malaynisation of the kids

Hi there !

Am alone with the kids again....hoo hooo...husband tak balik dari laut lagi...biarlah, dia mencari rezeki right. Anyway we did have breakfast together-the-mether lama sikit today since he knew he was going to come back late..eeeh menyampah lak kita confess ek?

Talking about menyampah, my friend told me her daughter said she has no idea how to be friends with my kids. My friend and her daughter popped by the other day and  my kids were there too. Apparently my kids ada "slang" and the way they speak english all the time put her off . Aiyoo I also said yah lah I dont know how mak dia can be so makcik kiah yet the kids all speak with accent . Bukan slang apa pun, slang ASTRO. Yelah, where would they get this slang right (which funnily enough I dah tak pick up , I dont hear it!) Bukan duduk obersea ke apa.

I told her, eh please let your kids be friends with mine. Her kids all go to government school, mix with all walks of life and speak a lot of malay. .Mine can speak malay, sumpah! Only thing is the other kids at their school all speak english tu yang terikut ikut tu. Eh I seriously do NOT want my kids to be sticking out like sore thumbs in our society. More so than academic excellence I pray that my kids will be allrounder and people's people! And kind, insyallah. Dapat 100 A tapi perangai macam hantu tak leh gak right. What's the point of a first class degree when you don't know how to greet elders properly (Tapi kalau first class bestgak..although 2:1 degree is good enough for me! Nak set standard so tinggi mak dia takdalah pandai na dulu punkan). So anyway back to my friend, I'm begging her to please leave her kids with me. They will get on like a house on fire, believe me, I said. And either my kids will learn more malay slang or her kids will come back with a nickelodeon slang hahahaha, in which case she will box me he he..

Hmm this is something I  should correct, and correct now,  this perception. (of my kids being alien/different) I will look into clubs I can enter them into OUTSIDE the school.How about that. Or ..I can send them to homestays. Or put them in boarding school .....Just hope by the time I unleash them to society they'll be less Nickelodeon and more RTM1..


nizamohamed said…
Kalau I balik, my kids boleh kawan with your kids tak? Diaorang pun cakap ada slang..hahaha..and what is worse, don't know how to speak malay.. I tried but feel like it is so susah. My daughter understands but kalau nak cakap, she doesn't know. My son, hmm.. Rasanya tak paham langsung. Don't know what to do.. Kalau balik Malaysia, people would ask, kawin dgn mat saleh ker, coz anak tak pandai cakap melayu( even though my kids look totally melayu), i cakap eh taklah, melayu, both kelantanese.. Any tips?
I have the opposite problem. but actually when I was younger, i speak malay a lot too but read lots of english books. My kids pulak asyikla upin ipin and sometimes tukar the language to malay when they watch sponge bob which I have forbid my 2nd son to do since I want them to learn english..yela tu kan..learn english from sponge bob and tom and jerry but you know what I mean, so now, i forbid them to watch upin ipin,boboboy just until they learn to absorb more english words first..and yes..diaorg kan kat sekolah kebangsaan..but I have started reading the bed time stories now..phew..penat coz each ada their own preference.hehe.
Sorry bebel panjang..:)
aida yurani said…
Aida teringat masa babysit your kids zaman kanak2 riang dulu, bawak pegi McD, Carrefour, waktu beratur, mesti orang pandang... pastu mesti ada yang tegur, "Bapak nya mat salleh ya?" hehehehe. I senyum angguk2 aja :)

Time tu mmg kaklong baru balik, and their slang, sangat lah pekat nya!

I missed driving my little kancil with them and listen to Back Street Boys Song!! Now semua dah grown up!
Anonymous said…
Dear SW,
I'm your silent reader and also I had th pleasure of supervising the student dentists that did their teeth. When I went over to their cubicle the studpents would tell me 'Dr, kita akan masuk BBC channel'. Hehe..I think they were funny and adorable esp Johan with his big eyes. Bagus jugak, my students got to brush up their english whenever they were around.
Hmm Niza...

This was exactly my problem dulu. we stayed abroad until nadine was 4 and by then the damage was done . Its really really embarassing and yangworse nya, I speak english to them at home too! My friends yang abroad speak malay so the kids tak lah so bad.

What I can suggest is buying books in Malay, i nampak nowadays there are a lot of really attractive interesting books in malay for kids..dulu time my kids takda...let me know if you need me to send you some!
wah...putri you ni rajinlah! bedtime stories..respect ! Butthats a good idea...takpa, i think u just get them to join apa apa programme yg banyak non malays...sure akan pick up manglish (thats a start)
Aida..yaa masa tu you auntie kesayaaaaangan depa yang rajin bawak jalan jalan..

oh yeah dulu pekat uk really really nickelodeon slang hahahaha
Anony...u know, i always meant to say a huge thanks to the students...sebab sanggup melayan my kids and rupanya bapak dia just dump them there unsupervise..aiyooo im so sorry larh sure they all very noisy kan...johan still has issues with his teeth now...wish they can still go!
Kaklong said…
Oh i remember that auntie aida! I didn't realise! haha. Remember when we came back from Australia and we had Australian accents? Tapi mommy i think the study smart course u sent us to did help. They were all chinese or indian. I don't think Sara or Sophia had many Chinese/Indian friends since leaving SKTM2.

Pastu i'm not so like that what skarang? am i? maybe la eh?
Nadine you speak malay macam orang puteh ..fluent, tapi ada twang.,I dont know where that came from. Betul tak ??

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