Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Sunday!

Lama dah tak have the kind of Sunday that we had, So  many functions! 

Yesterday we "debuted" ..hehe. we were introduced to the neighbours for the very first time...excited .!

One of my neighbours who lives JUST outside the school (seriously, like 30 seconds away) , had invited us to their taskirah (Sermon?) session. We were supposed to be there before Maghrib, pray Maghrib and then listen to a taskirah until Isyak, pray and then eat. 

Almost did not make it because it was also Jood my nephew's 3rd birthday party! We had to go to this cafe called "Stuff-your-face" cafe (yeah, I know, sungguh tak sopan kan? There was also a restaurant called "Burp". Apa lah so tak asean hahah) Anyway it was Jood's 3rd and we were allready late for it as we arrived at BSC at 4 pm and the party was to start at 4. Konon konon lah!

...heheheheh..we arrived at 4.10 pm (after a very flying visit to the toyshop to pick up Jood's present, which was a lego set (my mom, with whom Jood&Co is staying, is not going to thank me) ) Panic lah sebab ingat lambat... Tengok tengok! We were the first! Even the birthday boy wasn't there yet! Next to arrive were my youngest brother and wife (or shall I say, and his bantal peluk, from the way he is always pelukking (hugging?clutching?) his new wife!!) After that Jood's aunties from his mommy's side, and his maternal grandparents arrived...and then my other brother the "Chipsmore now you see him now you dont" Saiful (hehehe sorry Pol) with his contingent .

Actually I don't really know my brother's in laws v well..they seem a bit more reserved than us, but soon we were getting along just fine.. Jood only has one cousin from his mommy's side, and he's 10 months old. So it was a good thing that ood's daddy's side semua datang! , baru lah ada party atmosphere sikit ! hehe...Buat musical chair without radio (everyone had to sing !) which Daya my competitive daughter won (pedulik HAPA dia , lawan dengan baby. She was head to head with the 10 month old (in the arms of his mom of course) and despite my telling her to let the baby win, she sat down v quickly when the music ends and won! Daya, daya.... 

Anyway I ran off at about 6, selamba je leaving my 4 kids with their uncles and aunties! Yelah , they wanted to partay onn and I had to go to a majlis agama. Nadine and I cabbed it home , changed and went to the neighbour's house.Masa pindah I found my favourite ever baju kurung and it was hanging downstairs in the maid's room and the sarong was in my closet! Seronoknya jumpa !! I terus put them on and off I go!

HORRORS , as Nadine and I were making ourselves comfortable, and ready to hear the cheramah (after the maghrib prayers) Nadine hissed- MUMMY DID YOU KNOW YOUR TOP IS TORN

Yikes ! there was a huge rip at my bum wonder lar only the sarong was in my closet....And the tear is quite big tau..about 6 inches..and dah serrated tears if you know what I mean, bercarik carik....I promptly sat down against the wall!! Aiyoooo..camana...

Then tiba-tiba the phone RANG! Aiyoo no 2! Everyone's head swivelled to me. I thought I had put the phone on silent?? It was!, tapi dengan magic nya, my husband ringtone tak silent. it was him, trying to find me. Aiyoo I turned it off and it rang again! (rupanya I only pressed LOCK) 

I picked his call up and told him to fetch me from home! I took the chance to LARI balik and change into a NON KOYAK baju! Then we DROVE there..(apa lah so dekat want to drive ar) . Eh my next door neighbour came out at the same time, and I took the chance to say sorry I killed your cat. And she wasn't even her cat! And SHE said sorry for not being able to welcome us properly! She must have heard me say something! hehehehe...

Thoroughly enjoyed self,. and very humbled that all this time I takda sangat pergi MAJLIS AGAMA..dah lah cetek knowledge..I will try to learn more and this group of gals seem very very ON . they are fantastic organisers and have this type of learning sessions regularly. So Im sure they will call me , I hope. If I had not embarrassed myself with the kain koyak and the phone ringing. Hahaha.

Balik lambat gaklah, after makan (Sedap! Got laksa johor nasi briani etc)...then BOOM!! So much for karaoke (eh kena balance ,dunia and akhirat!) 

Phew! Glad the meet the neighbour session is done! Glad the whole of Sunday is done! Tak cerita kat you that we went to Jood's bday party tu from a Chinese New Year LUNCH! with husband's kluang schoolmate who dia dah kenal since he was 10!~ Macam fofular pulak! eheheheh...! 

Was your Sunday this mad!? or is this NOT mad at all to you? hehehehhehehe


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

I like to read your blog. Your post are mostly light hearted ones which can make me laugh. Thank god Nadine saw your torn baju...

Previously my sundays used to be just like your recent sunday,with too many activities from dawn to dusk. we would go to bed ard midnite..not feeling rested and come monday morning we will feel so tired, sleepy and full of regrets.

since one month ago, we told ourselves that we need quality sundays, time spent with family, so we strictly stay home and only go out for lunch or dinner and try to have an early night.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally! I have been wanting to make Sunday a family outdoors day! I imagine ada macam walks in the park...or trips to the jungle.....masalahnya mesia is very the HOT so walks in the park tak berapa popular wiht the kids!

Sigh..yeah this kind of weekend very tiring kan?

Anonymous said...

SW, it is definitely tiring and at one point of time you will start to feel burnt-out. try taking small steps at a time, and make 2 weeks in a month as a family day. gradually you can achieve your target :)

in order not to feel guilty for turning down less impt functions i always tell myself that i shd please myself first before i please others :)


Superwomanwannabe said...

Thats a good rule to have Sally! :)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...