Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The dinner that almost wasn't! ( A looooong post )

I finally had my romantic anniversary dinner! Yess!!

Was nearly a no go though, as (1) husband came home late (almost 8!). (2) my parents came (at almost 8 too!) I had actually gotten ready, but seing (1) and (2), I changed to my kaftan , Especially since husband came home and then went to mengaji with the ustaz (he recites whenever he has time with the ustaz teaching my kids) - and this was 8.30allready. Seriously, I had changed into my nightclothes dah. I was already complaining to the kids that daddy wasn't serious about taking mummy out, etc.

Backtracking a bit...!

We had been trying to go out for dinner ever since the actual wedding anniversary date thingy but never found the time. Family do, etc. Since I had the ShangriLa card, I thought I could finally use it to book a table for 2 at Lafite ShangriLa. I had never been, but going there been on my to do list for ages. Actually I remember asking him to take me just after we got married, because what is romance without French dining right? (you can thank Mills and Boon for that. In my mind romance has to be french restaurant. and a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2 hehehe ). Husband "escaped" because at that time he said French food is not halal. How can it be since wine is so ubiquitous in their cooking? he said lah. Betul jugak ek?

Well, yesterday I called them and apparently Lafite is the only French restaurant in town (perhaps the world?) that omits alcohol (except for selected dishes marked with "A") . - Sukanya!! So I booked for 7.45. (after maghrib lah ) .

However he came home..at what time, guess ?? definitely after 7.45 lar . Of course I had actually called him earlier to find out how much longer he was going to be, and according to him he had been "on the way home" since 5. heheheh orang bz..understanding lar.

Then my parents came! They knew I was going out though and had stopped for "a while'. In line with my new reinforced resolution not to offend them, I changed into my nighties ! I heard husband going into the room , and going down to read the quran. Time- 8.20. Hmmphh.. lagi lah confirm tak jadi as this takes a while. (Its a good thing so I feel very bad whining! hehe).

I wasn't mad or anything, I was just resigned to it, and I didn't want to rush and definitely did not want to ignore my parents. Plus the books need to be organised on the shelves.

I went to the kitchen and sorted dinner and laid the table for my parents. They asked me- why aren't you going for dinner? Why are you in a kaftan? I said no lah, its allready what time? How to go like this? Tomorrow lah. To my kids I grumbled, And anyway whats the point? He's half interested only? I je make the effort, Ni tak mandi lagi nak go on a date. Tak best lar. better reschedule right? Then can help with Daya's homework.

Mom said GO. (by this time husband had taken a bath, and was changing to going out clothes. clearly he was not aware of the fact that the dinner was off) - mom said if he is already ready you better go. Never offend the Great One hehehehe. I was still dithering (was a bit of a ninny wasnt I) No I tak sukalah nak rush rush...better reschedule, and go with a peaceful mind and heart....

What clinched it was the restaurant called and said we had been holding your table since 7. Are you coming????. OKAY!

Off we went! Valet parking macam the BOSS.

And the restaurant was really really nice! And takdalah kecohnya it was almost empty.

It was a limited menu that they gave us (because we arrived at 9.20pm) and we chose stuff like "Rabbit omelette" and "White truffle Hen Egg" and "Wagyu Strip loin" and "Mushroom Stew" and stuff I cant even pronounce.

And when it came, it came in itsy bitsy sizes, like the type of food you see in Masterchef? Yeah, we just realised we had NEVER HAD FINE DINING BEFORE!! Aiyoooo so peghak!! What an oversight! Hehehehe. When the chef sent us a rectangular plate with 3 tiny tiny samples of crab meat, a ball of goat cheese , and a fish steak sprig (!) we had to be told by the waiter to eat from right to left. Hahah. Itu pun I asked first..is this halal? Although by then husband had finished his. Ha ha.

