Thursday, January 26, 2012

First visit from neighbours!

Hi guys, 

Semalam my neighbours came yay! Why is this  a big deal, you ask. Because for the past few weeks my husband and I have been wondering why this road was so quiet and how come no one comes over ye? To say hello ke , welcome to the neighbourhood ke apa? Not lah at Kemensah haritu we were superclose dengan neighbours tapi ramah gak lah ... Boleh lah gak bagi bagi kueh ke apa ke. Siap jual rumah kat neighbour lagi (bargain price lak tu, according to my friend) 

Anyway tiba-tiba these 2 ladies came over. Nak menjemput and bringing a box of kueh. 

So they dished on the goss of the road. My immediate next door neighbour IS actually nice and not a vampire but she is a mega busy lady (aren't we all) , and practically a single mom because her husband is never here. She's moving anyway, to Kemensah- hahah apa ni pertukaran suka sama suka ke. They are the owners of a huge mansion that's being built and which I used to pass by every day on the way to work, and used to wonder sapaaalah yang buat rumah gedegang ni? 

And my neighbour in front! A very shy/sombong lady,apparently who have resisted the overtures of the other neighbours, and never say hi , or even accept any invitation to local events. Hooo why ah like that. Never mind lah, as my masterbedroom is curtainless the house in front of me has direct view to all our shenanigans so the less I know her the better hehe nanti malu. 

The ladies stayed for almost an hour - I said I was so relieved to know people are friendly here and they said to come to their kenduri this Sunday (the purpose of the visit) and they will introduce me to others, They also said it could be because their kids have grown up and no longer yell and shout and play outside and they no longer need to shout AT the kids too, (what are you saying here exactly ladies heheheheh, are we too loud?) 

And they are corporate ladies (who just so happened to be home at 6 pm like me) and top of their profession and the companies they work for are well known and they know people I know (scary). But! You'd never know from the way they talk, act etc, so nice and humble. And of course, I know if I don't tell people I'm a lawyer bla bla they'd spot me for a makcik kiah stay at home mom right? hehehehe

So glad to have met them, and will make the effort to know the others. Will try to tone it down a little bit though not everyone likes you to be chatty. Eh come to think of it, be yourself lah, if people dont like you too bad lah kan. But! Come to think about it (again) maybe you should improve yourself ? Apa apa lah, I'm just happy I met people! yay! 


aishah adi & co said...

syilak....dpt my sms tak about ur file? nanti call me when ur free ya...thanks reading ur blog, like always

Anonymous said...

Helloooo, Im a stay at home mom and definitely not makcik kiah-sy, if ure to generalise SAHM.

Stay at home mom.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Stay at home mom!

That makcik kiah comment is meant to describe me, and not the stay at home moms! I now wish I was quiet and more aloof and elegant rather than babbling all over the place ! Like I said, never mindlah ,be yourself....and maybe they are all secretly makcik kiahs as well??

Can you generalise SAHM? Hmm I was one too and aspire desperately to be one again and I always said I never had time to eat or drink properly until I actually went to work! Boy there are some really busy SAHM! And then my friends of my age now who are SAHMs (hey cool abb) are spending time on themselves and getting pedi and mani ( my idea of a mani nowadays is cutting my nails to the edge) and thats SAHM too! So I guess there's no generalising SAHMs!

But one thing for sure- you should be glad you are not a MCKiah! :)

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