Saturday, December 31, 2011

Update on moving!

I am waiting for the kids to get up and am still on the pc..

mak and abah coming soon to help us move. YIKES!!!!

Aiyoo actually I would much rather they come later....after we have moved...kesian they all karang pening tengok the way i move which is as follows:

1. going to take all the crockery and cutlery and the cups and saucers over this morning and stuff in the kitchen. Don't like the kitchen. want to change can or not.

2. going to campak all clothes that we want to the car so we can put in the closet. Closet door needs to be cleaned/painted- how did it get smudged so much nih?? Bukak pintu closet dengan apa dulu?

3. er..thats it for today.

4. Tomorrow the moving man is coming!I managed to get the husband's OK in the end!! Tak tau lah dia nak marah I for wasting money...but it's now RM2800! so much cheaper than before (still mahal lah though but think of the convenience!)

OH! maybe going to buy furniture - 3beds and 1 double bed..cepat lar gajiiiii masuk lah cepaaatttt IKEA is calliing meeee

Yes, guys you heard me, IKEA!! That mass produced, cheap quality products you say??? Ikea is ok lah! I wish I have the imagination, patience and taste to go and search for unique furniture shops but frankly I dah PENAT, I am NOT a browser, I suka I terus beli no need to think two thousand times. Maybe i will regret later but actually jarang what since I allready liked it in the first place! That was the way it was with the house come to think of it. Viewed like a gazillion houses, then saw this house, immediately fell in lahve, and bought it. the end.

And iKea is not so bad you know! I was looking at the price and the reviews of EKTORP furniture, and the review is quite good! (a) slip covers make it easy to clean and (b) 2 years of use by a family with 2 small kids , and the review said it was still good!

So maybe I will go get an Ektorp in green. Read the review :

And why do I need another settee set you ask?? because the current settee will go up - to the ahem- tv room. with the Wii and the AC Ryan(the thing that hubbs download so many movies into and then can watch) and the Astro. The good thing is , the TV room ni ada slidiing door, so we can shut it and the kids, out! and the kids can study in the middle "study area" ha ha

Wei kalau ikut hati memang banyak pakai duit nih..

SO! Jangan ikut hati..masuk dulu...and try to use what we can ek? ek? ek?? (see beruntung nya husband I )

Tapi, dia yang kata have to have new settee set and to go buy the beds! So how??saya menurut perintah jelahhhh

Byeeee am now finally getting off my buns and going OUT!

18 years married!

I'm coming up to my 19th anniversary.

Hang on, is that right? Salaahhh tuu

I got married on 7th Jan 1994- 1995 is year 1, bla bla (counting in my head and on my hands.......) ok , so 2012 I have successfully been married for 18 years !! and going INTO my 19th!

Wow, adek adek yang baru kawin tu sure did you DO THAT?? sometimes I feel my husband's relatives/friends probably thought - how is he staying married to her that long??

Well, the other day I asked do you feel? Happy? Also we are coming into mid 40s this year! Jawapan nya ialah yes happy as we have 5 adorable (hah!) kids, finally have a house, finally they are in Islamic school, only thing to do is to go for Haj (bilaaaaaalah)

We still love each other, thank god. We still spend a lot of time together behind locked doors if you know what i mean nudge nudge wink wink hahahahahahah,except nowadays its more to chat than anything ha ha! we still talk a lot and I still call him a lot during the day (habits , you know, they die hard)

I get worried lah jugak about the younger gals out there who are half my size and age. Come on, which wife tak risau husband dia kena sambar? But then the husband oso, so senang to be "sambar"ed? Although come to think about it , some girls out there are determined. I have just spoken to someone who is going out with a married man with very very very SMALL children and she said she just wants to share and won't hurt anyone. HELLO What ABOUT those small children?? And i told her, why do you DO this to YOURSELF? you deserve someone better, why settle for this SCHMUCK?? I wish his WIFE would realise what a schmuck he IS and hit him with a frying pan. I mean, I know my friend is lonely..but then she does deserve a better life. And she will hurt people ..and love when you do not have the support of loving in laws- aint easy. Tak caya tanya Rita Rudaini..hehehe

Personally, I pun find it amazing that we have gotten this far in life! I thought I would be easily bored...but I supposed he has kept me on tenterhooks gak ..what with the waiting, and the chasing him..I guess if he was a romantic person and goes overboard sure I boring cepat...

Apasecrets nak pass to younger generations ? I guess it's- go with the flow. never go with your heart. Sometimes you want to show you are mad, or you are upset.just hold your tongue. Marriage is work and negotiations... you have to understand your partner and his moods and his likes!

And always keep the laughter coming !

