Saturday, January 28, 2012


I was chatting with my husband this morning (which involves me talking and him pretending to listen while secretly thinking of his patients - hey honey they are either pre-op, op or post op so whats to think about lar hehe) ANYway! I was chatting and the topic was about our childhood. And I was telling him about when I was small I loved to open the fridge like 1000 times a day and I loved :

  1.  Sunkist oranges - mom used to fill the fridge with this every time she goes to Naafi
  2.  Gripe water- I used to secretly take this even when i DIDN'T have a tummy ache and now my husband thinks I was an alcoholic!
  3. Cauliflower - goodness knows why but I used to loveeee this veg. Sekarang tak carik pulak.
  4. Aero Mint choc- dulu Naafi stocked it, now I have to depend on orang balik UK baru dapat carik and to make it worse my kids love them too!
  5. marshmallow...yummmmmm
One thing has not changed though...i love to open the fridge 1000 times a day! Except I know what I dont have!



ayo kak shila, that's a big no no where fridges are concern.My mom used to scream everytime she sees me opening the fridge and stand there looking into it. hehe. I dah terikut my mum and forbid my children to open the fridge unnecessarily coz nanti gas fridge asyik keluar and fridge cepat much so that everytime before diaorg nak tutup fridge they will ask 'ibu, ada lagi tak apa2 nak simpan in the fridge ni'.itupun kalau diaorg ingat la.hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ahaa lah ye tak ye..fridge nanti keluar gas...i think if you see your kids bukak fridge tutup fridge the reason could be hungry or bored (like me dulu!)

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