Saturday, December 31, 2011

18 years married!

I'm coming up to my 19th anniversary.

Hang on, is that right? Salaahhh tuu

I got married on 7th Jan 1994- 1995 is year 1, bla bla (counting in my head and on my hands.......) ok , so 2012 I have successfully been married for 18 years !! and going INTO my 19th!

Wow, adek adek yang baru kawin tu sure did you DO THAT?? sometimes I feel my husband's relatives/friends probably thought - how is he staying married to her that long??

Well, the other day I asked do you feel? Happy? Also we are coming into mid 40s this year! Jawapan nya ialah yes happy as we have 5 adorable (hah!) kids, finally have a house, finally they are in Islamic school, only thing to do is to go for Haj (bilaaaaaalah)

We still love each other, thank god. We still spend a lot of time together behind locked doors if you know what i mean nudge nudge wink wink hahahahahahah,except nowadays its more to chat than anything ha ha! we still talk a lot and I still call him a lot during the day (habits , you know, they die hard)

I get worried lah jugak about the younger gals out there who are half my size and age. Come on, which wife tak risau husband dia kena sambar? But then the husband oso, so senang to be "sambar"ed? Although come to think about it , some girls out there are determined. I have just spoken to someone who is going out with a married man with very very very SMALL children and she said she just wants to share and won't hurt anyone. HELLO What ABOUT those small children?? And i told her, why do you DO this to YOURSELF? you deserve someone better, why settle for this SCHMUCK?? I wish his WIFE would realise what a schmuck he IS and hit him with a frying pan. I mean, I know my friend is lonely..but then she does deserve a better life. And she will hurt people ..and love when you do not have the support of loving in laws- aint easy. Tak caya tanya Rita Rudaini..hehehe

Personally, I pun find it amazing that we have gotten this far in life! I thought I would be easily bored...but I supposed he has kept me on tenterhooks gak ..what with the waiting, and the chasing him..I guess if he was a romantic person and goes overboard sure I boring cepat...

Apasecrets nak pass to younger generations ? I guess it's- go with the flow. never go with your heart. Sometimes you want to show you are mad, or you are upset.just hold your tongue. Marriage is work and negotiations... you have to understand your partner and his moods and his likes!

And always keep the laughter coming !

Ok lah this is a menyampah syok sendiri Ibetter stop! :) Just to share that I ni dah TUA...!!


Ezza said...

selamat anniversary dek!

akak ni pun dah masuk 30 tahun bersama...
Tapi kenapa ramai sangat pasangan muda2 ni bercerai...apa yang terlebih atau terkurang?
Selamat berbahagia hg ke akhir hayat...tambah la sorang lagi....

Superwomanwannabe said...

lama lagi kak Ezza...seminggu lagi nih..

tapi teringat lah ,dah lama kawin kan..macam mana kita tak bosan ye?

akak ada rahsia tak nak share??

Romantik lagi tak?

Ah-ah lah sekarang orang give up sungguh cepat. Memang lah kita tak 100 peratus happy all the time kan tapi takkan lah nak divorce je manjang..there has got to be some other way..melainkan orang tu angkat tangan pukul wife..then I say GET OUT now....other than that...try to stick it out..orang yang cheat on wife tu pun boleh di perbetulkan actually...dan dipulihkan seperti sediakala,,,insyallah. kan kan kan??

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