Friday, October 14, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1

Well! I am in Hong Kong!

Ok to be frank, I never thought I would like HK. Too many rude chinese people, too many people fullstop!! BUT BUT now i eat my words. Hong Kong so far is great!

Arriving at its airport last night at 10.30 pm was like arriving at the airport in Men iN Black- it was just so huge and had so many shops and many levels! The check out and immigration and bag process took about 25 minutes can you believe it! And we went to the counter of the hotel (A2) and was directed to where we can take a cab, no need to get coupons etc.

Honestly, KL is a small town in comparison (Although I love that about KL) Tak yah lah kita perasan...heheheheh. I am so impressed! The buildings so modern and the roads so one colour one (I am always amazed at how other countries' roadworks are only donein one colour whereas in KL we have many shades of grey and many lopaks lopaks ha ha)

After about 1 hour of the cab driver driving like a madman, we got to the hotel.. Tepi kedai kedai..not own building. So ingat korok lah. 3 star lah gamaknye . ala ala Corus lah ..tetapi bila dah masuk...The hotel is fantastic! Its small, but hey, free internet ! It's got all the modcons that the diva in me love- like the slippers, the coffee making machine, the shower that totally rocks. Next time you all nak pergi go to Island Pacific ok. Plus it is about half the price of other hotels here in the same class.

(By the way the cabbie cost was HKD360 . Mahalnya HK!! Esok naik bas!!)

Food lah satu..just had Room service- order telur poached- did not dare to order anything fried. Even the fried hash brown looked suspect. Too conservative?

Anyway my plans that I have been doing up since I first booked this trip ., all hancus. Tu lah, action lagi. I said taknak gi shopping. Kan dah . it's raining so hard now and the only thing I can think of doing is indoor stuff which includes shopping ha ha! Husband said tomorrow is going to be a better day , apparently - so we'll do the sightseeing tomorrow.

Kids have called. Missed them loads !!! Mom and Dad and Brother are home with them..they are all gems and I shall never take them for granted ever again!!

Ok husband finally bangun..I have been up since 5 (BNI Training as Friday morning 6.30 ada meeting!) and am dressed and raring to go!!

Eh now I dah ngantuk lah (dah makan!) Masalahnya mamat ni laa pulak nak jalan!

Catch you later!!


mamasita said...

Superwomanwannabe..up up and away!
Enjoy your holiday-cum-pleasure..and honeymooning dengan Superman!
Bukan senang nakgi romantic hideaway..:D

mamasita said...

Eh eh..I mean work-cum-pleasure..tersasul!hehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Mamasita!!

thank you!! Its nice to just run away kejap kan.. wish can do it more often!!

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