Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kids !

Do your kids fight? Mine did this morning, or rather, raised their voices lar...one of them was wearing a pair of special sport pants and the other said eh they're my pants give it back (they were) and the first one gave them back but the next thing I knew the first one was rummaging through a pile of dirty clothing sobbing her heart out looking for pants. Who do you think I got mad at? Yups. The second one who took the pants off her. Because she didn't help her sister to look for new pants. Turned out that the sister never bought the sports pants in the first place. Never mind, the one who sobbed uncontrollably wins. I felt so sorry for her and gave her a big hug.  Which got that second child very indignant, saying she never realised that the first one didnt have any spare pants to wear and that she never asked for help from her.

Sigh...sometimes you know who is right and wrong but the more pathetic one wins. Ahaks.

I did hug the second one too. (I'm all about hugs). She needs to control her temper. She needs to NOT say anything when mommy tengah berleter. Cause mummies do not like to be pointed out to be wrong, do we. But on the other hand, these are the kids I have raised lar, vocal, and able to reason. I hope the second one knows that I know she is right, it was her pants, but she could have helped the first one more...tak kesian ke? :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Sunday!

Lama dah tak have the kind of Sunday that we had, So  many functions! 

Yesterday we "debuted" ..hehe. we were introduced to the neighbours for the very first time...excited .!

One of my neighbours who lives JUST outside the school (seriously, like 30 seconds away) , had invited us to their taskirah (Sermon?) session. We were supposed to be there before Maghrib, pray Maghrib and then listen to a taskirah until Isyak, pray and then eat. 

Almost did not make it because it was also Jood my nephew's 3rd birthday party! We had to go to this cafe called "Stuff-your-face" cafe (yeah, I know, sungguh tak sopan kan? There was also a restaurant called "Burp". Apa lah so tak asean hahah) Anyway it was Jood's 3rd and we were allready late for it as we arrived at BSC at 4 pm and the party was to start at 4. Konon konon lah!

...heheheheh..we arrived at 4.10 pm (after a very flying visit to the toyshop to pick up Jood's present, which was a lego set (my mom, with whom Jood&Co is staying, is not going to thank me) ) Panic lah sebab ingat lambat... Tengok tengok! We were the first! Even the birthday boy wasn't there yet! Next to arrive were my youngest brother and wife (or shall I say, and his bantal peluk, from the way he is always pelukking (hugging?clutching?) his new wife!!) After that Jood's aunties from his mommy's side, and his maternal grandparents arrived...and then my other brother the "Chipsmore now you see him now you dont" Saiful (hehehe sorry Pol) with his contingent .

Actually I don't really know my brother's in laws v well..they seem a bit more reserved than us, but soon we were getting along just fine.. Jood only has one cousin from his mommy's side, and he's 10 months old. So it was a good thing that ood's daddy's side semua datang! , baru lah ada party atmosphere sikit ! hehe...Buat musical chair without radio (everyone had to sing !) which Daya my competitive daughter won (pedulik HAPA dia , lawan dengan baby. She was head to head with the 10 month old (in the arms of his mom of course) and despite my telling her to let the baby win, she sat down v quickly when the music ends and won! Daya, daya.... 

Anyway I ran off at about 6, selamba je leaving my 4 kids with their uncles and aunties! Yelah , they wanted to partay onn and I had to go to a majlis agama. Nadine and I cabbed it home , changed and went to the neighbour's house.Masa pindah I found my favourite ever baju kurung and it was hanging downstairs in the maid's room and the sarong was in my closet! Seronoknya jumpa !! I terus put them on and off I go!

HORRORS , as Nadine and I were making ourselves comfortable, and ready to hear the cheramah (after the maghrib prayers) Nadine hissed- MUMMY DID YOU KNOW YOUR TOP IS TORN

Yikes ! there was a huge rip at my bum area...no wonder lar only the sarong was in my closet....And the tear is quite big tau..about 6 inches..and dah serrated tears if you know what I mean, bercarik carik....I promptly sat down against the wall!! Aiyoooo..camana...

Then tiba-tiba the phone RANG! Aiyoo no 2! Everyone's head swivelled to me. I thought I had put the phone on silent?? It was!, tapi dengan magic nya, my husband ringtone tak silent. it was him, trying to find me. Aiyoo I turned it off and it rang again! (rupanya I only pressed LOCK) 

I picked his call up and told him to fetch me from home! I took the chance to LARI balik and change into a NON KOYAK baju! Then we DROVE there..(apa lah so dekat want to drive ar) . Eh my next door neighbour came out at the same time, and I took the chance to say sorry I killed your cat. And she said.it wasn't even her cat! And SHE said sorry for not being able to welcome us properly! She must have heard me say something! hehehehe...

