Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The weekend!

My brother no 3 was warded this weekend- emergency appendix. Drama lah sikit because he had extreme tummy pain, and then was trying to get husband all Saturday night, husband of all days had put his phone on silent, and only got the call on Sunday am, when we found out he had checked himself in Tawakal- (?) and husband then went to get him out of that and into Pcmc, and we all came later. We arrived at 11.40, was told that they started operating on my brother at around 11.30, so we waited..and waited....and waited....he finally came to the room again at 1.40 ish! Awat lama na? Husband said the gas man had to cabut to do an epidural so my brother's operation was slightly delayed. Yang I boring nye, when I went to ask the receptionist at the ward (or were they nurses) they looked so tak interested to help, giving me answers like "jap lagi dia habis lah tu" - hello, obviously lah kan . Can't lah pick up the phone and call OT and ask if he's actually been operated on or what. Or maybe they can't do that he he. Anyway I asked because I really wanted to be in the room when my brother comes back , and at the same time the kids were hungry so had to go grab lunch.

Brother came back groggy and we let him sleep. Eventually he came to, and discovered his room was a mess of kids and biscuits and vitagen and the tv was blaring with shrek on. He asked for his wife, who was attending a wedding (seriously) and came much later. I have to say , if it was me, I would probably be by his side from minute 1 but then that's clingy me, my sister in law cool sikit, tak yah kecoh. Plus there was 3 year old Jood and 2 months old Noah to consider, a bit difficult to be clingy when you have kids who cling to you(been there done that!)

The whole shebang (ie my brother no 2and family, and mom and dad) came later, and then my brother no 4 and his new wife and new inlaws allcame to visit. In the middle of that myhusband suggested we (as in our family sans brothers etc) go to Kuantan for a short break. Urks! Mom and dad were not too happy (adek kau macammana??) but I guess husband should know better (since he was the attending surgeon and will have to go see my brother the next day) - anyway maybe he had sea withdrawal symptom that we all suffer from , from time to time. So i said yes lah.

Tapi tulah God is great -suddenly he said Kuantan was no go, because he just found out that he was also on call in HKL , and since there's no telling what HKL might bring, better not risk a trip out of KL. Sebab nak gak cuti, we went to CyberviewResort instead. (Just to get away)- which was ok lah, boleh lah berangan kita cuti.. they had 3 pools,and if you squint and imagine hard enough, can pretend you are actually in a river, or a waterfall . The restaurants were good (that night we went for dinner, they had special xmas celebrations and gave us all party hats - we were the only table who put them on and started to blow on the party horns etc..after a while the other tables followed!- all the while Dahlia was shaking her head going- please stop mummy- my mother in law's cucu betul!)
The next day the kids swam, pas tu after we checked out we all spent an hour in their karaoke room. All in all a good, compact break.

Back to my brother- he was looking good when we visited him that afternoon . Could get up and go to the toilet himself. Was worrying about the cost (it cost a leg and an arm even with the surgeon and anaesthetist not charging him anything) but that can wait later! I told him to stay another day at the hospital sbb otherwise his boy will want him to carry him! Betol tak? Might as well lah rest kat hospital..

Ok lah that was the weekend thatwas...how was your weekend?

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