Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm overreacting?? I'm overreacting??!!!!

Yes, we are moving house.

I am chasing myself out of this house by this weekend. If you come to my house you will go- huh? nak pindah ke? Sebab there's no sign of moving at ALL. The things are still nicely in their drawers. I mentioned it to mymaid who then decided to take all the glasses and cups and put TOGETHER in ONE BIG PAIL. On TOP OF EACH OTHER. With no newspaper in between . SHRIEEEKKKK. what happens if it breaks????

So I called this mover , recommended by dear May. He came, looked at the whirlwind that is now my house, and said ok, he will email me. RM4.300. My husband freaked out, and said I CAN BUY A WHOLE NEW SET OF FURNITURE FOR THAT! (he can too, he knows the shops better than me). I have been trying to persuade him to pleaseeeeeeeeee do someone's appendix and charge him at the proper rate so I can have the movers take away my headache....I have been waking up with a headache for several days. I have a small frown fixed to my forehead. I have been up since 5.10 am every morning (well anyway have to pray right) and by 8 I am ready to TITUN. (Sleep). So for the past several nights I have been turning down (TURNING DOWN!!!) invites to Ombak rindu or karaoke .

Yesterday went to the new house. Looking good. Floor has been laid, and looks JUST like wood . Now can clean kitchen and rooms. Planning to move the plates and glasses (if tak pecah lah!) today. In fact, I think we can move the clothes as well. Inside the closets and cabinets, old owner still has some stuff. And old owner has left huge fridge in kitchen. Which is fine, except what do I do with MY huge fridge (well, not as huge). I have a thousand and one things in my mind:

1. Baju- what clothes do we take ? What do we do with old clothes? What do we do with old clothes that people (aunties) have given to me that I can safely say will not come back into fashion anytime soon? Do I give them back ? Is it ok to give it to others?

2. Books and papers- WARGHHHH.I am vomitting blood just thinking about it.

3. Old computer-?

4. Tables- we have 3 tables. One is as old as Sophia. And the leather chair that used to be white and now is not only NOT white, also has holes??

Carpets, cabinets, ???

Ok I am now going to lie down, as I have a headache again...hehehehhe

Honey, can i PLEASE call the movers????!!!!!


mamasita said...

You are thesuperwomanwannabe right?
Eh eh.. sejak bila ada tambah 'sometimes'..*baru noticed*
Happy New Year 2012 and Happy House Moving!!

Anonymous said...


I baca pun I rasa nak pening sama...hehehe...

Cik Kiah said...

Who's the hoarder in your family? In mine, I can safely say its my hubby. I baru terfikir tadi, should we need to move house anytime soon, I can pack up n leave in one day because my stuffs are only my clothes, books and sebijik dua set pinggan, no hal because tak byk masalah can transfer as they are. But my hubby?! With unopened letters dari 10tahun dulu, lecture notes dari uni days (20 years ago!), old clothes,tools...haih! Tak habis!

miSs inTerpReted said...

maybe can donate your unwanted stuff? I know my friend called the red crescent society and they hantar lori to collect some of her furniture that she doesn't use anymore. Baju-baju tu pon can give away as well to charity. Your unwanteds may be someone elses treasure. :)

Good luck with moving!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mamasita Mamamia-- i think times like this Superman kena datang sekali hahahaha !

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anony...yeah...come and get the actifast from me..dah jadik breakfast I dah....hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Miss I!

Good idea! just hope not too buruk,though

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Kiah- both of us are just as bad- I have thesis of former UPM students lying in drawers which I serba salah..buang karang, kena marah....and I also have loads of law notes that nak buang karang...what if i carik??

you know what? BUANG JE LAH

Anonymous said...

How did you get him to go down from 4.3k to 2.8? Amazing barganing skills.

fulltime mom

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