Thoroughly enjoyed self,. and very humbled that all this time I takda sangat pergi MAJLIS AGAMA..dah lah cetek knowledge..I will try to learn more and this group of gals seem very very ON . they are fantastic organisers and have this type of learning sessions regularly. So Im sure they will call me , I hope. If I had not embarrassed myself with the kain koyak and the phone ringing. Hahaha.

Balik lambat gaklah, after makan (Sedap! Got laksa johor nasi briani etc)...then BOOM!! So much for karaoke (eh kena balance ,dunia and akhirat!) 

Phew! Glad the meet the neighbour session is done! Glad the whole of Sunday is done! Tak cerita kat you that we went to Jood's bday party tu from a Chinese New Year LUNCH! with husband's kluang schoolmate who dia dah kenal since he was 10!~ Macam fofular pulak! eheheheh...! 

Was your Sunday this mad!? or is this NOT mad at all to you? hehehehhehehe

Saturday, January 28, 2012

cat accident..!

My husband ran over a kitten today!!

I was upstairs and Johan came running up and said Daddy ran over a kitten Mummy!! And, he said,  the eyeballs are out and the tummy is everywhere-  and he was really  upset and I started to think happy thoughts...

And of course the bibik had to clean up lar. itwas all over the porch....kesian dia but she stoically did it, Im beginning to like this bibik! She told me later that it was the next door neighbour's cat's baby! aiyoo..just praying it wasn't a persian or something. I'd go over and apologise except I cant find the neighbour, no one is at home! 

Johan was really upset and actually had tears. Apa lah anak teruna I ni.Berjiwa sensitif betol . I told him , Johan , if you want to be a doctor , you will have to deal with this eventually Jojo...you will be dissecting frogs and you'll see the inside of animals and other gory things ...hopefully he wont be too traumatised. 

And now I'M Traumatised!! 

Aiyoo poor kittie...(apparently dia tidor belakang tayar) and husband so lepak when I told him about it (i know he berlakon macho tu..)


I was chatting with my husband this morning (which involves me talking and him pretending to listen while secretly thinking of his patients - hey honey they are either pre-op, op or post op so whats to think about lar hehe) ANYway! I was chatting and the topic was about our childhood. And I was telling him about when I was small I loved to open the fridge like 1000 times a day and I loved :

  1.  Sunkist oranges - mom used to fill the fridge with this every time she goes to Naafi
  2.  Gripe water- I used to secretly take this even when i DIDN'T have a tummy ache and now my husband thinks I was an alcoholic!
  3. Cauliflower - goodness knows why but I used to loveeee this veg. Sekarang tak carik pulak.
  4. Aero Mint choc- dulu Naafi stocked it, now I have to depend on orang balik UK baru dapat carik and to make it worse my kids love them too!
  5. marshmallow...yummmmmm
One thing has not changed though...i love to open the fridge 1000 times a day! Except I know what I dont have!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

malaynisation of the kids

Hi there !

Am alone with the kids again....hoo hooo...husband tak balik dari laut lagi...biarlah, dia mencari rezeki right. Anyway we did have breakfast together-the-mether lama sikit today since he knew he was going to come back late..eeeh menyampah lak kita confess ek?

Talking about menyampah, my friend told me her daughter said she has no idea how to be friends with my kids. My friend and her daughter popped by the other day and  my kids were there too. Apparently my kids ada "slang" and the way they speak english all the time put her off . Aiyoo I also said yah lah I dont know how mak dia can be so makcik kiah yet the kids all speak with accent . Bukan slang apa pun, slang ASTRO. Yelah, where would they get this slang right (which funnily enough I dah tak pick up , I dont hear it!) Bukan duduk obersea ke apa.

I told her, eh please let your kids be friends with mine. Her kids all go to government school, mix with all walks of life and speak a lot of malay. .Mine can speak malay, sumpah! Only thing is the other kids at their school all speak english tu yang terikut ikut tu. Eh I seriously do NOT want my kids to be sticking out like sore thumbs in our society. More so than academic excellence I pray that my kids will be allrounder and people's people! And kind, insyallah. Dapat 100 A tapi perangai macam hantu tak leh gak right. What's the point of a first class degree when you don't know how to greet elders properly (Tapi kalau first class bestgak..although 2:1 degree is good enough for me! Nak set standard so tinggi mak dia takdalah pandai na dulu punkan). So anyway back to my friend, I'm begging her to please leave her kids with me. They will get on like a house on fire, believe me, I said. And either my kids will learn more malay slang or her kids will come back with a nickelodeon slang hahahaha, in which case she will box me he he..

Hmm this is something I  should correct, and correct now,  this perception. (of my kids being alien/different) I will look into clubs I can enter them into OUTSIDE the school.How about that. Or ..I can send them to homestays. Or put them in boarding school .....Just hope by the time I unleash them to society they'll be less Nickelodeon and more RTM1..

First visit from neighbours!

