Monday, November 14, 2011

hahai !!

Oh blog ...I have left you for too long.... I should say " I did NOT have any relations with that FB!"

Well, the maid left. And we went to KK. Which was fantabuloso. The trip to go tu a bit hairy, with my husband deciding to singgah at his brother's house with just one hour to go to flight time, my parents coming along with us, my in laws having gone to their other son's house first and my brother coming from work (I was going with my in laws and my brother )

And then my brother in law deciding to bring his 2 daughters to the airport and one of them had an unfortunate accident at the airport requiring both sets of moms (mine and my husband's) to go to the toilet and bathe the poor baby, and my mother in law going round the airport to search for clothes to fit an 8 year old (she found it). And by this time I was allready sweating blood because we were cutting it too close to boarding but left it in the hands of God ..My father told me- well, if you missed your flight then it was not meant to be! Tu dia! My brother in law said its only a local flight to KK why was I so flustered???? Ye never know if the gate was going to be a looong way away (and it was !)

Finally breathed a sigh of relief when we sat down in the plane, only to find it too cold, and asked for blankets, secure in the knowledge that this is MALAYSIA AIRLINES and therefore sure got one...then told that there were NO Blankets due to a planefull of KIDS all of whom needed a blardie blanket. And the person next to husband would not shut up and looked like he was going to talk to ME too until I started to pick a fight with husband about why he made us late and how he should just acknowledge that I had a reason to be mad and just say sorry damn it so I can cuddle for warmth! The man next to him quickly shut up after seing us hissing away in our squabble and so did the man next to ME, and the next 2 hours were spent in blissful silence and warmth (he said sorry.)

Earlier on we sent the maid home, we were at the immigration dept with her and had to do her check out memo, she was fasting and looked sorry for herself, I was quite abrupt with her, all her coats and handbags were virtually empty but later my next door neighbour gave me RM300 that my maid had hurriedly thrown to her maid, with a message to send it to her later (the money was made of a bunch of RM10 and RM50 and RM1 notes with some coins) - and now my bracelet etc (not that I have many) are gone so although we should not tuduh orang it's very suspiscious.

Anyway the holiday was good, KK first, we stayed a night at ManjaHotel which was quite 4 star from the inside although outside takda apa lah..(set in a row of shops actually) . The next morning set off to Kundasang , a long windy trip up and totally worth it as we discovered that G Kinabalu was just next to us as we climbed up. The resort, Pine Resort was nice and er- alpine-y. Ala ala swiss cottage gitu. We didn't do much except pig out and sleep and we managed to go to Poring and Ranau ("run now"??) and saw Rafflesia the flower (at RM20 per person!)

Now ready for another holiday! Came home to see a new life, a new maid who was actually NOT trained at all, as she had never, before she came to my house, tried ironing. And she can't cook (or at least we cannot eat what she cooked) and she only cooked herbs and ulams etc and she very rarely eat meat in her diet. So now I have to cook and being v bad at Malay cooking I have managed to pecah kan the santan , and my husband is consequently grumpy (i told you men are basic creatures) and want me to go and supervise her cooking (He thinks she messed it up despite me telling him I cooked) and so for the past few days it's either been pizza or mummy masak .

And because the maid is new (and lurus bin bendul) and blur , kids have to be more independent eg find their own blardie socks lah instead of expecting it nicely to be folded and kept in their drawer. The maid also hangs everything she can, eg teeshirts and nighties are on hangers when we normally fold them...small stuff like that. ME, I see it positively, at least I don't have to tend to the laundry or mop!! RIght??? But after this 2 years are up I am not taking any more maid lah. Dahlah tu....

Ok take care y'all

Thursday, November 03, 2011

jalan lagi

There! I told her allready!- I told my maid that today she's going home, so pack your bags lady!

ehe actually i went and told her I have had to buy another ticket because you have to go back today instead of 19th. So pack your bags. So she solemnly nodded and everyone (ie my mom in law and my other maid) nodded - all sagely blaming the imigration and this PATI process.

I was upstairs then talkng to mom in law and as expected the maid came up too suddenly, and then started to apologise for all the things she did, and started to scrunch up her face to cry. My mother in law of course forgave her on my behalf and she also "gave" my maid some rempah rempah and ikan bilis to take home. Then she said the maid asked for it, but when I said you did?? to the maid , mom in law quickly said - but i bought it for her, I'm giving her as a present...mak mak you are too soft!

As for me, muka I sadin dalam tin. sebab like no feeling. I have no feeling when she cries because I have seen it many times and I know she can turn it on and off. She did not appear surprised at all so I think she knows about it somehow. I am going to deduct her salary for having to buy her another ticket, having to send her to the airport--eee i feel so mean...!

So the plan is, to go to the imigration today with hubs and maid, to sort out the paperwork for new maid, and then to send old maid home,. then to go back home to get the kids , and then to go to bro in law's house to get my parents in law (who will be leaving soon to run errands, see doctor and then go to my bro in law's place) and then go to airport to leave for kk yayyyyy!!

Am looking forward to the trip. Hopefully it will be nice.

Ooops I have to factor in going to see my mom and dad before I go , because I never leave home wihtout their blessing...I called my own sister in law to ask her if she wanted to come over for dinner at our house, and she can also meet her parents before we fly off to KK for the Hari raya...after all I thought if I would want to do that with my parents ,definitely she would too. She said her kids have exams, so they need to revise. her kids are 9 and 6 hahahahaha- oh well...! I laughed about it with mom in law and she was resigned to it..apa lah/ Any ideas how to tell my sister in law that she has her priorities a biiiiiiiiiit wrong? Or maybe she is the one that's correct and we , who take our kids off to holiday during the exam years with nary a thought, are the ones who are wrong! I would definitely put seeing mommy and babah over my kids' exam though (unless SPM or PMR!)

But then different strokes as they say.. so cannot comment ler...

Anyway wish us well ok..will try to blog from there. After this I have bargained with God after the airplane wheel incident, that I will not go anywhere before I go to Umrah hahahah

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