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You know, I was at Parkson KLCC yesterday. And I saw a lovely well coiffed lady attendant - who was a boy. Actually I saw several. Fully made up and wearing heels. But you know they are men. There's also one at Secret Recipe Taman Melawati- her(his?) eyelashes are to die for! And at the supermarket semalam, this butch girl served me, her boobs severely tied, hair very short, and obviously a girl.

My point? We are used to seeing girls dressed as men, and boys who act like girls, they are nolonger in "hiding" nor are they condemned. They appear in society and are accepted. In terms of human rights, well and good. In terms of Islam? Well.

Do we take a stand or not then? Do we say eh, it's wrong lah, you should not look like a girl when you are indeed a boy and let me help you get back on the right path?

Well, most of us don't. Because it's not cool. And it's their business lah, not ours.

Then, why are we so upset about the gay Dr in Dublin??

We have created this society where he can explore his other nature freely and unchecked, and without fear. There are blogs for gay guys, and I have several lovely obviously gay friends who tell me they are openly abnormal..and I love them but I do wonder whether we should try to bring THEM to the right path. They are all v religious tho. Some Haji dah. They obviously have made peace with themselves.

MY POINT?? (i keep deviating). Is...I dont know whether as a muslim we should once and for all, take a stand, keep to it, and really really work to bring everyone back to the right path. OUrselves included.

Instead of now, when I think we are being hypocrites.


mamasita said…
Yes..we do look like hypocrites kan?
We are disappointed budak Melayu at Dublin tu kawin Mat Mat Salleh.
Kat Malaysia berlambak gays...and we say...lantaklah..tu dosa antara dia dengan Allah.

So I say..lets all mind our own business and jaga family masing2 baik2 supaya dapat elakkan dosa macam ni.
But we can have more drama programs/filem blockbuster ker maybe..to sedarkan them that Islam haramkan this kind of thing.
i agree kak mamasita! we should all try to better ourselves with better media...our environment should be better..barulah boleh kita membetulkan apa yang tak betul

but that can only happen once we agree that its wrong.
JohorMali said…
But it' all about going against the norm , kan?
And what really bothers me a lot is why he has to do it in such a grandeur and openly manner? Pandai pandai lah discreet sikit.( Dahlah tak pandai habis kan pelajaran, tak pandai jaga hati orang tua dan tak pandai langsaikan hutang dia ..)
Wearing baju Melayu and tanjak for such a depiscable occassion is really an affront to my custom.
Memang betul,..dosa dia dengan Allah, tapi salah kah kita menegur mana yang halal , mana yang haram?
Are we going to encourage this guy to be an icon to our Muslim youngsters ?Nauzubillah
It is our duty now as a Muslim to see that there will be no more of such incident happening ,InsyaAllah.
Mungkin kita boleh psycho anak anak kita sebagaimana kita psycho mereka betapa jijiknya babi!Amin
Ezza said…
Yes betul tu Johormali..
kadang kadang kita tutup mata pada bende bende depan mata ni..tak mau tegur kerana kita pun punya anak anak sendiri..takut terpalit sendiri...
Tapi sebenar nya kita pun sama bersubahat ..tau tak dosa macam mana subahat tu macam mana...
Its our duty untuk menegur budak2 macam ni...maybe masaalah sosial macam ni makin menjadi sebab sikap tak mau ambil tau kita pada si lembut dan si tomboy selama ini.
Semua nak play safe..nak cakap hak mereka suka hati mereka laa...
Johor Mali

(dah pi Jpo? best tak?)

I rasa you have a v good point..kenapa kita tak leh brain wash supaya benda ni memang TAK BOLEH.Kalau pi overseas tengok orang puteh gaygay ok, kita pun ingat ok, tapi tengok orang puteh makan babi, kita tak lak ikut (unless kita memang dah lama tinggalkan islam and melayu) .cuba you tengok media kita..kita ada tunjuk tak yang kita tak suka ..tak da punnnnnnn...
Kak ezza..saya ni pun open minded...tapi saya rasa baiklah kita semua yang perasan open minded ni...pulang kepada yang benar...walaupun diri masih serba kurang dalam agama...tak bermakna kita tak leh menegur sapa yang salah right..after all islam is 2 ways..satu dengan Allah, satu lagi sesama masyarakat...

except in this time and age kan kak , kalau kita tegur , kita yang kena balun...tak caya tengok lah..if our government say something, sure kena kutuk dengan amnesty lah apa lah.persoalannya ialah, sejauh mana iman..
Ezza said…
akak pun pernah kena balun dek budak budak macam ni...
itu yang rasa nak buat lagi jer..kalau depan kita beromen lah, tangan siap dalam baju pompuan..lelaki jalan macam itik..sapa boleh tahan dek!..dah lah tau malu dengan tuhan, ni depan orang tua pun masih nak berlagak!
Tu yang berdas das keluar dari mulut akak ni...
Tak tau apa nak jadi dengan budak2 Melayu sekarang ni..
Anonymous said…
Shila, how can gay people be very religious? This Dublin guy creates havoc here cos his parents kena bayar almost 900k back. What to do if u suspect a family member is gay? It's a real dilemma and esp e he seems to be a 'better' person since having a boyfriend. How do I know he's gay? Cos I'm his fb friend and he declares he's one. Sigh.....

Kak Ezza- kena balun ?? aiyoo tu yang kita boring tu..boleh tak panggil ustaz ke polis ke..

tapi pokoknya..dia tu tak malu ke???
Jah- ada 2 categories. satu lembut, suka kat guys, tapi dont do anything, satu lagi ada bopren, tau salah, tapi sembahyang semua tak tinggal...sebab terima as kehendak Allah swt.

Anonymous said…
Slightly deviating from the discussion, kalau they really want to embrace and regale in their alternative lifestyle, why do they fight so hard to be the norm? Nak kawen lah, nak anak lah, etc. Pandai la pulok nak ber'sama rata' with the mainstream lifestyle.

Look, if they want to be the exception, then they should remain an exception. Don't force it down others' throats.

Kalau xnak jadi hypocrites, lets tell it to their face. Tapi cara penyampaian mestilah tepat, not just lambast and condemn. There should be a mixture of carrot and stick. For after all, our responsibility is at the point that we remind them of what is right/wrong. Other than that, it's between them and God.

But for Mr Tak Jadi Dr Dublin, jangan lah malukan diri dan orang Islam by mengaku still a Muslim when Allah has clearly stated that He does not condone such an act. If not, there wouldn't be Sodom & Gomorrah, no?

He is still a muslim and will die a muslim! he said lah! And then thewhole gay thing and against the religion thing? Tak pa ke? Its like I am willing to sin for this.

I am for telling ppl in the face, but in the first place I would like us all to act as if its wrong. If you see public reaction, a lot of ppl say hey whats wrong, biar lah, but most are mad at him for abandoningg his parents rather than being gay. A question i posed on FB in response to someone asking whether this dr tak jadi realised that malaysians are more liberal, was- yes we are liberal but HEY SHOULD WE BE?? Sedar sedar lah woit we all should go back to our roots no matter how unpopular it is, bukan kita yang buat laws! God's laws tu boleh main main ke apa?? Geram tol at our society and me included for being fooled by what the west is telling us. Lelaki lembut, I can still accept JH. Lelaki kissing kissing other guys - APA KE JADAH ?
Actually I geram at self because if faced with an obviously gay man...what would I do???
Actually I geram at self because if faced with an obviously gay man...what would I do???

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