Monday, October 24, 2011

Some old pics

at the Peak..Hong Kong

This is the view you can see from the Peak. The Peak ni ala ala Bukit Bendera lah, except not so high. And you take a tram to go up.VERY STEEP!!!!! When you reach the Peak ada shopping mall (Where I got my crocs yang save my feet from being swollen for the next 3 years) and ada Madame don't HAVE to go ..they let you take pictures with Bruce Lee outside..he he. The first thing we did when we arrived?? Carik toilet!!!
After the Peak we wanted to try Halal Dimsum at the IslamicCentre Canteen . Menggagau cari mosque ni..dari the Peak we took the tram down, and then waited for a long time for cab cause I aint gonna walk, and then the cab driver didnt understand roman letters and I had to google the chinese characters then only he understood! On the way there we were stopped by 4 men in kupiah who were chinese from China and they asked us the way! They made gestures for Allahuakbar so I guessed that was what they said! Sama samalah kita sesat ....until we found an indian chap who pointed the way to us.
At the mosque - ada ceramah in cantonese. See?? Islam is NOT for malays and arabs only.
makan dulu.........This is the poor waitress at the restaurant who was tickled pink at these 2 gluttons who ordered dimsum as well as ordered from the menu- ye lah, we haven't seen meat for a whole day!!! hahahahahaha- we had chicken , beef etc etc.
TThe food if truth be told could be better, a little bit bland but then by the time we finished we were so bloated !

I took the chance to do my zohor and asar! Thank you God for allowing us to combine 2 prayers in one prayer time! Islam encourages travel y'all!! Anyway today they had an election thingy for Indonesian committee...everyone stared at me while pretending not to. Spoke to a few Indonesian maids who have been here yonks. They get Sundays off and some head to HK. They have to cook ham and pork im afraid.

This whole post was for Saturday. On Sunday we woke up (I woke up) at 4 am and rushed to the airport as our flight was at 8.45 am. We were early (Phew!) however we didn't take off until half an hour later and it was due to engine problem.. imagine my horror when, finally when we DID take off, the pilot said we cant proceed and have to turn back. Something about the landing wheels not going back in??? Anyway then they circled and circled for what seemed like ages..and I promised every kind of promises to God and husband and I realised that if we were dead today we would have nothing to leave the kids !! Anyway finally we landed and MAS crew handed us over to the airport people . Everyone congregated at Gate 532 and we heard the announcement that those with medical or family emergency should go and register. Thinking that that meant we could go back earlier, husband went and played the "I am a doctor saving lives" card. That didn't get us anywhere. After some more waiting, all of us were told to go get lunch and given a HKD75 per person. Which was great except the fact that some places would not accept the vouchers! Bummer. We finally had fried chicken at Popeyes (halal! Yay!) .Then we went back to the gate 50000032 (felt that way) and they told us the only flight we can take was the Malaysian airline special flight. Arriving at 10.40 pm and specially leaving at 11.40 pm just for us 200 plus people.In the meantime would we like to stay in Marriott??

Phew!! Penat betul tunggu the time to pass. Husband slept like the dead (Sebab bini paksa bangun awal kan)and I managed to do some work - cant surf as no free internet hooohooo...

That was it!

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