Saturday, December 31, 2011

Update on moving!

I am waiting for the kids to get up and am still on the pc..

mak and abah coming soon to help us move. YIKES!!!!

Aiyoo actually I would much rather they come later....after we have moved...kesian they all karang pening tengok the way i move which is as follows:

1. going to take all the crockery and cutlery and the cups and saucers over this morning and stuff in the kitchen. Don't like the kitchen. want to change can or not.

2. going to campak all clothes that we want to the car so we can put in the closet. Closet door needs to be cleaned/painted- how did it get smudged so much nih?? Bukak pintu closet dengan apa dulu?

3. er..thats it for today.

4. Tomorrow the moving man is coming!I managed to get the husband's OK in the end!! Tak tau lah dia nak marah I for wasting money...but it's now RM2800! so much cheaper than before (still mahal lah though but think of the convenience!)

OH! maybe going to buy furniture - 3beds and 1 double bed..cepat lar gajiiiii masuk lah cepaaatttt IKEA is calliing meeee

Yes, guys you heard me, IKEA!! That mass produced, cheap quality products you say??? Ikea is ok lah! I wish I have the imagination, patience and taste to go and search for unique furniture shops but frankly I dah PENAT, I am NOT a browser, I suka I terus beli no need to think two thousand times. Maybe i will regret later but actually jarang what since I allready liked it in the first place! That was the way it was with the house come to think of it. Viewed like a gazillion houses, then saw this house, immediately fell in lahve, and bought it. the end.

And iKea is not so bad you know! I was looking at the price and the reviews of EKTORP furniture, and the review is quite good! (a) slip covers make it easy to clean and (b) 2 years of use by a family with 2 small kids , and the review said it was still good!

So maybe I will go get an Ektorp in green. Read the review :

And why do I need another settee set you ask?? because the current settee will go up - to the ahem- tv room. with the Wii and the AC Ryan(the thing that hubbs download so many movies into and then can watch) and the Astro. The good thing is , the TV room ni ada slidiing door, so we can shut it and the kids, out! and the kids can study in the middle "study area" ha ha

Wei kalau ikut hati memang banyak pakai duit nih..

SO! Jangan ikut hati..masuk dulu...and try to use what we can ek? ek? ek?? (see beruntung nya husband I )

Tapi, dia yang kata have to have new settee set and to go buy the beds! So how??saya menurut perintah jelahhhh

Byeeee am now finally getting off my buns and going OUT!


Sara B. said...

Ektorp furniture is fine! I'm sitting on an Ektorp sofa right now. We bought two for our French mountain home and they've now been used for 10 years. OK, they only get used for 3-4 months every year, but when they are in use they are very heavily used by lots of adults. I bought two sets of covers in red & blue but I still haven't felt the need to use the second set yet. Guess we've been pretty careful with our drinks & stuff.Our son Nick & his wife Sophie bought Ektorp as did a friend of mine & they love their sofas. Our British neighbours here in France have Ektorp. So see, they are really popular! In fact I wish I had them in our family room back in the UK. We have leather.We bought it thinking it was practical because you can wipe it, but you slide on it too & it ain't cosy!
All the best in your new home! Will see it this coming July. Expect to be visiting Malaysia then for a wedding!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sara thats lovely news! About you coming, that is. Ok ektorp sounds more and more perfect!

I must tell you that everytime i get asked "What kind of design concept do you like?" - I always think of your house! I want one exactly like that! Airy, homely, very nicely done!

Can you come any earlier?? :)

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