Kids !

Do your kids fight? Mine did this morning, or rather, raised their voices of them was wearing a pair of special sport pants and the other said eh they're my pants give it back (they were) and the first one gave them back but the next thing I knew the first one was rummaging through a pile of dirty clothing sobbing her heart out looking for pants. Who do you think I got mad at? Yups. The second one who took the pants off her. Because she didn't help her sister to look for new pants. Turned out that the sister never bought the sports pants in the first place. Never mind, the one who sobbed uncontrollably wins. I felt so sorry for her and gave her a big hug.  Which got that second child very indignant, saying she never realised that the first one didnt have any spare pants to wear and that she never asked for help from her.

Sigh...sometimes you know who is right and wrong but the more pathetic one wins. Ahaks.

I did hug the second one too. (I'm all about hugs). She needs to control her temper. She needs to NOT say anything when mommy tengah berleter. Cause mummies do not like to be pointed out to be wrong, do we. But on the other hand, these are the kids I have raised lar, vocal, and able to reason. I hope the second one knows that I know she is right, it was her pants, but she could have helped the first one more...tak kesian ke? :)


Anonymous said…
SW, biasalah these kinda things. logically A can be right, but rationally B can be right. Only mum knows best how to decide and take action for their own kids

I been married for so long, but no kids yet. Hope soon I can have a kid. Need to have em while i am still young, once too old, later no energy to chase after them and their antics.

Ezza Muffinbiru said…
dulu anak anak akak bertekak pasal perkara remeh..berebut tudung lah, berebut seluar lah..sakit kepala woo...apalagi mereka semua ni badan sama size jer..ada masa nya kena gak seliang dua pada yang punya mulut laser tu..
But time flies...
sekarang ni..mereka ni tak kisah share apa apa pun...kalau berkumpul,,mereka bergelak ketawa ..jadi gamat rumah..
so..akak ingat anak anak you pasti jadi bergini bila besar nanti..apa lagi lepas sorang sorang keluar dari rumah untuk belajar atau kawin nanti..sesekalu berjumpa..riuh rendah jadi nya...
mamasita said…
Salam Shila..first they quarrel with each other..then ada yang rebel lebih dengar cakap kawan daripada cakap kita..mesti least one.
But doa jelah..Allah Maha Mengetahui.
Mamasita...ya..thanks. Doa sajalah..
Kak ke? sure best kan? sekarang ni ada kala depa best friend ada kala macam enemies...
Sally- sometimes a mom gets confused! hehehe

And here's hoping right with you that you'll have one soon! How long have you been married??
Anonymous said…
SW, I have been married for 2 yrs now...for my age of early 30's, I think I am already old

Insyallah....but nowadays 30s is still young may be like myfriend who had her kids at late 30s but then went on to have 4!Insyallah..
Anonymous said…
Hopefully SW. Will let you know when there is good news.



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