Hi guys, 

Semalam my neighbours came yay! Why is this  a big deal, you ask. Because for the past few weeks my husband and I have been wondering why this road was so quiet and how come no one comes over ye? To say hello ke , welcome to the neighbourhood ke apa? Not lah at Kemensah haritu we were superclose dengan neighbours tapi ramah gak lah ... Boleh lah gak bagi bagi kueh ke apa ke. Siap jual rumah kat neighbour lagi (bargain price lak tu, according to my friend) 

Anyway tiba-tiba these 2 ladies came over. Nak menjemput and bringing a box of kueh. 

So they dished on the goss of the road. My immediate next door neighbour IS actually nice and not a vampire but she is a mega busy lady (aren't we all) , and practically a single mom because her husband is never here. She's moving anyway, to Kemensah- hahah apa ni pertukaran suka sama suka ke. They are the owners of a huge mansion that's being built and which I used to pass by every day on the way to work, and used to wonder sapaaalah yang buat rumah gedegang ni? 

And my neighbour in front! A very shy/sombong lady,apparently who have resisted the overtures of the other neighbours, and never say hi , or even accept any invitation to local events. Hooo why ah like that. Never mind lah, as my masterbedroom is curtainless the house in front of me has direct view to all our shenanigans so the less I know her the better hehe nanti malu. 

The ladies stayed for almost an hour - I said I was so relieved to know people are friendly here and they said to come to their kenduri this Sunday (the purpose of the visit) and they will introduce me to others, They also said it could be because their kids have grown up and no longer yell and shout and play outside and they no longer need to shout AT the kids too, (what are you saying here exactly ladies heheheheh, are we too loud?) 

And they are corporate ladies (who just so happened to be home at 6 pm like me) and top of their profession and the companies they work for are well known and they know people I know (scary). But! You'd never know from the way they talk, act etc, so nice and humble. And of course, I know if I don't tell people I'm a lawyer bla bla they'd spot me for a makcik kiah stay at home mom right? hehehehe

So glad to have met them, and will make the effort to know the others. Will try to tone it down a little bit though not everyone likes you to be chatty. Eh come to think of it, be yourself lah, if people dont like you too bad lah kan. But! Come to think about it (again) maybe you should improve yourself ? Apa apa lah, I'm just happy I met people! yay! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I follow the gossip mags, I am slightly embarrassed to say. Bukan apa , those heavy reading about the Malaysian economy or world economy or etc IS interesting, but nothing catches your attention the way PEOPLE does...

and sadly today I read Heidi Klum and Seal are getting a divorce..

I know, I know, Hollywood marriages never last, and come to think of it artists' relationship never last but these 2 were so lahving and Heidi is always so in love with the husband , amazing that they would ever split up. What's next ,Obama and MIchelle??

Hope its not something that they cannot reconsider, tak leh ke macam, pi counselling ke, apa ke..and Seal if you have done something wrong, SEVEN years of marriage, you won't fight for it?
(melainkanlah Seal yang miang and went and "sealed" another person heheheh)

Hmm maybe its infidelity? Still, if its a one off, would you forgive?

And Johnny Depp?? Saying babai to Vanessa?? After 2 kids?? So sad..hope they'd try , at least...

Ok merepek post ..byee

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When you still have your baby weight and your child's 10

Hi again. Amazing where the time has gone, my last rant (er..post) was on Tuesday~! Kesian diary I ni...will try to fill you in at least once in 2 days on the details of my amayyyzing life , (not) okay?


Anyways. I just told my husband that after 40 i became another person. I gained about 15 kg, wore glasses and put on the headscarf. Had I been trying to get away from a stalker, say, I would have been very successful, because Ive done such a good job disguising myself! Sadly, the weight gain looks permanent, the glasses too, and as for the headscarf, it had better be permanent! Im too old to play "finding myself" and had better get on with it on my slow but steady journey to the afterlife (Ewww morbid!)

Actually rambling on, yes the weight has got to go off. It's just I have no real motivation to be skinnier you know. At 50kg I thought I was fat, At 60kg I thought I was fat, now at almost 70 kg(!!! YES YOU READ IT RIGHT!!!)) I not only think I'm fat, I KNOW I'm fat! And I feel like kicking my younger lighter self for not being grateful that I was not THIS fat before !

The thing is, there really is nothing pushing me to lose weight. No clothes to wear? Sorted it out! Yes- DAMN YOU Elasticated pants!!! My cousin's wife has a shop- elzahraa store (http://www.elzahraa.com/) that sells lovely lovely elasticated waists palazzo pants in denim, gray etc (chehwah... promote sikit) at only RM80 plus and less and they are so comfy that I find that I'm wearing them all the time now! To work, to the mall, everywhere!

And blouses! I wear loose pregnant people blouses all the time! Anything with loose sleeves! And soft material! And baju kurung! Yesterday I was at a tahlil and this old person called ME AUNTIE!!

