Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Another good morning! 

Alhamdulillah we are alive, and lets hope everything goes well ...

Life is chugging along as usual..nothing exciting..

Last Sunday was the kids' dressage competition.. Dressage ni is when the kids take their horse and go through certain routines. They're required to make an 8 figure ke...and they get marked on how they control their horse, how close they follow the route, whether or not they remember the route! 

So last year Sara and Sophia entered..Sara placed 7 . They compete against other international school kids and they looked different from the others. as they all wear hijab. We were told to dress them in white tshirts so semua belasah je lah. They were a bit casual The only girl from Adni who did well that time placed 3rd and the judge made the remark that she dressed very well, very smart. Her scarf was in her shirt, she wore a blinking tie. and therefore won. Ada ke. What happend to the skill and the horse thing. 

Anyway this year the teacher said be smart. So we pun got them shirts. White shirts yang murah murah je...and the teacher said for secondary kids, blouse mustcover bum. ye lah, seksi sangat uniform horseriding ni tau. And the jodphurs so tight fitting! I made Sophia tuck out her scarf and let it hang loose (I pinned it) .oiii shes busty oi nanti lari kuda...And my other kids put their scarves in their shirt. 

And , they got 3rd (sara) and 5th (daya) - they' re so happy! 

I of course tak pi tengok. I just went during prize giving je. I saw the Adni gals..hmmm....its not menutup aurat lar...they cover but you can see every curve..How?? Sunah nabi I know , to ride horses, but for girls ? Anywayits a good sport and I dont mind taking it up ..(sebab I read that it burns a lot of calories) . A biiiit expensive je. 

Why didnt I go see my babies compete? I ada date with Dr Sharpawi.. the kids were accompanied by their dad. Ni dah kali ke dua ni you ponteng klas haji ni ! Takpa parental support very important...

But sayang tau , hubbs, because he was hilarious! He translated historical lessons into language you and I can understand and gave a lot of examples . He said come the middle of the series, come early because a lOT Of people will attend. You know, I think I need to go 2 years lar. One year not enough! 

What else happend, oh yeah. We went to Hospital Slim River , to visit my husband's auntie..kesian auntie ni, she was admitted because of water infection, and was anaemic and then now stomach ulcer. she was so frail when we saw her. A tiny tiny shrivelled woman. I arrived and instinctively went to kiss her cheek and stroked her forehead! Aiyo she must have been taken aback because you know, I rarely see her and she's not even his blood relative . She was married to his dad's elder brother, and they moved to Ipoh yonks ago, and have 9 kids!  They were staying in  a single story terraced house , and in modest circumstances. Seadanya, as they say. But, amazingly, all their kids have degrees, majority studied abroad. One of the sons is a warden in UNITEN and another one is now staying in Japan. did they do it? Amazing. I ni baru 5 pun terhegeh hegeh

Anyway I must say I'm very very IMPRESSED with Hospital Slim River..its very clean, very quiet, very nice . Coupled with the weather (drizzling), the time (near maghrib) and the silence in the wards , I yang melawat ni pun nak nod off! Husband played the "im a doctor" card when he found out that his auntie had been asked to fast since morning when the actual procedure they want to do is the next day's afternoon- he said no need lah so long, 6 hours cukup lar tu..they called the doctor in, and then asked him to go talk to that doctor in the doctor's room (why? doctor dont want to come see izzit...) . the doctor said he will "see".. 

By the way I have to rethink my visits to the sick..i keep cracking jokes ,totally inappropriate. I told her off also, told her dah lah tu enough with the hospital, dont get sick you need to go home. Who's going to babysit your cucu hahahahaha. Funny lar tu. She smiled so I guess she didnt mind too much

I love Slim River! We stopped at their mosque, and drove through the small town. Nothing much to you or to visitors but it was soo good that it wasnt KL. KL ni terlalu sebok,too busy, too many tall buildings! Not enough birds!~ . You only realise it when you go out and see small towns, normal cars (and not the Ferraris and the Mercs and the BMWs in KL) and normal looking shops (not malls) and I hope, normal values....This coming from  a KL girl, you say. I AM a KL girl at heart, but KL of 1984 not 2012 lar hehehehe... KL hsa changed, everything has changed.. You know, I can't bear to go to my mom's place in Gombak from Jalan Setapak anymore..because it has changed so much..they've widened the roads and destroyed that smelly but iconic Lee Rubber no longer smells Waaah!. And Gombak the sleepy malay residential place is now very urban and more chinese stay here and visit here and lepak here. And Indons too, thanks to the Bazaria..

