Pagi lagi meroyan (hysterical? what IS the meaning of meroyan?) . This is me going beserk. Read on if you promise not to shake your head at me and still be my friend. hehehehe

You know how I hate it when husband speaks to the maid? Hate it , whether the maid is young, old, etc. Ok i have self love issues perhaps? Or I am very insecure? Whatever, we have established years ago that I hate it when husband speaks to the maid and thus he is strongly discouraged from giving instructions to her, asking her about her home town , asking her what she eats for eid normally (which my naturally friendly (!) husband was doing before I decided that I would tell him that it was totally freaking me out) . In fact it can cause a MAJOR quarrel if he does that. I would go on and on and he is better off just NOT doing it.

Well today I saw him off, at dawn, and he was in the car allready when I came down. My maid in her short almost sleeveless tee and her tight jeans (she loves to wear those tight tees and jeans and if I see THAT again I will seriously send her home, after I have told her to dress conservatively for about 2000 times) -anyway she was sweeping RIGHT in front of the car. I waved her away. And I told her later, why are you here? When my husband is downstairs, or whatever do you MIND making yourself scarce?? I basically want him to NOT realise I have a maid, is that ok?

Ok even as I write this , I sound crazy. Which is what meroyan means (Finally!) I was actually really upset you know! It felt as if our personal space,my husband and mine, had been breached. Hahahahhaha pelik betol I ni kan. I felt can you please just go away can ah, sweep in about 5 minutes later cannot ah. Why do you have to "terteneng-teneng" or be around here?

Anyway she said, it was because my husband had asked her to take stuff out of mycar. And this is the same stuff that I had TOLD him I wanted to give to the school. And yet he asked her to remove it. Why ah? Now I asked her to put them in again. Just dont appear lah , I told her. Who cares what she thinks of me.And him, what made him tell her to remove it when he knew I wanted to send it somewhere? Is it because as Ustaz Azhar said, naluri (nature) of men is menggatal (flirty)?

I dont for a moment think that something dodgy is happening or what. I just dont like my MAID in my HUSBAND's personal space. this can even be her enquiring where he is, (Nak kena pelempang???) and her telling me that the thing that I wanted was with "Daddy"- THAT earned a very very quick rebuke from me, I dont like you calling him Daddy he is not your daddy I dont want to hear that again please.Warghhh...!Daddy??!!!!!!

Ok ok I better stop before I embarrass myself . Tulah, pagi pagi lagi meroyan. I can hear a certain someone's voice telling me that.

Seriously, Im going to have a day maid after this.


Anonymous said…
relax ah SW. you are not the only one who behaves this way. most other women too...just that we dont mention in in blog our publicly. i meroyan bila my hb speaks to his female staff or if anyone of them calls him on hp when he is at home to inform him that they will be MC or urgent leave.

Anonymous said…
men...they have short term memory..tell them 1000000 times also, they will FORGET. sometimes its irritating and annoying, cos when we tell them, they angguk kepala and say taken note..but later sure forget and act blur..mmg men are like that, so just spare ur hb if he happen to forget and speak to the maid again...

Anonymous said…
i have a weekly maid coming to my house once a week to clean. i pick her up from the bus stop near her house and she starts work ard 9am and finish by 12noon. less than half day and i usually send her back to the bus stop near her house. allow her to help herself to any softdrink or biscuits in my fridge while she is in my house.

my hubby had the cheek to tell me, she is working ya, so we shd get her some packed food? i told him no need lah, we paying her and so little work to do in the house and still we pick her and send her back.

she usu wear round neck t yg agak lusuh and sometime when bend down to mop or vacuum boleh nampak bra all. tapi i tak tegur pasal dia hourly maid je and not full time like yours :)
MrsNordin said…
Chill, babe... chill!!

Yes, we've spoken. We'll meet up soon!

(still can't help laughing!)
edelweiss said…
kak shila...

*gelak berguling* sorry ya tergelak bila baca...

stress meeting tadik dah hilang bila i baca ur post kekekekek.
mamasita said… out!!!!hehehehe
Anonymous said…
I 'feel' you Shila! hehehe!
My first maid dulu siap tulis love letter to my hubby (luckily we found the letter earlier before dia mandram or whatever). That time my hubby sampai meroyan/takut nak balik rumah if I belum sampai rumah lagi, psycho apa minah tu?

Anonymous said…
Relax Shila....I cannot picture Jab falling for a maidlah. I dulu lagi Shila, my husband sakit belakang and my SIL pi suruh her 19 year old maid urut him!!! I wonder what would you have done if you were me? I don't know what my SIL was thinking, apparently the maid dok urut her husband and sons as well??!! I did not react in front of the maid, can't let maids know I'm jealous of them, puhleasee..

But later I told my hudband and SIL how I felt.

DancingQueen said…
Errrrk something wrong somewhere with your Lombok maid...hmmm i think the best thing is to get rid of her??..coz she has the potential to do things beyond..and it's not worth it to fight with husband just because of her..
aida yurani said…
Chill Kak Long, relax kay *I gelak guling jugak baca posting ni* hehehehe
zamnzara said…
Feel you babe...sometimes derg nak sibuk time kita xde cos nak mereport.
the principal said…
kelakarlah kak shila

i pun akan buat bende yg sama if i were you
Anonymous said…
Enforce your wishes! Jangan kasi can and don't let up. If you see her menyibuk when your husband is around, tell her to leave, forcefully. If she wears the baju ketat2, tell her to change straightaway (and watch over her change, if need be). Tuan is the right panggilan, jangan nak menggatal pulak men-Daddy kan your husband.

Never feel sorry for having to do whatever you need to protect your space and domain.

The think is, we Malaysians are always thought to be considerate and menjaga hati. This mentality doesn't work with Indons, I say.

Not to mention they can perasan and SS (syok sendiri), building fairytales in their head.

Sally- I thought I was the only one thats for sure because some of my friends are very "cool" (you know who you are woman) and would not freak out.Call for MC? Cannot sms only ah!! And yeah lah maybe he forgot..well HE WONT NOW!! hehehehehe
PACKED FOOD?? Ok this is what My husband did ok, (they must have gone to school together, yours and mine) - when we were at the immigration doing the exit thingy for the last maid, he went and bought me a drink and a bun and later I saw in the maid's handbag, a drink and a bun too. Even though I said the maid was fasting, thank you for asking 1000 times my dear husband. !!hehehehe
Khairina! Ohhh nooo...imagine laa apa dia tulis oit!!
Edelweiss and Aida--- it was pretty funny though hehe
JAH!! Did Zubirlet himself be uruted???!! Sabarnye you nih! tu kes serious tu hehehe
Dancing Queen- its in my guts to send her back..i keep saying i want to send her back...dont know why.. always irritated and always mad with her..
zamnzara- kan kan kan...the expression "I see red" tu memang appropriate giler...I did not have to think too much . terus marah..ehehe
Trust your instincts Kak Shila, that's all I can say (bukan instincts ni ilham dari Allah?-Correct me if I'm wrong.. :) )
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

I m glad that you shared this story with us readers. sometimes i too wondered, if i was the only weird, off wife out there. glad to hear that most other women also go thru similar things in their household :)

have a great weekend.

Sally-i have always felt the odd one out too! Like I am too too possessive .!
JH you gave me confidence in my own gut insticts! Yes I will do so!!
Cik Puan Kamil said…
Kak Shila... I gelak guling2 baca ur post... HEhehhehehe..... You are too cute !!!

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