Friday, January 06, 2012

Introducing new maid

I have a new maid. Or rather, domestic helper.

She is from Lom*bok . That's an island I think, somewhere far far far down . As far as you can get from KL. NOT from medan. or from jawa. The agent who supplied this maid, said that he had had it with maids from Java, or Medan , as they are too streetsmart, and they create a lot of problem.

So this maid is 37 ish (yeah , like I am about 19) , and is a mother of 5 . Her eldest is 13 and youngest about 8. She is here because her husband is dead and she needs the money. She is dark, rather pleasant looking.

The thing is, I am alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyys telling her off. All of the things below are NOT her fault, I know. She is not exposed to what we are exposed to, and she is NOT like us. But after having maids who knew their way around the kitchen, who knew the way things work, appliances work, etc, it is testing my patience a bit to have to train her.

It's not that she is lazy. Far from it. It's just that, she doesn't know.

She doesn't know that langsir means curtain and tingkap means window. When told to open the window but close the curtains because at 6.30 am we don't want people to see us from the roadside but we want the breeze, she opened the curtains and closed the window. She also has no idea that things freeze mega fast in the upper part of the fridge so for the first few weeks I keep finding frozen garlic and onions, frozen belacan, frozen tomato sauce etc. every darn thing she freezes.

And the way she serve things - she has no idea that you do not serve tea to guests and bring out the worn out old red plastic beaker in which you made the tea (eeeeps!!) which the guests were not supposed to see in the first place, and she has no clue that you do not serve orange juice in a teacup, or hot coffee in tall glasses (eeeps ! My glasses!) AND she has no clue that the cup that says "TERAJUKON 2005" or "MY DAD IS A GREAT DAD" are never served to formal guests - unless they are my brothers . Even my dad is very fussy. Must have coaster and all! And a tray! (But in his old age, a saucer will do...) My mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw me just giving a mug to hubs!

And she spits! Left spit , right spit. Not the back of your throat , really let it out type of spit, but rather , spitting out things at the tip of your tongue type of spit. I told her to please don't do that, and I have caught her restraining herself in front of me.

And she drinks from the bottle! She said she never did but she now does because she saw other people do it. I smilingly told her very sweetly that i really really hate that, so much so that if she cannot stop it, I will send her home! With a smile people, with a smile hahahah

And she cleans the floor with a cloth rather than a mop, which I don't mind because personally I myself don't know my way around a mop. But I told her to wash that cloth at least 100 times , while you are mopping because otherwise you'd be spreading dirty water around. She not only does NOT do that, she uses the same cloth on the mirrors, glasses! Eeeps!

BUT overall, she is ok. I find myself APOLOGISING after every time I raise my voice or be impatient to her (sobs! I am so pathetic) . She tells me she does not keep it in the heart. I tell my daughter (Nadine) off for scolding her because all said and done, she is older than Nadine, she works for us, and she should be respected. My kids have a majikan syndrome. More of a majikan than the actual majikan, who is pathetic. (Majikan- employer, although some majikan thinks majikan means owner!)

I am very very determined though, that after this lady go home, i will NOT take a maid again. I don't want to have to tell my husband to please wash your hands in the bathroom and NOT at the sink where my maid is at the same time standing there. Personal space, personal space. I guard HIS , very jealously, whether its beauty queen or nenek kebayan there hehehe! I don't want to have to scold someone else for not cleaning the toilet properly . Let me be the one doing it, lagi puas hati.

This maid also likes to sit with the family. She will sit and chat with me as if we are old friends. The "Mat salleh" in me (ha? Ada ke?) think, all are created equal , so what's wrong with that. The majikan in me go- hah? Pally pally nye! heheheh Dilema.....

So that's the new maid! What do you think? :)


Anonymous said...

