Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My brother's married!

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everyone's ok ...cuti sekolah pi mana? Can you believe its allready December ? My kids are allready moaning about how it's only 25 days to school ...moan moan....and also how bored they are at home.......

walhal it's been quite busy jugak lah. 2 weeks ago we went to Seremban to marry off my brother. That was such an adventure because 1. i was in charge of hantaran , 2. husband finished work at 6 and 3. we had to be in seremban by 7. So . imagine lar how fast we drove and how masam my muka is with husband because on the day my brother kawin pun want to work so hard ke . Anyway we got there safely and in time, amazingly and everything went well. Shah actually booked a room for us at the Allson Klana and we sombongly said eh takpa lah we balik (the next day was the sanding) and come back. Tapi in the end, kitorang boom jugak at the room...siap order room service lagi(which I forgot I have not paid shah back!Yikes!) The next morning we all went home kejap to get fresh clothes (as , we didnt pack to stay) and came back again at 1 to witness the ceremony . I as usual stopped at Mazz Melawati , pushed open their doors and said "you all ada baju kaler biru tak?? Do you have something in blue I can wear to a wedding in one hour's time??" Thank goodness they did!

Anyway that was the wedding. My dad reports that my brother and his ahem wife are now inseparable, this from a couple who called each other "awak" and "saya" and didn't actually date very much and so not PDA (unlike us) - now sit together also HOLD HANDS dad is giggling.

Talking of my dad I better go and visit's been a week since I haven't gone which in my dad's calculator means a year. This weekend is the reception on our side. ..tomorrow night ada rehearsal....I am also having a nasyid guy come . And the hall wants its moolah allready. Aiyoohh. I of course have NOT bought my girls' clothes...and they are not girls anymore they are young ladies...the other day the eldest 2 went to KLCC and shopped for about 6 hours...I left them there against my better judgment and after weeks of nagging. (Yes you did Nag me, girls) .. the first time I left Nadine there some Pak Nigerian tried to pick her up-.....eee risau ler ada girls ni

Anyway I will catch you guys later ok...subuh time!!

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