Ok lah this is a menyampah syok sendiri Ibetter stop! :) Just to share that I ni dah TUA...!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm overreacting?? I'm overreacting??!!!!

Yes, we are moving house.

I am chasing myself out of this house by this weekend. If you come to my house you will go- huh? nak pindah ke? Sebab there's no sign of moving at ALL. The things are still nicely in their drawers. I mentioned it to mymaid who then decided to take all the glasses and cups and put TOGETHER in ONE BIG PAIL. On TOP OF EACH OTHER. With no newspaper in between . SHRIEEEKKKK. what happens if it breaks????

So I called this mover , recommended by dear May. He came, looked at the whirlwind that is now my house, and said ok, he will email me. RM4.300. My husband freaked out, and said I CAN BUY A WHOLE NEW SET OF FURNITURE FOR THAT! (he can too, he knows the shops better than me). I have been trying to persuade him to pleaseeeeeeeeee do someone's appendix and charge him at the proper rate so I can have the movers take away my headache....I have been waking up with a headache for several days. I have a small frown fixed to my forehead. I have been up since 5.10 am every morning (well anyway have to pray right) and by 8 I am ready to TITUN. (Sleep). So for the past several nights I have been turning down (TURNING DOWN!!!) invites to Ombak rindu or karaoke .

Yesterday went to the new house. Looking good. Floor has been laid, and looks JUST like wood . Now can clean kitchen and rooms. Planning to move the plates and glasses (if tak pecah lah!) today. In fact, I think we can move the clothes as well. Inside the closets and cabinets, old owner still has some stuff. And old owner has left huge fridge in kitchen. Which is fine, except what do I do with MY huge fridge (well, not as huge). I have a thousand and one things in my mind:

1. Baju- what clothes do we take ? What do we do with old clothes? What do we do with old clothes that people (aunties) have given to me that I can safely say will not come back into fashion anytime soon? Do I give them back ? Is it ok to give it to others?

2. Books and papers- WARGHHHH.I am vomitting blood just thinking about it.

3. Old computer-?

4. Tables- we have 3 tables. One is as old as Sophia. And the leather chair that used to be white and now is not only NOT white, also has holes??

Carpets, cabinets, ???

Ok I am now going to lie down, as I have a headache again...hehehehhe

Honey, can i PLEASE call the movers????!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The weekend!

My brother no 3 was warded this weekend- emergency appendix. Drama lah sikit because he had extreme tummy pain, and then was trying to get husband all Saturday night, husband of all days had put his phone on silent, and only got the call on Sunday am, when we found out he had checked himself in Tawakal- (?) and husband then went to get him out of that and into Pcmc, and we all came later. We arrived at 11.40, was told that they started operating on my brother at around 11.30, so we waited..and waited....and waited....he finally came to the room again at 1.40 ish! Awat lama na? Husband said the gas man had to cabut to do an epidural so my brother's operation was slightly delayed. Yang I boring nye, when I went to ask the receptionist at the ward (or were they nurses) they looked so tak interested to help, giving me answers like "jap lagi dia habis lah tu" - hello, obviously lah kan . Can't lah pick up the phone and call OT and ask if he's actually been operated on or what. Or maybe they can't do that he he. Anyway I asked because I really wanted to be in the room when my brother comes back , and at the same time the kids were hungry so had to go grab lunch.

Brother came back groggy and we let him sleep. Eventually he came to, and discovered his room was a mess of kids and biscuits and vitagen and the tv was blaring with shrek on. He asked for his wife, who was attending a wedding (seriously) and came much later. I have to say , if it was me, I would probably be by his side from minute 1 but then that's clingy me, my sister in law cool sikit, tak yah kecoh. Plus there was 3 year old Jood and 2 months old Noah to consider, a bit difficult to be clingy when you have kids who cling to you(been there done that!)

The whole shebang (ie my brother no 2and family, and mom and dad) came later, and then my brother no 4 and his new wife and new inlaws allcame to visit. In the middle of that myhusband suggested we (as in our family sans brothers etc) go to Kuantan for a short break. Urks! Mom and dad were not too happy (adek kau macammana??) but I guess husband should know better (since he was the attending surgeon and will have to go see my brother the next day) - anyway maybe he had sea withdrawal symptom that we all suffer from , from time to time. So i said yes lah.

Tapi tulah God is great -suddenly he said Kuantan was no go, because he just found out that he was also on call in HKL , and since there's no telling what HKL might bring, better not risk a trip out of KL. Sebab nak gak cuti, we went to CyberviewResort instead. (Just to get away)- which was ok lah, boleh lah berangan kita cuti.. they had 3 pools,and if you squint and imagine hard enough, can pretend you are actually in a river, or a waterfall . The restaurants were good (that night we went for dinner, they had special xmas celebrations and gave us all party hats - we were the only table who put them on and started to blow on the party horns etc..after a while the other tables followed!- all the while Dahlia was shaking her head going- please stop mummy- my mother in law's cucu betul!)
The next day the kids swam, pas tu after we checked out we all spent an hour in their karaoke room. All in all a good, compact break.