Ok ok im rambling pointlessly...dah the moral of the story? Apakah nilai nilai murni dari cerita ini murid murid?? hehehe choose lah. It can be : Appreciate what you have before they remove Lee Rubber? or visit your aunties when they get sick? or never crack jokes to sick people? Or move to Slim River when you are old ? (that or tuscany, choose lar) he he


Monday, February 27, 2012

How to treat your 16 year old? see picture

This is my daughter**

As I am sure she is feeling , being 16 and being told she cannot go here, there or anywhere by her ever protective mom.

She wants to go, thats the problem. She's not like a docile child who is content to read and stay in the house, she's always asking to go places ...I feel larh she's pushing the boundaries, asking to go to this place, this seminar, that workshop, this trip, that trip...

Putting things in perspective, she doesn't ask to go to clubs or social places, so I guess I have to let her go lar to all these "good" places.. But the places she asks to go to, always costs money--moan moan. Ok I basically do not want her to go anywhere 50 metres away from under my armpit, is that possible?

I tell her that the world out there is dangerous. you get exposed to so many things if you are not careful, and you cant exactly trust your friends. What if the friends introduce her to -GASP- boys?? Or worse still...MAT REMPIT? He he...Her friends are giggly girls (not all of them she tells me! )Well Nadine they are all giggly at this age and they all know better.

Yesterday Saturday after tuition she wanted to go follow her friends for a bowling tournament practice and I said yes. Then when I called her to see if she is ready, (or she said she called ME) she was apparently at a karaoke place. Hmm. I felt- not happy that my daughter is in a mall somewhere loitering. on the other hand this was the first time and not often anyway I let it go..with a mental note to go with her next time

So what do you think? Should I let her have her freedom? Or should she listen to mummy and wait till she's 24 before she can go out and lepaks? er I pun dulu lepak , tapi dengan Zuriati my now sister in law but then best friend, and we would go walk around Yow Chuan Plaza and try many many clothes just for fun, and yeah nothing happened to us. Eh? I think ada lah hairy situations, where men chatted us up (it was probably Zu) so there WERE dicey moments. But I was about 17 then which is a looot older than Nadine hehehehehe..

I guess Nadine you got to understand that as much as you want to grow up, I DON'T want you to . But..I will have to face reality soon!

** This picture was taken at Penang when she went with her friends for a debating thingy with the school. First time I let her out for 4 days or something.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Awan Nano

Are you the cloud, or the one protected by the cloud? Have a listen to this beautiful song:

Favourite line yang buat I sebak : Kasihnya tiada banding, Setianya tiada tara.....
(kalah power Ai will always lahve yu ) 

I rasa lah this awan nano cloud ni is saying Im the one who cant see you cry, who protect you from the rays of sun from reaching your delicate skin..and who provide rain when you are thirsty. Because of me you are not dark and not parched , ada faham? And so tolong lah appreciate sikit ok. Ni tak you think you are fair and well fed etc on your own or what? want to marah marah some more? want to ego ego huh? karang I merajuk karang (kata awan  nano ni lar) Haa if I merajuk duduklah you bawah matahari sorang sorang..terbakar pun terbakar lar ada aku kesah? (kata awan lah kalau dia boleh bercakap!! hihi)....

To all my clouds, thank you. My husband is the no 2 cloud , my parents the no 1 of course. My brothers are my er 3rd awan nano....They are there when Im happy, sad, fat, thin (that would be my parents and brothers as my husband has never seen me thin ha ha) and rich or poor when Im annoyed with any of them I should remember that they are really my awan, and appreciate them accordingly, before I hit the roof ha ha ha. Eh mana lah I ni pandai marah..tak pandai...

