Monday, January 02, 2012

Moving DONE!

Yay-heii..we have moved!!

The house is FULL of boxes and black bin liners and I have NOO idea what to unpack first! The only bad thing about hiring professional packers and removers is that they pack and they remove! They don't ask questions ! They don't care whether the pack of papers that says "Blind Association" is important or not, they just pack! And they don't really do stuff like wipe down your dusts from behind beds/furnitures etc. they just wrap them ALLLLL up with cellophane! mom in law later told MY mother laughingly that after a whole night of her carefully packing (she did, you know, I went to mom's house to fetch Johan (ostensibly actually I just wanted to get away from packing ha ha) then I came home at 1 am , she was still UP! instructing my maid to clean up the library and she was doing a fantastic job and I was telling her MAK there are people coming to do this!) - anyway she said they were so gung ho! after her doing that, suddenly these men (10 of them) came and immediately attacked the house. All they asked were- do you want this, and where does this go.

And so I have stuff that I swore to myself I would throw away, following me to this new house. The way I am unpacking, you would think I am moving from THIS new house. Because as I am unwrapping things, I am chucking them away! And I am shaking my head thinking - whyyy did they pack THIS? (being , broken cutlery, drawerless cabinets!!) anyway do I blame them? Not a bit, because Im sure they thought I might need them !

Actually the truth is, I left my old house while the men were packing up, and I went to the new house , to oversee the cleaning- and to talk to the security locks guy who was supposed to take a look at all the locks . While I was out of the old house, my mother in law became the project manager and her instruction was - TAKE EVERYTHING! heheheheh she really made those men work! She is such a wonder woman I tell you! The men were complaining to me how she made them take the orchids! I would have left them, but I'm glad that they came along...after all these years of not blooming, all of a sudden they are flowering! As if they don't want to be left behind!

Mak did try to leave the cats behind though! heheheheheh!

Anyway now the old house is against all odds and after 5 years- CLEAN as a whistle!! I am amazed how it got done.

Now its my turn to attack my new house !

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