Now that's a wake up call or what?? I opened my closet today and I have nothing else to wear ....waaiiiiillllll...that are NOT billowy blouses with no shape. In fact I am now, wearing MY HUSBAND's SHIRT! cause it's so comfy and huge! And you know what else I'm wearing? Because I felt enough is enough with the palazzo pants today I decided to wear jeans. And after I ransacked the closet I found...HIS JEANS! And sadly, they are NOT loose on me!

This is getting pathetic. I need to go shopping, clearly. I have also got to lose weight. (Ya think?) My husband does bariatric surgery you know. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bariatric_surgery)

That means he makes fat people skinny by either narrowing their stomach or bypassing it altogether. (this I quote from him, who just told me how to spell bariatric surgery like this: BA REE YAA TRIK without actually telling me the letters. He always does this, and it kills me ! Hehehehe) ..Anyway I did ask whether he would do ME and he bless him, said I'm not fat enough! I love this guy!

Or maybe, he knows he'll be paying for the surgery himself. Hmmm..I wonder.

Anyway yes, I want to STOP wearing palazzo pants. And I want to wear MY OWN jeans.

But ....I don't want to exercise.

I wish we have Weightloss meals that I can just blardie buy and eat and forget about it, Ok today I will look for appetite surpressing thingymajig.

Or does anyone know how I can exercise without sweating?

Never mind, I got to stop sabotaging myself. Its not because of those insults you know, telling me I have expanded (oh go kill yourself, you) or that I am so "sehat" (thanks and would you like me to sit on you? hehehe) -its because I need to get into nicer clothes!!

Vanity. Let's see how that works for motivation.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The dinner that almost wasn't! ( A looooong post )

I finally had my romantic anniversary dinner! Yess!!

Was nearly a no go though, as (1) husband came home late (almost 8!). (2) my parents came (at almost 8 too!) I had actually gotten ready, but seing (1) and (2), I changed to my kaftan , Especially since husband came home and then went to mengaji with the ustaz (he recites whenever he has time with the ustaz teaching my kids) - and this was 8.30allready. Seriously, I had changed into my nightclothes dah. I was already complaining to the kids that daddy wasn't serious about taking mummy out, etc.

Backtracking a bit...!

We had been trying to go out for dinner ever since the actual wedding anniversary date thingy but never found the time. Family do, etc. Since I had the ShangriLa card, I thought I could finally use it to book a table for 2 at Lafite ShangriLa. I had never been, but going there been on my to do list for ages. Actually I remember asking him to take me just after we got married, because what is romance without French dining right? (you can thank Mills and Boon for that. In my mind romance has to be french restaurant. and a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2 hehehe ). Husband "escaped" because at that time he said French food is not halal. How can it be since wine is so ubiquitous in their cooking? he said lah. Betul jugak ek?

Well, yesterday I called them and apparently Lafite is the only French restaurant in town (perhaps the world?) that omits alcohol (except for selected dishes marked with "A") . - Sukanya!! So I booked for 7.45. (after maghrib lah ) .

However he came home..at what time, guess ?? definitely after 7.45 lar . Of course I had actually called him earlier to find out how much longer he was going to be, and according to him he had been "on the way home" since 5. heheheh orang bz..understanding lar.

Then my parents came! They knew I was going out though and had stopped for "a while'. In line with my new reinforced resolution not to offend them, I changed into my nighties ! I heard husband going into the room , and going down to read the quran. Time- 8.20. Hmmphh.. lagi lah confirm tak jadi as this takes a while. (Its a good thing so I feel very bad whining! hehe).

I wasn't mad or anything, I was just resigned to it, and I didn't want to rush and definitely did not want to ignore my parents. Plus the books need to be organised on the shelves.

I went to the kitchen and sorted dinner and laid the table for my parents. They asked me- why aren't you going for dinner? Why are you in a kaftan? I said no lah, its allready what time? How to go like this? Tomorrow lah. To my kids I grumbled, And anyway whats the point? He's half interested only? I je make the effort, Ni tak mandi lagi nak go on a date. Tak best lar. better reschedule right? Then can help with Daya's homework.

Mom said GO. (by this time husband had taken a bath, and was changing to going out clothes. clearly he was not aware of the fact that the dinner was off) - mom said if he is already ready you better go. Never offend the Great One hehehehe. I was still dithering (was a bit of a ninny wasnt I) No I tak sukalah nak rush rush...better reschedule, and go with a peaceful mind and heart....

What clinched it was the restaurant called and said we had been holding your table since 7. Are you coming????. OKAY!

Off we went! Valet parking macam the BOSS.

And the restaurant was really really nice! And takdalah kecohnya it was almost empty.