Back to my brother- he was looking good when we visited him that afternoon . Could get up and go to the toilet himself. Was worrying about the cost (it cost a leg and an arm even with the surgeon and anaesthetist not charging him anything) but that can wait later! I told him to stay another day at the hospital sbb otherwise his boy will want him to carry him! Betol tak? Might as well lah rest kat hospital..

Ok lah that was the weekend was your weekend?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A serious note!

You know, I was at Parkson KLCC yesterday. And I saw a lovely well coiffed lady attendant - who was a boy. Actually I saw several. Fully made up and wearing heels. But you know they are men. There's also one at Secret Recipe Taman Melawati- her(his?) eyelashes are to die for! And at the supermarket semalam, this butch girl served me, her boobs severely tied, hair very short, and obviously a girl.

My point? We are used to seeing girls dressed as men, and boys who act like girls, they are nolonger in "hiding" nor are they condemned. They appear in society and are accepted. In terms of human rights, well and good. In terms of Islam? Well.

Do we take a stand or not then? Do we say eh, it's wrong lah, you should not look like a girl when you are indeed a boy and let me help you get back on the right path?

Well, most of us don't. Because it's not cool. And it's their business lah, not ours.

Then, why are we so upset about the gay Dr in Dublin??

We have created this society where he can explore his other nature freely and unchecked, and without fear. There are blogs for gay guys, and I have several lovely obviously gay friends who tell me they are openly abnormal..and I love them but I do wonder whether we should try to bring THEM to the right path. They are all v religious tho. Some Haji dah. They obviously have made peace with themselves.

MY POINT?? (i keep deviating). Is...I dont know whether as a muslim we should once and for all, take a stand, keep to it, and really really work to bring everyone back to the right path. OUrselves included.

Instead of now, when I think we are being hypocrites.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The weeks that were....

In the time I didn't blog..

1. my brother's reception happened.

it went well, but mom was not too happy because we did get the feeling that everything was formulaeic and we couldn't really change it to what we like, if it deviates from that formula. You know, flower girls leading , then sit at the pelamin, then call for VIP, VIP must sit at designated place, bla bla...anyway mom wanted to change certain things and was told better not. Yeah, better for whom. So in the end although the wedding did go very well, there WAS that feeling of being bullied. And mom said they didn't reserve any food for the family to take home. she was so mad about that because she didn't eat yet! The organisers said they had put aside food for the family to take home but mom couldn't see it and most likely their workers took it.


2. Renovation started at the House. Having seen the house and having seen the actual QUOTATION, we pared down our very ambitious renovation plans quite considerably and now its down to just painting the house ha ha ha! Actually we are still going ahead, but we need to take time with it. I'm targetting leaving this house by end of this month..don't know if I can actually do it.

3. The firm went to Langkawi for a retreat. I've been to Langkawi before but boy I have never been to THIS langkawi. The boss dragged (heheh) us to boattrips down the Kilim geopark river, we saw eagles swooping down the river to take the food offered, we went islandhopping to Bras Basah island where I spent lovely long minutes just floating in the sea, and we got our food stolen by monkeys! We went to Dayang Bunting and huffed and puffed to the green green lake and the boys swam in the lake , while i kept muttering prayers to protect us from whatever unseen forces there are. I am verrrrrry respectful of these things. We ate at all the choice restaurants, big or small, and the best thing was, everyone got along. No one was a diva- well, even if they were no one gave them the time of day.. and everyone had fun!

Now , back at feels like a dream!! Im proposing a more frequent company get together- even if its just to lake garden. Because then people get along.

4. We heard about that gay doctor student who married a mat salleh. EWWWW. Spoke to a friend who said well life is too short..Apakah??? I agreed . It is too short- to waste on doing sins. Just doakan yangbaik baik for him lah I think. Takyah lah call him names or yang kelakarnya , file police report against him in the name of Malays. Kita ni jaga diri sendiri as well..No point getting very angry over this when we promote a society of permissiveness. Its like pancaindera...everytime artists pose sexily they kutuk ...but in the same paper you can find photo spread of artists, they are all posing sexily or wearing short short stuff and this MUST be at the encouragement of the paper! So? Hypocrite lah nih..

5. Husband came home from golf with Uncle Yaya singing praises for the golf club and seriously considering buying it for RM120k. Er........bukan I taknak, but not on priority list...even if we have the spare cash (and we don't ) and if we are talking about appreciation of value, how about that diamond ring ? heheheh..

