Well hello....

How are you ?

I have not gone to the office yet. I have had to wait for various men to come to the house. OOPS THAT SOUNDS SO OFF! I meant of course, the airconditioning men, who came to service all old airconds and put in 3 extra , just so we dont walk around hot. And the shellac men who came to paint the doors, so that they don't look so worn out.. and the fridge repair man, and the electrician...

My mother came over, as she did yesterday. She very nicely cooked dinner for us while I continued unpacking boxes ..thank you mom! The kitchen is now spic and span and everything put away nicely. Instead of just being pushed into any nook and cranny that's available.

Today the kids went back to school- first day after about 2 months of holidays. Well it must have tired them out as they went to bed at about 6pm and are still asleep as I write this(1 am)!! Sara missed her dinner too! Aiyooo...poor babies. They left the house this morning at 7. 45 and got there at 7.48 am. Hahahahh the benefits of living so close to the school..but since this was the first day I didnt let them go home by themselves...so mom picked Jo up at 4 pm, and the 4 girls walked together at 4.30 pm..Sara came home with a friend. And I'm expecting this to happen more and actually designing the deco of the house with the thought of the friends coming over - where they can hang out etc.

My daughter Sophia is in Form 1 today!! Im looking at her baby pics and I can't believe that this girl is so grown up and so together...we used to think she was a special child, I think I told you. Because she would not speak and when she did she only said stuff from cartoons! The experts told me it was because I plonked her in front of the tv a lot. Laaa...i knew I should have put the News on. heheh

I told my brother off just now, he and his wife and their 2 gorgeous children are now staying with mom and dad..and they were all at my house just now. And they were arguing or rather bantering playfully and my brother was raising his voice with my dad about first wanting to go back to the kampung and the next minute changing his mind, and everything that my dad said, my brother would have something to say..and I decided I didn't want him to take the liberties I myself took with my dad and told him, to mind your language, and mind your tone, and never forget that he is your dad and whatever you think, that is STILL not the way to talk to him.

Actually I tell myself that too! Sometimes your parents tolerate your openness in the name of say...being closer to you, or being friendly to you that you yourself forget that whatever you feel, whatever it is that you are upset about, is never ever a good enough reason to be rude. Who the heck are we, to be rude to parents. And to think that we have the right to be rude. Are we that posh or that big? Nanti jadi tanggang. But kids nowadays are so so casual to their parents. I see it all the time at malls, restaurants, tv etc etc. Bahasa so lepas. I was actually like that, until one day it sank in that they are not going to be around for long and they blardie gave me life lah so I can jolly well keep that opinion to myself ! hehe...and I make sure that my kids realise this too, so it's always me telling them to watch how they talk to elders.... and to me! I actually DO say :dont you take that tone with me young lady! aiyoo how old am I actually..hehehe

WOKEH I will continue blabbing tomorrow ok. Husband is chuffed next to me because he has bought a new iron and is testing it out.. and it's working fine. Now we have an iron downstairs AND upstairs...


nizamohamed said…
Hi there! Wow..bet you are enjoying your new house. Hahaha..waiting for men to come to your house..did sound a bit off, didn't it?

About the kids talking back to their parents, nowadays I see so many kids so tak kisah talk back, kasar pulak too. Over here, memang la banyak, tu yang I really have to make sure my kids tak ikut..and I am also old la..i sometimes tell my daughter or son, don't you dare have that kind of attitude in my house...kita dulu, apa our parents cakap, angguk jer. And yes, selagi your parents are still around, treat them well and with love. Bila dah takde, rindu tak sudah, I tell you.

Enjoy your new house!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your new home and happy 2012.

Niza, thank you for your comment...i try to remember that...and kids now think they invented bread, the way they talk to you..but so far I can still talk sense to my kids lah, insyallah...paling tak pun my kids will sulk...which I also hate but then better than screamiing at me. Which I will chase after them with a broom stick.
Thanks Sally! Have a happy 2012 yourself too!

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