One thing though..every single morsel (morsel lah kan, since was tiny?) was delicious. Nothing dissapointing at all! The crab was very tasty, and- I seriously need Kitchen guardian here to help me describe food. Or a food blogger . because all I can tell you was that the food was sedap. The goat cheese, ummmm ..melt in mouth. Husband's black cod tasted like scallop! and was very springy. (!) anyway we finished with the chocolate lava thingy that was so rich it was like me pouring the chocolate fountain in mymouth, it was that rich. Husband had apple tatin for desert (apa tu?) it came on a huge white plate with a tiny little glass of shavings of apple? I think lar and a tiny ball of something else. In fact the whole dinner consist of shavings, sprinkling, tiny balls, sprigs, and ribbons of stuff....cantik giler but you don't know whether you should eat it, or put it in your hair. Aaaaa.... Wallap je laaah!!

Yes, I know, you..I'm on a diet..would it help to say I only ate half of everything and passed the other half to the hubbs?

Anyway we had a lovely time. Both of us had to whisper to each other because no one was speaking loudly. And somehow when you are in that setting you can't bring yourself to talk about the fact that Ah Hoi the contractor will be coming to touch up the house etc. Or the fact that we owe Peter the Pest control guy money which he wants today! And nor can we talk about how Daya wants us to stop by Achik print shop to print the pictures of animals for her homework etc. So bereft of all those topics, what DO we talk about? We did a lot of staring at each other lah! It helped that it was dark too! hehehehe. I told him I thought he was very cute and he said he was very lucky to have met me (eh? ye kehehehe ) and i said yeah you are heheheheh and you are not allowed to marry another one if I am gone and he said you can't say that, and I said what ? you want to? and he said no lah, of course not, and hey look! The food is here! - well, you get the drift.

It's good to have had the dinner ting ting (i call it that because of the sound the cutlery makes - dinner ting ting means formal dinner where you have to use posh cutleries!) and thanks to ShangriLa Prestige card, I saved 50 % you! Instead of an arm and a leg, it only cost an arm. Peterthe Pest man, you can wait !



Superwomanwannabe said...

By the way my eldest daughter scolded her dad..mummy wanted it to be SPECIAL dad! best gak anak dah besar nih hihi

Anonymous said...

This posting made me smile :-)



Kak Shila,
the way you described everything in 'tiny morsels'(pun intended) is hilarious!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Jah..sorry I got carried away. Tu lah tulis dalam komputer nih.. no one yawns in your face. hahahaha

Superwomanwannabe said...

ROyalJester (Puteri)- hehehe..thanks.memang tiny morsels. Sungguh sungguh tiny!

Anonymous said...

SW, glad that you enjoyed your dinner with hubs. next time take some photos to share with us la :) ada tak dapat surprise diamond ring yg di hide dalam dessert bowl tu? - just kidding yeah. not all guys are so romantic mcm dlm kat TV tu. but not romantic doesnt mean they dont care lah. sayang...cuma mrk kadang2 tak pandai nak show sangat


Ezza said...

you tulis apa yang tersirat dan tersurat....seronok baca sebab ianta ikhlas dari hati...and you make me smile macam baca buku mills n boone tu

Anonymous said...


I've been a fan for a long,long,long time... I just love the way u write..... it's funnier than watching MahaRaja Lawak on youtube...

I wish my hubby is as romantic.....oh well...

Take care. Selamat Tahun Baru

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally, wantto take but takut orang ingat jakunnn (memang pun) ..! -no diamondring Im afraid..although if I want Ihave to get it myself he he

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak Ezza (Mak Tok) - terimakasihhhh hehe..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anonymous , thank you so much! Really?? I dont set out to be though! but I like funny! :)

MrsNordin said...

When you told me the story yesterday, it wasn't like this! Ha Ha! So funny!

When you were going frantic about whether or not to cancel dinner, I'm sure Jab must been as cool as cucumber. No change of plan whatsoever.

Kata nak pegi dinner, pegi je lah, kan? Regardless parents datang ke, Daya ada homework ke...

Sometimes we pre-empt too much. No need. Next, I've to plan my anniversary dinner pulak! Help!

che nor said...

I think you are the only one who's capable to describe romantic dinner hilariously. I was grinning all the way when I read this post.
Btw, Happy Belated Anniversary.
Semoga dikurniakan kebahagian & keberkatan di dunia & akhirat. Ameen.


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