It was a limited menu that they gave us (because we arrived at 9.20pm) and we chose stuff like "Rabbit omelette" and "White truffle Hen Egg" and "Wagyu Strip loin" and "Mushroom Stew" and stuff I cant even pronounce.

And when it came, it came in itsy bitsy sizes, like the type of food you see in Masterchef? Yeah, we just realised we had NEVER HAD FINE DINING BEFORE!! Aiyoooo so peghak!! What an oversight! Hehehehe. When the chef sent us a rectangular plate with 3 tiny tiny samples of crab meat, a ball of goat cheese , and a fish steak sprig (!) we had to be told by the waiter to eat from right to left. Hahah. Itu pun I asked first..is this halal? Although by then husband had finished his. Ha ha.

One thing though..every single morsel (morsel lah kan, since was tiny?) was delicious. Nothing dissapointing at all! The crab was very tasty, and- I seriously need Kitchen guardian here to help me describe food. Or a food blogger . because all I can tell you was that the food was sedap. The goat cheese, ummmm ..melt in mouth. Husband's black cod tasted like scallop! and was very springy. (!) anyway we finished with the chocolate lava thingy that was so rich it was like me pouring the chocolate fountain in mymouth, it was that rich. Husband had apple tatin for desert (apa tu?) it came on a huge white plate with a tiny little glass of shavings of apple? I think lar and a tiny ball of something else. In fact the whole dinner consist of shavings, sprinkling, tiny balls, sprigs, and ribbons of stuff....cantik giler but you don't know whether you should eat it, or put it in your hair. Aaaaa.... Wallap je laaah!!

Yes, I know, you..I'm on a diet..would it help to say I only ate half of everything and passed the other half to the hubbs?

Anyway we had a lovely time. Both of us had to whisper to each other because no one was speaking loudly. And somehow when you are in that setting you can't bring yourself to talk about the fact that Ah Hoi the contractor will be coming to touch up the house etc. Or the fact that we owe Peter the Pest control guy money which he wants today! And nor can we talk about how Daya wants us to stop by Achik print shop to print the pictures of animals for her homework etc. So bereft of all those topics, what DO we talk about? We did a lot of staring at each other lah! It helped that it was dark too! hehehehe. I told him I thought he was very cute and he said he was very lucky to have met me (eh? ye kehehehe ) and i said yeah you are heheheheh and you are not allowed to marry another one if I am gone and he said you can't say that, and I said what ? you want to? and he said no lah, of course not, and hey look! The food is here! - well, you get the drift.

It's good to have had the dinner ting ting (i call it that because of the sound the cutlery makes - dinner ting ting means formal dinner where you have to use posh cutleries!) and thanks to ShangriLa Prestige card, I saved 50 % you! Instead of an arm and a leg, it only cost an arm. Peterthe Pest man, you can wait !


Monday, January 16, 2012

Blessings of a mother.

One of my cousins is getting married this year.

Which is great news, because she is my youngest brother's age and has been dating this guy for about 4 years ish. She also speaks Japanese because she worked there for a while, and that's where she met her bf.

The sad part is, the wedding will be organised by her sisters. Why? because her mother does not want to know. She doesn't agree, and she does not want to be involved. He's Japanese, and she thinks he won't guide her. Allready her lifestyle is not so muslimah (appearance lah , for all I know she willbe the one going to heaven ) and marrying a non muslim is not as good as marrying a stable malay muslim man (where? Got ah??) - My cousin has 4 sisters, and all but 1 will be the ones doing the inviting, planning etc. The eldest takes the mom's side.

When I was first told by one of the sisters, I was delighted, although surprised that the mom, my auntie, was still against it , and quite in awe that the daughters dare to defy her. This sister told me that the mom is resigned to it, but she reaaaaaaaaaaally doesn't like her youngest daughter to marry her chosen one!

When I met the eldest sister recently she admitted yes, its true, she is not getting involved...because to her , the others should not be encouraging this wedding. It's going without mom's blessing, and mom dah merajuk and is offended and now takes the attitude of "go ahead if you are so clever" . And it's better for the sister to separate from bf than to go ahead and marry him without "restu mak".

And she got me thinking...yah lah...life without your mom's blessing is scary kan. It IS important for your wedding to be blessed by your parents. Many couples have broken up before because of lack of approval, usually for reasons of different religion. There are couples who continue to be happy notwithstanding the disapproval , and patch up with a baby..but there are also couples who hit the rocks.

But I guess when you are in lurve....it's very hard to say bye bye just because mom said no. And if you are the partner being dumped because of that, it's harder to take! Especially if you felt everything is perfect. I'm sure you'd forget about how she feels and concentrate on how you feel. Right??

Entah lah..what do you think. Should they go ahead?

