Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The weeks that were....

In the time I didn't blog..

1. my brother's reception happened.

it went well, but mom was not too happy because we did get the feeling that everything was formulaeic and we couldn't really change it to what we like, if it deviates from that formula. You know, flower girls leading , then sit at the pelamin, then call for VIP, VIP must sit at designated place, bla bla...anyway mom wanted to change certain things and was told better not. Yeah, better for whom. So in the end although the wedding did go very well, there WAS that feeling of being bullied. And mom said they didn't reserve any food for the family to take home. she was so mad about that because she didn't eat yet! The organisers said they had put aside food for the family to take home but mom couldn't see it and most likely their workers took it.


2. Renovation started at the House. Having seen the house and having seen the actual QUOTATION, we pared down our very ambitious renovation plans quite considerably and now its down to just painting the house ha ha ha! Actually we are still going ahead, but we need to take time with it. I'm targetting leaving this house by end of this month..don't know if I can actually do it.

3. The firm went to Langkawi for a retreat. I've been to Langkawi before but boy I have never been to THIS langkawi. The boss dragged (heheh) us to boattrips down the Kilim geopark river, we saw eagles swooping down the river to take the food offered, we went islandhopping to Bras Basah island where I spent lovely long minutes just floating in the sea, and we got our food stolen by monkeys! We went to Dayang Bunting and huffed and puffed to the green green lake and the boys swam in the lake , while i kept muttering prayers to protect us from whatever unseen forces there are. I am verrrrrry respectful of these things. We ate at all the choice restaurants, big or small, and the best thing was, everyone got along. No one was a diva- well, even if they were no one gave them the time of day.. and everyone had fun!

Now , back at work......it feels like a dream!! Im proposing a more frequent company get together- even if its just to lake garden. Because then people get along.

4. We heard about that gay doctor student who married a mat salleh. EWWWW. Spoke to a friend who said well life is too short..Apakah??? I agreed . It is too short- to waste on doing sins. Just doakan yangbaik baik for him lah I think. Takyah lah call him names or yang kelakarnya , file police report against him in the name of Malays. Kita ni jaga diri sendiri as well..No point getting very angry over this when we promote a society of permissiveness. Its like pancaindera...everytime artists pose sexily they kutuk ...but in the same paper you can find photo spread of artists, they are all posing sexily or wearing short short stuff and this MUST be at the encouragement of the paper! So? Hypocrite lah nih..

5. Husband came home from golf with Uncle Yaya singing praises for the golf club and seriously considering buying it for RM120k. Er........bukan I taknak, but not on priority list...even if we have the spare cash (and we don't ) and if we are talking about appreciation of value, how about that diamond ring ? heheheh..

No lah, not when the kids are still growing and need so many things.

Ok then guys! Bye for now!


Puteri's territory said...

Kak Shiela,
welcome back, you were sorely missed

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks Puteri...kena ada motivation nih!

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