How about if you are the awan nano? You get ignored, you get forgotten, you get abandoned when he has new friends,  you dont even get a decent sms when something good happens to him, you get snubbed by the one you would happily protect with your life,or give a kidney to , or EVEN lend money to . What happens then? Nak merajuk (sulk) tak?

Bolehhhh. Merajuklah! We can ignore back, or toksah call or lets go and find another person to hover over , come. ..but I think before we do that...we should tell the person for whose sake we would happily punch a school bully's face , that we are soooo merajuk ...entah entah dia tak tau exactly how we feel kan...worth it what...dont you think? Because awan nano tak go over just any ole person's head right... awan of course protected our great Rasulullah saw you have very strong ties with this ungrateful person.

So tell lah kat dia..I wish you can be a bit more considerate...if this happens to you you would be upset too right? After all we are (insert relationship) would not treat your best friend like this right so how come you are treating ME like this? ..Hokey tak?  Yang stew sorang sorang tu apasal.......takkan taknak try..biarlah you make the first step..if both stubborn nothing will get achieved...dont be Palestine and like Malaya and the UK dulu... .....terhegeh hegeh kita kat orang puteh tapi last last...through softly softly tactics and constant nagging, we got our independence and no blood was shed. Kan Kan kan??  Although he may have forgotten who his awan cloud is...and maybe dia pun macam sawan, if you tell him or her yang you merajuk ni..sure dia say sorry kan?? Tak ke?Kalau tak jugak- hmmph biarlah dia hangus and hitam legam kena matahari! Yang penting you tak merajuk lama lama....Merajuk merajuk ni so penat tau..I tak pernah can do it..I will cave surely. Macam dalam video awan nano ni, he came to his senses as to who his real protectors are...but it was too late...huhuhu..

Er kalau ada yang terperasan tu kan -  er takdalah..i change my mind..this is NOT about you. LANGSUNG takda kena mengena.

So ends my unofficial analysis of the awan nano amacam?

Dah jiwang jiwang..tengok ni...Yang bawah ni is absolutely HILARIOUS!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine Day To me!

belated valentines day post.!!

ya, on FB and media, there was a huge debate about whether halal or haram or ok or not ok , to celebrate Vday...I stayed very quiet on this matter ! I have friends who celebrated and friends who equally thought its tantamount to being a murtad. My own children told me the origin is from some christian battle or saint and its not good to celebrate it. Semua orang tak approve.

Sekali sekali! My husband came home with a  gorgeous deep red roses  with deep red carnation floral arrangement . 6 roses and 6 carnation. You should have seen him.  I was at home, Ustaz was teaching the kidsmengaji. In the middle of recitation, husband came home. He walked in, came to where I was (at the dining table) planted a kiss on my forehead and said loudly "HAPPY VALEN--!!-and then I pinched him, he looked up at Ustaz and petered lah, takut dia marah!

heheheh anticlimax tol for him!

What do I think about it then?

Since i don't get flowers normally, I'm grateful that there IS a day marked for husbands to remember their wives . and for love to be celebrated generally. So Im ok with Valentines Day. Im not ok with the name, who the heck was Valentine and what has he got to do with me and my husband. I think it should be renamed, so that it has no religious or other connotation kan? How about calling it a "Love Day/RomentikadiAmor day" . Ok kan??

BUT!! If Love Day is ok, what Love Day may lead to I tak setuju sangat and want to prevent lar. among muslims and actually amongst non muslims - ie celebrating your love between the sheets ! Kalau kawin tu, nevermind least there IS a day when you get some ha ha. But for those youngsters and in love?? 14 year olds with 19 year old bf? That would be the day they er...give themselves away. Is this really a strictly Muslim worry though. Actually I think non muslim parent pun won't be ok with the thought of their unmarried late teens early 20s kids doing IT? They may well have been free in the past, but I believe most parents, when they become parents, will suddenly want their daughters to all wear PURDAH when it comes to men, regardless of religion --especially the DADS! EK?? Tol tak?? hehehehe!

