Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maid lagi.

You know the agent who didnt do the permit for my maid? I called him again i am ashamed to say. and he gave me another maid. He's so smug you feel like hitting him with a frying pan but i guess its better the devil you know huh.

I gave him a scolding (in my own gentle way which is not scary at all) about not doing the permit for me and taking my money- he blames the moratorium. Come to think of it if without a permit pun this bibik has been waltzing around , go to Jalan Tar, go to Giant, the other day want to go to Johor (after refusing to come with us to Kluang over Raya pleading not well , stayed home and smsed me can she follow her friend to Johor ARE YOU KIDDING ME??) Apa lagi lah if she has permit..she would have gone everywhere else . Ni pun sometimes when I come home early she is not at home ok. She is gallavanting to shop lah, go visit other maids lah. She is the maid every other majikan dread, I'm sure!

Anyway the reason I called Edi (nak sebut nama pun macam sakit hati sbb macam jilat balik you know) was to ask whether he can do magic for Ayu. Ayu was this maid that I got through the neighbour. The neighbour was a neighbour to the boss of the girl who brought ayu. (get it?) Ayu got in through her friend Siti, who used to work for En X , who used to be Auntie S sebelah's neighbour. En X works in the embassy of Indonesia.

So the person who managed Ayu's passport in Indonesia before she came, didn't know that they have to be 21 before you can do the permit, and didn't alter her age in her passport (I say think being resigned to the corruption there) so basically as she is 19, there was no way I could do her permit la. I asked Siti to find out who can help me and she got me this agent . Problem is she told me very late. And this agent charged Rm4000. And very rude. With no guarantee.

So I called Edi to verify ye ke this agent can do magic. One dodgy agent should know about whether you can dodgify stuff right ? Edi said now very difficult to do things that are not kosher. Every port has biometric now. You can call yourself Tini now, and later try to come back in Malaysia under the name of Yati or something , and this time round you will find yourself stuck because when they check your thumbprint Tini will come up. And there is no way you can magic anyone under 21 to do permit unless lah you get special permission from the ketuapengarah. he said this agent is conning me- (well you should know, Edi!)

So anyway after I spoke to Edi I resolved lah to send this small girl home. And it was with regret that I send her back sbb dia ok. Rajin and very no nonsense, do work seriously. Speak english. She had been made to do bibik's work.

When I sent her back to Siti, I asked her, that money I give her for buying clothes RM100 , there was RM30 balance with the elder Bibik, which I told her to pass to you , did you get it? She said yeah, she got RM15. The elder one has pau-ed the balance.

Haiii..that basically set a chain of events for me. Earlier that day I found out the grasscutting man only charged Rm70 . The maid usually insist on paying first (she normally calls him when she thinks we are not at home, pay first and then when we come back she will ask for the money) and she has been asking for Rm120. Last month mom tried to pay directly she rushed out and said no need. This time I asked hubby to pay and hubby said the guy only asked for RM70.

When I called my mom to tell her about it she said she's been suspecting it (mom and her naturally suspiscious nature) and did I know she has been giving my groceries to the persons who sweep the roads? She thinks we have too much stuff. Hallo, I buy for you izzit??

I kept quiet and pretended nothing has changed , as I brewed over this. Maybe she has a good reason. I told the younger one on her way back and she said she knew and she said the elder bibik said that this month the guy was cheap.

YA' THINK? That basically sealed the deal. I made up my mind.

I was still cool- but the next day I changed her flight to a date earlier . And this I am not telling her and KIDS IF YOU READ THIS YOU BETTER NOT TELL HER EITHER!! I cannot have her in my house any longer.

I decided not to have any maids for a while. But then spoke to husband and he said we need one. I called Edi again. Edi charged RM8000 (which is the same as last time - dulu dia mention naik harga RM9800 tapi ni jadi Rm8000 (he will discount the levy part) . Malam tu jugak I went over to see the maids he brought over. There were 3. 1 married with 1 baby, 1 unmarried, 1 mom of 6. 1 talked too much, 1 seemed lazy. He suggested that I take the mom of 6- she is a 37 year old pleasant looking lady from Lombok whose eldest is 13 and youngest is 8. Insyallah lah ok. Edi will do the JP visa. I will have to go with him to immigration next week. There will be one month free trial. When he came to the house yesterday morning terperanjat my maid. She didnt expect me to be friends with him. I gave her the cold shoulder, asked for her passport and papers back .

When I came home yesterday, I called her to one side, and I asked her about the Rm50 thing. She said it was a new man, and she bargained like anything for him to reduce to RM70 . Yah lah because she wants a higher cut I assume. Anyway when I asked her about the RM30, she said Ayu volunteered the money to her. Really?? This new girl, who needs the cash, will volunteer to give you money?

Look, maybe you think I am overreacting. After all its onlyRM15 right. Beli lunch at Ampwalk pun cannot get. So why am I so bothered. But I am. I am sooooo mad that I dont look at her when I speak to her, IF i speak to her at all. Maybe you think I should believe her? Maybe lah I should...but hard to lah.

Boy, husband better not try lying to me - maid tipu I dah marah macam ni , husband buat entah entah incredible hulk/ hahahah!

Today the elder bibik sms me to say she finished cooking (she started at 6) can she cuti? I said NO. Sorry.

Tu lah cerita maid I....dah lah mula dengan sinetron, berakhir dengan sinetron juga...

One day I will be able to do without maid. And I will be a stay at home working mom.


Anonymous said...

SW, why dont you hire those hourly maid who comes once a week or few times a week to clean up?

most indonesian maids are like yours these days. gone are the days where you get good maids. those good ones from indonesia prefer going to HK, singapore etc cos they earn more there.


Anonymous said...

SW, why dont you hire those hourly maid who comes once a week or few times a week to clean up?

most indonesian maids are like yours these days. gone are the days where you get good maids. those good ones from indonesia prefer going to HK, singapore etc cos they earn more there.


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