SW, be patient with her. nowadays its hard to get a trustworthy maid. the good ones lack skill, the bad ones have skill, but we cant keep them cos they are too streetsmart and will just find their way to con and lie.

scolding or screaming may not help as it will only make them more tense and nervous and they will not hear what u are saying. try to tell them in a vy nice way or better still, give a orientation of the do's and don'ts

it will definitely take some time to train them and dont expect it to be done within just 1 month or less :)

try those hourly maid who comes in to just clean the house and go. these type of maids suit me because i dont like live in maids intruding my privacy, also nothing much to be done in the house daily, so i get my weekly maid come and clean my house as and when i need her


Superwomanwannabe said...

You know Sally, that's very good advice indeed. I dont know how I tolerated a maid at all since I dont like my privacyintruded myself! Must be my laziness winning over that ha ha. Yes I am trying very hard, and never scream , but there's a lot of sighing lah (on my part)...she is getting better so I am remainiing patient but my does test your patience kan...

MrsNordin said...

Ask for your money back! How can you pay RM8,5k for someone who doesn't know the difference between a cup and glass??!! I can imagine how stressful you can get!

I think you should "train" her properly, meaning you have to SHOW her how to do things around your house. Not just telling her how to do it; you have to DEMONSTRATE to her how you like it done. After a while, I'm sure she'll pick up.

Letihlah sikit, but what to do. It'll be good in the long run.

Take care!

edelweiss said...

*pitam*. aduhhhh

Sara B. said...

Obviously had heard of Lombok but googled it. Was reminded that it's a 20 minute plane hop from Bali. But Bali it most definitely isn't. And apparently in 1966 50,000 people died on the island from famine! Not in your helper's lifetime, but she must have been told about it.
Can't comment on how to cope with her as I've never had a helper but definitely think actions speak louder than words ie demonstrate how you want things done! Different people learn in different ways & she may be far more visual than verbal.Haha, that's the teacher coming out in me!
All the best!

MA said...

I had a maid on her first day (it was puasa month), woke me up for sahur ( I yang masuk all lauk masa berbuka, she just heated them up).. And what I saw on the table almost gave me a heart attack...!

Bersusun periok-periok lauk I atas meja, nasib baik kuali tak dihidang sama...kalau periok vision tu cantik sikit rupa, ini periok steel cap buaya tu...

She served straight from the periok it seemed. So I had to go down to basic lah teaching how to set the table, wht pinggan to use, which mangkok to put which dish, which sudu to use etc..

Maybe you could pinjam someone's maid that speak the same language and teach her the ropes lah...

Good luck.

P/s I no longer have a maid tapi use a weekly maid jer datang bersihkan rumah. And I allocate chores to my Brood to teach them responsibilities and independence.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Edelweiss- YAH!!!

Sara- it's like having a housekeeper I guess . That's so sad! I know it's a poor place - she tells me she only eats leaves and herbs . I do need to show her how to go about. But youknow,there are a lot of little things that you assume people know!:)

Superwomanwannabe said...

MA- hi and happy new year! Astaga....she probably eats like that at home too kan! Yeah, my helper pun sama.I taught her to set the table but I still have to teach her because for her, it's not a big deal if the placemats are all topsy turvy etc.

Yeah lah I will need to look for those trained ones from Lombok. Or shall I call theagent??

My kids??HMMPHHHH!! I gave a big lecture yesterday on HELPING without being asked! I am coming across as v demanding because I keep asking them to do this do that, that's because they don't do on their own! (except no 4 who is unusually enterprising)

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a 'trained' / 'skilled' maid, unless you;re forking out for a housekeeper who's trained in London. Indon? Jangan harap la.

As long as you tell her what to do, and she does it after a while, kira dah cukup bagus lah tu. Maids are a headache, but a necessity at times.

We've got a horror at home but we learnt to adapt just as she has, to us. But personal space is crucial, she doesn't 'socialise' with the family. We don't allow for 'familiarity', esp with the men of the house.

Just like in an actual workplace, if dh terlalu baik with each other, mcm2 boleh jadi..


Superwomanwannabe said...

JH - so true! Im counting the things I have to do if the maid was not around , everytime i feel frustrated. eg, sort out laundry, sort out mopping ....

and I am very particular about personal space.. kita pun tau sendiri tak pally pally dengan boss kan....(but sometimes i feel bad lak if I mind them sitting at the same table etc )

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