I love the concept of Love but not the unwedloving  ... I am concerned also with the statistic (Supplied by DadofSix with his 2 girls)- that every 17 minutes, there is a child born out of wedlock in Malaysia. EEPS!(you have to guard your boys too!)..But , to tell this to our youngsters ...susah kan? So have to be subtle lar..and have to get cooperation from many ppl.

So I propose that we do this:

1. On or around this Love Day, all hotels will only accept booking from couples with married certs only. Of course, this will apply to Muslims . I cant imagine ada orang Islam that will protest..berani tak nak declare...I have the right to commit sin! Yeah, but I also think Islam is like Alcoholic Anonymous-we need Intervention! ha ha..this will not be popular with the hotblooded youngsters but when they have kids, they will understand.....

2. All parks will have very bright lights! No hidden corner! also safe for ladies

Every year this becomes an issue. This and rock concert. So waste time. But since it is an issue, let's pay attention to it all year round. We should not panic when one political party calls for it to be banned. I would not want this day to be banned...cause otherwise I wont get this bunga bunga (simple minded, me) ...but I think we should be very smart...and deal with this in a smart way....where there is political will kan...semua boleh jadi..I think that hotel idea would be very easy to implement....if our politicians back it up...unless of course...they want to be the ones booking rooms with their gf!

Tak pek den nak nolong do! hihihi!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moanmoan Im not well....

Today I feel a bit off, 

Dizzy you know. macam naik boat. Sea sick. 

I know why...and its not being pregnant. that ship has LONG SAILED

I took some antibiotics this morning and apparently husband said it can make you sick

Remember I have this humongous huge cavity ? and I went to the dentist and he said I should just do a root canal except I have complicated roots? and he then said I can pull both of those molars off but I then will not have any molars on that side and would look so hideous? And then he said look why not I just cover your huge cavity and hey! if you get infection now and again, at least you have teeth!


Well , so far so good. I have been a good girl and not chew on that side for a long time. Then I forgot and ate steak and hard stuff ..and now I have a molar ache

And its been 2 days. 

And I have been downing Actifast like they were sweets. You dont want to know me when I forget to take them, or take them late...beranak pun tak sakit cam ni..I will be growling at husband, at kids at everyone. 

Then today I decided to tell husband that I need antibiotics. Actually Ive been saying it since I first felt pain , moan moan moan but he tuned me out. but today I think he kesian so he gave me a handful- take 2 of this, and 1 of that etc. So I ni dengan penuh lurus, makan..and then suddenly the whole day  I kepala pusing..and I sms him..and dia segala coolnya told me they can do that to you. Now you tell me!!

Anyway yes, I hope it clears up soon! The dentist did say that the infection would find a way to cure itself...if Im lucky.Kira infection tu macam malas dah , since I dont treat it properly.

And yes, this is a boring post kan? I pun nak tidor baca benda ni..ok lah bai!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

1st day Kursus Haji

- Was good! Dr Sharpawi was funny!

And it wasn't actually how to do the haj..more of how to be a better muslims..get you back on the how to eat properly:

1. Eat small portions
2. Swallow first then chew another bite
3. Finish whats on your plate
4. Never eat standing up !
5. Eat whats in front of you first if possible and not reach to the middle of the table
6.Dont blow on your food ! or drink!
7. Dont breathe in your glass!

Now tell me, if i was to tell you this was 1400 years old, you'd be amazed kan. Im sure they have this in latest cosmo or something.

How to sleep also is covered! Like:
1. Shake the blankets/cover before you sleep ! Common sense lar, case of ants etc!
2. Take your wudhu before you sleep!
3. Read doa when you get up  as in IM ALIVEEEEE! Thank you GOD!
4. Sleep early so you can get up early also lar

Common sense? And also ...always always have God in your hearts...Tapi macamana,,my brain so bebal now to hafal doa... BUT WILL TRY!! Never give up!

After all...Kalau pasal gossip tu ingat saja yek? So I can indeed remember the doas... hehehehehe- or else speak Malay.

Other things I should increase now:

1. Pray on time!!
2. Do more extra solats!
3. Read quran!
4. Give alms! and dont blog about it!

So that by the time you go to Haj takdalah so kekok..awkward...right?

