Saturday, December 10, 2011

House is ours finally!

We got our house!! Yay!

We would have gotten it sooner, but then Petronas lost the owner's discharge document which was needed to present the transfer at the land office, so we had to wait while the other side's lawyer sort out Petronas, the land office and Ambank (who is managing Petronas' loans)and finally last Friday I personally went to collect the cheque from RHB Islamic Bank ! Monday we went to bank it in to the lawyer's account(not our money hoo hoo) and asked the owner (through the lawyers) whether or not we can get the keys before he gets the money in his hands (give to the lawyer ok what) . I ni anxious because nak renovate uncle oii......Finally we heard that we can get the keys. The next day we were talking about taking it...but petang tak lagi take. Sekali the owner sent an sms -He wasn't too pleased that we took our time to get it though.. he he. I got an sms (cc only) that he sent to his lawyers complaining that the buyers have not taken the keys although both husband and wife have my number. What can I say..he's 70 plus and he is a very proper arab descendant from don'tlah cin cai with him. Therefore....In the middle of his operation my husband got a frantic call from his wife to say "HONEY GO TAKE THE KEYS NOWWWWW!" hehe..

Finally husband took the the next day tu I went straight in with the was so funny. I wanted to change stuff, they said NO NEED! There I was with my parents looking over the house. My parents gave ideas ...and I pun had so many ideas...but the contractor tak agree! I wanted to change the toilet, they said still good! I wanted to change the sliding door, they said no it will ruin the tiles and these are old fashioned tiles...difficult to get and very thick slabs ni! I wanted to change the kitchen they said cabinet ni kuat lagi...and so on and so forth!!

In the end I concurred, and told them to do the bare minimum so that I can move in by the end of this month. You heard me..end of this month! We figured the bare minimum would be painting the house, washing the floors, changing guest toilet downstairs etc.

Then we had a look at the quotation - yikes! To shellac my windows and gates etc and paint etc is going to cost me RM28k..and the total reno (bare minimum plus one toilet) is almost 60 k.

TERUS PADAM NIAT NAK RENOVATE hahahahahahaha!! Suddenly we were all saying - eh ok lagi what the house..hhihihihi..tapi nak gak kena baikkan apa yangrosak right...

So in the end we decided to only paint the outside, and change the flooring. And that guest toilet..has to be updated lar....and hope they dont ask for the cash upfront!

Itulah sebahagian daripada cerita rumah I ..insyallah nanti I can invite you guys over k!!!

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Puteri's territory said...

Pleae invite me, I wanna come. LOL!

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