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Pagi lagi meroyan (hysterical? what IS the meaning of meroyan?) . This is me going beserk. Read on if you promise not to shake your head at me and still be my friend. hehehehe

You know how I hate it when husband speaks to the maid? Hate it , whether the maid is young, old, etc. Ok i have self love issues perhaps? Or I am very insecure? Whatever, we have established years ago that I hate it when husband speaks to the maid and thus he is strongly discouraged from giving instructions to her, asking her about her home town , asking her what she eats for eid normally (which my naturally friendly (!) husband was doing before I decided that I would tell him that it was totally freaking me out) . In fact it can cause a MAJOR quarrel if he does that. I would go on and on and he is better off just NOT doing it.

Well today I saw him off, at dawn, and he was in the car allready when I came down. My maid in her short almost sleeveless tee and her tight jeans (she loves to wear those tight tees and jeans and if I see THAT again I will seriously send her home, after I have told her to dress conservatively for about 2000 times) -anyway she was sweeping RIGHT in front of the car. I waved her away. And I told her later, why are you here? When my husband is downstairs, or whatever do you MIND making yourself scarce?? I basically want him to NOT realise I have a maid, is that ok?

Ok even as I write this , I sound crazy. Which is what meroyan means (Finally!) I was actually really upset you know! It felt as if our personal space,my husband and mine, had been breached. Hahahahhaha pelik betol I ni kan. I felt can you please just go away can ah, sweep in about 5 minutes later cannot ah. Why do you have to "terteneng-teneng" or be around here?

Anyway she said, it was because my husband had asked her to take stuff out of mycar. And this is the same stuff that I had TOLD him I wanted to give to the school. And yet he asked her to remove it. Why ah? Now I asked her to put them in again. Just dont appear lah , I told her. Who cares what she thinks of me.And him, what made him tell her to remove it when he knew I wanted to send it somewhere? Is it because as Ustaz Azhar said, naluri (nature) of men is menggatal (flirty)?

I dont for a moment think that something dodgy is happening or what. I just dont like my MAID in my HUSBAND's personal space. this can even be her enquiring where he is, (Nak kena pelempang???) and her telling me that the thing that I wanted was with "Daddy"- THAT earned a very very quick rebuke from me, I dont like you calling him Daddy he is not your daddy I dont want to hear that again please.Warghhh...!Daddy??!!!!!!

Ok ok I better stop before I embarrass myself . Tulah, pagi pagi lagi meroyan. I can hear a certain someone's voice telling me that.

Seriously, Im going to have a day maid after this.

Resolutions anyone?

I was asked just now at my B*N*I leadership meeting(I'm on the membership committee) - what is my most important goal for 2012??

What ah??

Do I even HAVE goals??

To be honest with you this year we spent new year just wishing for the move to the new house to be good and smooth and I dont remember making any new year resolutions. I know stuff like I want to lose 10 kilo(its gone up to 20 now..sigh) would not depend on whether I make them on New Years Eve or anytime (like every day) ..if I don't do it I don't do it...

The thing is, one of the LT members is this lady who is absolutely amazing - she is a single mother of 3 boys and she is a dentist with 2 branches and is a very focused and goal oriented person. She reads books on self development all the time. She reads books period. Do I read books? Other than spazzing over local artists or Korean drama or Rick Riordan (I am ashamed to say I read that avidly) my interests in self development book is v minimal - if only there is a self help book on how to read self help book you know??

Anyway we were all sitting there and I said I wanted to have a business. Ok I do. But not passionately you know. I do want to go to Haj. But again no burning desire but something I want to make happen . I do want to lose 20 kilo (sobs! For those days when I thought I was fat but was actually NOT- cheh we never are grateful are we) but again, not really motivated. What I seem to be very motivated about (for now) is to take up Japanese again until I kick its butt. I mean, I stopped when Tanakasensei went off to the states, but now I feel sooo frustrated that again I have not finished what I started. French. Arabic.

hey, come to think of it, whats stopping me from taking them all??? Hehehe if my passion is languages, and foreign culture...maybe I can be a-----tour guide? Hahahahah

Of course as I write this I can hear my dad going "takda pekdah belajar Jepun- belajar Arab lagi bagus" - No benefit to learning Japanese, better off to learn Arabic.

Well, I will do this.

As to the others., I will try to do that too.

But actually I should sit with hubby and discuss actually aaa what are our goals huh?


1.Think of goals
2. Try to achieve

Apa lagi??

Monday, January 09, 2012

The non anniversary anniversary.

