Sunday, January 22, 2012

When you still have your baby weight and your child's 10

Hi again. Amazing where the time has gone, my last rant ( was on Tuesday~! Kesian diary I ni...will try to fill you in at least once in 2 days on the details of my amayyyzing life , (not) okay?


Anyways. I just told my husband that after 40 i became another person. I gained about 15 kg, wore glasses and put on the headscarf. Had I been trying to get away from a stalker, say, I would have been very successful, because Ive done such a good job disguising myself! Sadly, the weight gain looks permanent, the glasses too, and as for the headscarf, it had better be permanent! Im too old to play "finding myself" and had better get on with it on my slow but steady journey to the afterlife (Ewww morbid!)

Actually rambling on, yes the weight has got to go off. It's just I have no real motivation to be skinnier you know. At 50kg I thought I was fat, At 60kg I thought I was fat, now at almost 70 kg(!!! YES YOU READ IT RIGHT!!!)) I not only think I'm fat, I KNOW I'm fat! And I feel like kicking my younger lighter self for not being grateful that I was not THIS fat before !

The thing is, there really is nothing pushing me to lose weight. No clothes to wear? Sorted it out! Yes- DAMN YOU Elasticated pants!!! My cousin's wife has a shop- elzahraa store ( that sells lovely lovely elasticated waists palazzo pants in denim, gray etc (chehwah... promote sikit) at only RM80 plus and less and they are so comfy that I find that I'm wearing them all the time now! To work, to the mall, everywhere!

And blouses! I wear loose pregnant people blouses all the time! Anything with loose sleeves! And soft material! And baju kurung! Yesterday I was at a tahlil and this old person called ME AUNTIE!!

Now that's a wake up call or what?? I opened my closet today and I have nothing else to wear ....waaiiiiillllll...that are NOT billowy blouses with no shape. In fact I am now, wearing MY HUSBAND's SHIRT! cause it's so comfy and huge! And you know what else I'm wearing? Because I felt enough is enough with the palazzo pants today I decided to wear jeans. And after I ransacked the closet I found...HIS JEANS! And sadly, they are NOT loose on me!

This is getting pathetic. I need to go shopping, clearly. I have also got to lose weight. (Ya think?) My husband does bariatric surgery you know. (

That means he makes fat people skinny by either narrowing their stomach or bypassing it altogether. (this I quote from him, who just told me how to spell bariatric surgery like this: BA REE YAA TRIK without actually telling me the letters. He always does this, and it kills me ! Hehehehe) ..Anyway I did ask whether he would do ME and he bless him, said I'm not fat enough! I love this guy!

Or maybe, he knows he'll be paying for the surgery himself. Hmmm..I wonder.

Anyway yes, I want to STOP wearing palazzo pants. And I want to wear MY OWN jeans.

But ....I don't want to exercise.

I wish we have Weightloss meals that I can just blardie buy and eat and forget about it, Ok today I will look for appetite surpressing thingymajig.

Or does anyone know how I can exercise without sweating?

Never mind, I got to stop sabotaging myself. Its not because of those insults you know, telling me I have expanded (oh go kill yourself, you) or that I am so "sehat" (thanks and would you like me to sit on you? hehehe) -its because I need to get into nicer clothes!!

Vanity. Let's see how that works for motivation.



Anonymous said...

SW, it's good to lose a lil bit weight and start to dress up. We women shd be well groomed at all times, so that our hubs and kids will feel proud of us :)

life will be boring if we dressed up in the same type of attire daily. will feel a bit active when lose a lil bit of weight and will feel less tired and lethargic

all the best to you:)


She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

Salam SW,

If you are looking for something that is less painful, less expensive that does not require dieting or going under the kinfe, then you might wanna consider Premium Beautiful?

It's the first Far Infrared Ray corset (FIR) with a SuperBrand status that comes with a lifetime warranty. Suitable for ladies regardless of age! :)

It is not only meant for getting the perfect weight but also provide tremendous amount of health benefits too.

Btw, when it comes to taking of our man, always remember this!
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Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally, thanks for the words of motivation..and for reminding me that vanity is good for the soul sometimes....memang lethargic ni

Superwomanwannabe said...

SWPB- thats a good saying! I actually have the kit, bought over a year ago..but always put offwearing it....will try it out..its so ketat lah, panaslah,10001 excuse...macamana nak lawa? hehehe

nizamohamed said...

I have this problem of kekadang malas nak dress up. Once, I was in the lift in my apartment building, baru hantar budak sekolah and I was in jeans and tshirt and flip flops, and this filipino maid asked me where I am from. Then she said, "so, your boss lives here?" what???? Dia ingat aku maid..arghh!! I terus naik then bila nak ambik the kids from school, tukar baju lawa skit and wore heels and put some makeup! But that semangat didn't last long..sometimes i feel that i just couldn't be bothered. Hmm... Is it a married woman syndrome or something?

She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

SW, if nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih ok? :)
Anyways, your body will get use to wearing it. Give it at least one week of consistent wearing ok? InsyaAllah, you will feel comfortable after that.
The benefits of PB are too tremendous, it'd be such a waste not to wear it especially if you already own one!

LifeBloom said...

Am very familiar with the topic and this is what I did to get almost 30 kgs off for the past 4 years..

A. Dont worry about the figure..aim to fit into yr clothes ie. Inches as opposed to elbees. But do weigh yrself periodically just for that added boost.

B. Portion control. Half at first and then quarter. More veg than carbs. Pakai pinggan noritake and crystal cutlery. Buat mcm big deal..and for me tetiba rasa na makan sikit hehe.

C. Eat like a bird. Selalu tapi sikit. Amazingly this will rev up yr metabolism. Mcm kita trick body kita makan byk kali..tapi kita mkn sikt and berkhasiat punya stuff like yogurt, almonds, kismis, tuna in small tin..

D. Riadhah. Housework, park keta jauh sikit, jalan cpat2x. Kalau tak suka exercise.

E. Prayer and doa. Selalu doa utk slim sebab nak beribadat kepada Allah. i used to solat duduk sebab tummy overendowed and lutut longgar. Mmg murni sebab kita nak cantik utk suami tapinyg utama kerana sehat untuk beribadat and the rest will fall into place.

Apologies ifvadvicelike redundant. But this has honestly worked or me after YEARS of trying. Importantly theloss stayed.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Niza! Hahahahah thats a good one! Memang kadang kadang kita dressing ni for comfort..tak dalah nak glamer ke apa...tapi tak lak sedar macam maid rupanya. Hmm married women syndrome pun ada gak. Habit kot...which we WILL break! (says me as I sit here in my kaftan)

Superwomanwannabe said...

SWPB- betolllll....and I will try it on, and perservere...and let you know!

Superwomanwannabe said...

LIfebloom- i love your advice. Especially A, C and E. Doa kan? Betul jugak, kalau chubby nak beribadat malas, and generally more malas. And your tips sound v doable.

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