely thing about my husband is, what ever I want is ok...and the thing about his wife is, I don't want much! (except jalan jalan lah hehe)

Anyway we caught the tram back...and like I said...crashed out!!

Tomorrow lah we will try to see more of the sights.. :)



MrsNordin said...

I want to see the shoes when you come back, ok??

Anonymous said...

Shila i want gambars of the purchases! Anonnyyy

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