No lah, not when the kids are still growing and need so many things.

Ok then guys! Bye for now!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

House is ours finally!

We got our house!! Yay!

We would have gotten it sooner, but then Petronas lost the owner's discharge document which was needed to present the transfer at the land office, so we had to wait while the other side's lawyer sort out Petronas, the land office and Ambank (who is managing Petronas' loans)and finally last Friday I personally went to collect the cheque from RHB Islamic Bank ! Monday we went to bank it in to the lawyer's account(not our money hoo hoo) and asked the owner (through the lawyers) whether or not we can get the keys before he gets the money in his hands (give to the lawyer ok what) . I ni anxious because nak renovate uncle oii......Finally we heard that we can get the keys. The next day we were talking about taking it...but petang tak lagi take. Sekali the owner sent an sms -He wasn't too pleased that we took our time to get it though.. he he. I got an sms (cc only) that he sent to his lawyers complaining that the buyers have not taken the keys although both husband and wife have my number. What can I say..he's 70 plus and he is a very proper arab descendant from don'tlah cin cai with him. Therefore....In the middle of his operation my husband got a frantic call from his wife to say "HONEY GO TAKE THE KEYS NOWWWWW!" hehe..

Finally husband took the the next day tu I went straight in with the was so funny. I wanted to change stuff, they said NO NEED! There I was with my parents looking over the house. My parents gave ideas ...and I pun had so many ideas...but the contractor tak agree! I wanted to change the toilet, they said still good! I wanted to change the sliding door, they said no it will ruin the tiles and these are old fashioned tiles...difficult to get and very thick slabs ni! I wanted to change the kitchen they said cabinet ni kuat lagi...and so on and so forth!!

In the end I concurred, and told them to do the bare minimum so that I can move in by the end of this month. You heard me..end of this month! We figured the bare minimum would be painting the house, washing the floors, changing guest toilet downstairs etc.

Then we had a look at the quotation - yikes! To shellac my windows and gates etc and paint etc is going to cost me RM28k..and the total reno (bare minimum plus one toilet) is almost 60 k.

TERUS PADAM NIAT NAK RENOVATE hahahahahahaha!! Suddenly we were all saying - eh ok lagi what the house..hhihihihi..tapi nak gak kena baikkan apa yangrosak right...

So in the end we decided to only paint the outside, and change the flooring. And that guest toilet..has to be updated lar....and hope they dont ask for the cash upfront!

Itulah sebahagian daripada cerita rumah I ..insyallah nanti I can invite you guys over k!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My brother's married!

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everyone's ok ...cuti sekolah pi mana? Can you believe its allready December ? My kids are allready moaning about how it's only 25 days to school ...moan moan....and also how bored they are at home.......

walhal it's been quite busy jugak lah. 2 weeks ago we went to Seremban to marry off my brother. That was such an adventure because 1. i was in charge of hantaran , 2. husband finished work at 6 and 3. we had to be in seremban by 7. So . imagine lar how fast we drove and how masam my muka is with husband because on the day my brother kawin pun want to work so hard ke . Anyway we got there safely and in time, amazingly and everything went well. Shah actually booked a room for us at the Allson Klana and we sombongly said eh takpa lah we balik (the next day was the sanding) and come back. Tapi in the end, kitorang boom jugak at the room...siap order room service lagi(which I forgot I have not paid shah back!Yikes!) The next morning we all went home kejap to get fresh clothes (as , we didnt pack to stay) and came back again at 1 to witness the ceremony . I as usual stopped at Mazz Melawati , pushed open their doors and said "you all ada baju kaler biru tak?? Do you have something in blue I can wear to a wedding in one hour's time??" Thank goodness they did!

Anyway that was the wedding. My dad reports that my brother and his ahem wife are now inseparable, this from a couple who called each other "awak" and "saya" and didn't actually date very much and so not PDA (unlike us) - now sit together also HOLD HANDS dad is giggling.

Talking of my dad I better go and visit's been a week since I haven't gone which in my dad's calculator means a year. This weekend is the reception on our side. ..tomorrow night ada rehearsal....I am also having a nasyid guy come . And the hall wants its moolah allready. Aiyoohh. I of course have NOT bought my girls' clothes...and they are not girls anymore they are young ladies...the other day the eldest 2 went to KLCC and shopped for about 6 hours...I left them there against my better judgment and after weeks of nagging. (Yes you did Nag me, girls) .. the first time I left Nadine there some Pak Nigerian tried to pick her up-.....eee risau ler ada girls ni

Anyway I will catch you guys later ok...subuh time!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...