Penat cerita pasal unpacking, let's talk about something else ! It was my anniversary last Saturday! I was still unpacking, and expecting guests...and suddenly I remembered, it was my anniversary! Wished husband . End of the story. If you want the longer version: , husband had to go in to work , so we only saw him at 5, then son and daughter no 4 protested that they haven't DONE anything so daddy took them out to the mall to get a bicycle pump,,then daddy came home at 9.30 pm , then we all ATE dinner at home and then daddy had to go back to work. Mummy blinked (or rather, mummy "terkedu" ) so volunteered to follow daddy to work - we could go for a drink after he finished , was the idea. Salvage the anniversary , so to speak. Daddy parked in front of the hospital, and I dozed off. 3 hours later, at 2.30 am, he came back, and we went home. The End!

ahahahahhaa...oh well...nemmain lahhhh. I did call my friend Safia who has a flower shop down PCMC and asked her to send the biggest bouquet she can think of! So that was an anniversary thingy. I told her to give flowers that I would like. He called and said thank you, the whole ward has seen the flowers and he will be bringing it home.

Actually i have no idea where to go pun..I think sitting under the tree together and chatting over a cup of coffee is just as nice, kan. (ye lah, dah tak dapat gi dinner kan...kena lah say that...hehehe sour grapes)

Have a good monday !

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Short question- how do you get kids to help???

Depa dok lepak kat depan tv ...and in their room..dont they see their boxes need to be opened?

And I have 4 girls....!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Introducing new maid

I have a new maid. Or rather, domestic helper.

She is from Lom*bok . That's an island I think, somewhere far far far down . As far as you can get from KL. NOT from medan. or from jawa. The agent who supplied this maid, said that he had had it with maids from Java, or Medan , as they are too streetsmart, and they create a lot of problem.

So this maid is 37 ish (yeah , like I am about 19) , and is a mother of 5 . Her eldest is 13 and youngest about 8. She is here because her husband is dead and she needs the money. She is dark, rather pleasant looking.

The thing is, I am alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyys telling her off. All of the things below are NOT her fault, I know. She is not exposed to what we are exposed to, and she is NOT like us. But after having maids who knew their way around the kitchen, who knew the way things work, appliances work, etc, it is testing my patience a bit to have to train her.

It's not that she is lazy. Far from it. It's just that, she doesn't know.

She doesn't know that langsir means curtain and tingkap means window. When told to open the window but close the curtains because at 6.30 am we don't want people to see us from the roadside but we want the breeze, she opened the curtains and closed the window. She also has no idea that things freeze mega fast in the upper part of the fridge so for the first few weeks I keep finding frozen garlic and onions, frozen belacan, frozen tomato sauce etc. every darn thing she freezes.

And the way she serve things - she has no idea that you do not serve tea to guests and bring out the worn out old red plastic beaker in which you made the tea (eeeeps!!) which the guests were not supposed to see in the first place, and she has no clue that you do not serve orange juice in a teacup, or hot coffee in tall glasses (eeeps ! My glasses!) AND she has no clue that the cup that says "TERAJUKON 2005" or "MY DAD IS A GREAT DAD" are never served to formal guests - unless they are my brothers . Even my dad is very fussy. Must have coaster and all! And a tray! (But in his old age, a saucer will do...) My mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw me just giving a mug to hubs!

And she spits! Left spit , right spit. Not the back of your throat , really let it out type of spit, but rather , spitting out things at the tip of your tongue type of spit. I told her to please don't do that, and I have caught her restraining herself in front of me.

And she drinks from the bottle! She said she never did but she now does because she saw other people do it. I smilingly told her very sweetly that i really really hate that, so much so that if she cannot stop it, I will send her home! With a smile people, with a smile hahahah

And she cleans the floor with a cloth rather than a mop, which I don't mind because personally I myself don't know my way around a mop. But I told her to wash that cloth at least 100 times , while you are mopping because otherwise you'd be spreading dirty water around. She not only does NOT do that, she uses the same cloth on the mirrors, glasses! Eeeps!

BUT overall, she is ok. I find myself APOLOGISING after every time I raise my voice or be impatient to her (sobs! I am so pathetic) . She tells me she does not keep it in the heart. I tell my daughter (Nadine) off for scolding her because all said and done, she is older than Nadine, she works for us, and she should be respected. My kids have a majikan syndrome. More of a majikan than the actual majikan, who is pathetic. (Majikan- employer, although some majikan thinks majikan means owner!)

I am very very determined though, that after this lady go home, i will NOT take a maid again. I don't want to have to tell my husband to please wash your hands in the bathroom and NOT at the sink where my maid is at the same time standing there. Personal space, personal space. I guard HIS , very jealously, whether its beauty queen or nenek kebayan there hehehe! I don't want to have to scold someone else for not cleaning the toilet properly . Let me be the one doing it, lagi puas hati.

This maid also likes to sit with the family. She will sit and chat with me as if we are old friends. The "Mat salleh" in me (ha? Ada ke?) think, all are created equal , so what's wrong with that. The majikan in me go- hah? Pally pally nye! heheheh Dilema.....

So that's the new maid! What do you think? :)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Well hello....

How are you ?

