Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolutions anyone?

I was asked just now at my B*N*I leadership meeting(I'm on the membership committee) - what is my most important goal for 2012??

What ah??

Do I even HAVE goals??

To be honest with you this year we spent new year just wishing for the move to the new house to be good and smooth and I dont remember making any new year resolutions. I know stuff like I want to lose 10 kilo(its gone up to 20 now..sigh) would not depend on whether I make them on New Years Eve or anytime (like every day) ..if I don't do it I don't do it...

The thing is, one of the LT members is this lady who is absolutely amazing - she is a single mother of 3 boys and she is a dentist with 2 branches and is a very focused and goal oriented person. She reads books on self development all the time. She reads books period. Do I read books? Other than spazzing over local artists or Korean drama or Rick Riordan (I am ashamed to say I read that avidly) my interests in self development book is v minimal - if only there is a self help book on how to read self help book you know??

Anyway we were all sitting there and I said I wanted to have a business. Ok I do. But not passionately you know. I do want to go to Haj. But again no burning desire but something I want to make happen . I do want to lose 20 kilo (sobs! For those days when I thought I was fat but was actually NOT- cheh we never are grateful are we) but again, not really motivated. What I seem to be very motivated about (for now) is to take up Japanese again until I kick its butt. I mean, I stopped when Tanakasensei went off to the states, but now I feel sooo frustrated that again I have not finished what I started. French. Arabic.

hey, come to think of it, whats stopping me from taking them all??? Hehehe if my passion is languages, and foreign culture...maybe I can be a-----tour guide? Hahahahah

Of course as I write this I can hear my dad going "takda pekdah belajar Jepun- belajar Arab lagi bagus" - No benefit to learning Japanese, better off to learn Arabic.

Well, I will do this.

As to the others., I will try to do that too.

But actually I should sit with hubby and discuss actually aaa what are our goals huh?


1.Think of goals
2. Try to achieve

Apa lagi??

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Were you talking about one Dr F?The dentist? I went you know and got my teeth done. now my teeth takde lekuk2 and kuning jhehehheeh...she doesn't know you have a blog and I accidentally told her..opps..takpe ke?

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