I have not gone to the office yet. I have had to wait for various men to come to the house. OOPS THAT SOUNDS SO OFF! I meant of course, the airconditioning men, who came to service all old airconds and put in 3 extra , just so we dont walk around hot. And the shellac men who came to paint the doors, so that they don't look so worn out.. and the fridge repair man, and the electrician...

My mother came over, as she did yesterday. She very nicely cooked dinner for us while I continued unpacking boxes ..thank you mom! The kitchen is now spic and span and everything put away nicely. Instead of just being pushed into any nook and cranny that's available.

Today the kids went back to school- first day after about 2 months of holidays. Well it must have tired them out as they went to bed at about 6pm and are still asleep as I write this(1 am)!! Sara missed her dinner too! Aiyooo...poor babies. They left the house this morning at 7. 45 and got there at 7.48 am. Hahahahh the benefits of living so close to the school..but since this was the first day I didnt let them go home by themselves...so mom picked Jo up at 4 pm, and the 4 girls walked together at 4.30 pm..Sara came home with a friend. And I'm expecting this to happen more and actually designing the deco of the house with the thought of the friends coming over - where they can hang out etc.

My daughter Sophia is in Form 1 today!! Im looking at her baby pics and I can't believe that this girl is so grown up and so together...we used to think she was a special child, I think I told you. Because she would not speak and when she did she only said stuff from cartoons! The experts told me it was because I plonked her in front of the tv a lot. Laaa...i knew I should have put the News on. heheh

I told my brother off just now, he and his wife and their 2 gorgeous children are now staying with mom and dad..and they were all at my house just now. And they were arguing or rather bantering playfully and my brother was raising his voice with my dad about first wanting to go back to the kampung and the next minute changing his mind, and everything that my dad said, my brother would have something to say..and I decided I didn't want him to take the liberties I myself took with my dad and told him, to mind your language, and mind your tone, and never forget that he is your dad and whatever you think, that is STILL not the way to talk to him.

Actually I tell myself that too! Sometimes your parents tolerate your openness in the name of say...being closer to you, or being friendly to you that you yourself forget that whatever you feel, whatever it is that you are upset about, is never ever a good enough reason to be rude. Who the heck are we, to be rude to parents. And to think that we have the right to be rude. Are we that posh or that big? Nanti jadi tanggang. But kids nowadays are so so casual to their parents. I see it all the time at malls, restaurants, tv etc etc. Bahasa so lepas. I was actually like that, until one day it sank in that they are not going to be around for long and they blardie gave me life lah so I can jolly well keep that opinion to myself ! hehe...and I make sure that my kids realise this too, so it's always me telling them to watch how they talk to elders.... and to me! I actually DO say :dont you take that tone with me young lady! aiyoo how old am I actually..hehehe

WOKEH I will continue blabbing tomorrow ok. Husband is chuffed next to me because he has bought a new iron and is testing it out.. and it's working fine. Now we have an iron downstairs AND upstairs...

Monday, January 02, 2012

Moving DONE!

Yay-heii..we have moved!!

The house is FULL of boxes and black bin liners and I have NOO idea what to unpack first! The only bad thing about hiring professional packers and removers is that they pack and they remove! They don't ask questions ! They don't care whether the pack of papers that says "Blind Association" is important or not, they just pack! And they don't really do stuff like wipe down your dusts from behind beds/furnitures etc. they just wrap them ALLLLL up with cellophane! mom in law later told MY mother laughingly that after a whole night of her carefully packing (she did, you know, I went to mom's house to fetch Johan (ostensibly actually I just wanted to get away from packing ha ha) then I came home at 1 am , she was still UP! instructing my maid to clean up the library and she was doing a fantastic job and I was telling her MAK there are people coming to do this!) - anyway she said they were so gung ho! after her doing that, suddenly these men (10 of them) came and immediately attacked the house. All they asked were- do you want this, and where does this go.

And so I have stuff that I swore to myself I would throw away, following me to this new house. The way I am unpacking, you would think I am moving from THIS new house. Because as I am unwrapping things, I am chucking them away! And I am shaking my head thinking - whyyy did they pack THIS? (being , broken cutlery, drawerless cabinets!!) anyway do I blame them? Not a bit, because Im sure they thought I might need them !

Actually the truth is, I left my old house while the men were packing up, and I went to the new house , to oversee the cleaning- and to talk to the security locks guy who was supposed to take a look at all the locks . While I was out of the old house, my mother in law became the project manager and her instruction was - TAKE EVERYTHING! heheheheh she really made those men work! She is such a wonder woman I tell you! The men were complaining to me how she made them take the orchids! I would have left them, but I'm glad that they came along...after all these years of not blooming, all of a sudden they are flowering! As if they don't want to be left behind!

Mak did try to leave the cats behind though! heheheheheh!

Anyway now the old house is against all odds and after 5 years- CLEAN as a whistle!! I am amazed how it got done.

Now its my turn to attack my new house !

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...