Actually no wonder laaa the Mualaf become devout Muslims...because they appreciate the simplicity and common sense that it teaches...I sudah take for granted ...kan kan kan

Husband went out halfway..sent Nadine to a talk...of course I KNOW he would not come back ..basic for him..but then I told him ..its the semangat ketogether-gether an yang penting..he must join ...even though he thinks he knows....sebab the Ustaz was hilarious and very experienced!


Strictly for ladies eyes only.

I have gone shopping for undergarments! yay! and the lady told me (1) you cannot wring your brassiere (2) you cannot dump it in the washing machine (3) you cannot hang from the strap because it will be stretched and (4) I am  no longer 34 B...its now 38F ok!! Wow! Thank you, fat rolls! Merasa jugak aku jadi Dolly parton! ha ha!

It was depressing a bit that we can only get LL sizes only. This company must be marketing for midgets. LL?? Lebih Lebok? Laaa..Lumpynye? Larger than Large? 

But wearing a good fit makes a heck of a difference, gals! So go and get measured today! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Victoria pun taknak tau this secret

You know you need to go shopping when you speak aloud: I need to throw away all my underclothing lar, and your husband overhears and chips in: Yes you do.


Aiyoo, whats wrong with granny pants lar..very comfortable what...and above navel button lagi..haa tak sejuk and tak masuk angin kan?

and grey is the new black isnt it?? hehehehehehe

Ok ok im kidding !


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dahlia's trip to the hospital

I was at the hospital yesterday. Dahlia woke up crying in pain cause her right ear hurt...the other day her left ear hurt and we went to the clinic , she was given eardrops and antibiotics. This time round the dad said - hospital for you my girl. So off we went. Dahlia crying all the way. We had to wait for the doctor who only turned up at 9.30 am (he must have been sending his wife to work too!) And I made friends with a lady from Johor who came up to see the doctor, (I liked her blouse!)  When we were finally seen the doc put this long tube thingy in her ear, and sucked out all the fluids, and told me that he would speak to me about a gromit. So I smsed husband  (who had gone to his own clinic)  Gromit tu apa? and he smsed back "Friend of Wallace".

Hahaha kelakarnyeee....(not).

It's actually an ear operation procedure to remove fluid from the middle ear- " Glue ear is a condition where the middle ear fills with glue-like fluid instead of air. This causes dulled hearing. It clears by itself in most cases. An operation to clear the fluid and to insert grommets may be advised if glue ear persists.(

Er..operation ke doctor?? er no need lar ye.. Anyway she gets this v rarely. Daya was given some ibuprofen and some eardrops and seemed ok. Especially after the hot chocolate and cream puff treat at Tarik cafe kat spital tu. 

Every single one of my kids have gone to the hospital for one thing or the other..although thank goodness not for anything serious like surgeries! Nadine went for a girly check up, Sophia did too, Sara had H1N1 fears (dad probably overreacted) and jojo...hmmm ..jojo tak pernah pergi kot...

Hope their relatively good health continues ...(its expensive woi to get sick, dad working at same hospital notwithstanding!) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I ni nak cakap...I am not that religious sebenarnya......

I went to the mosque last Saturday attending a celebration of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)'s birthday, teachings etc.

I was so "psyched" or excited, that I put it up on the FB. My sis in law called later and laughed "amboi baru first time masuk Masjid dah habis canang satu dunia ya!"  hehehehe

yeah, she's right.. other people go in and out mosques tak jadi hal pun,,no big deal...but for me it was a big deal, because I'm not the type of person who would go to the mosque! It wasn't the first time by the way, we do go to tarawikh etc, but it was the first time in a long time that I went to attend a function, voluntarily. outside of eid ! 

One of the reasons I can think of is that I wasn't raised that way!(eeee....Blame parents hahaha!) I was taught to pray, read the quran , as something I have to do.kalau tak my dad bawak keluar talipinggang ..but as for things people do voluntarily  like berzanji etc..simply did not have that kind of exposure. I didn't think it was bad, I just thought this was for the elderly folks to do! I have always admired my Johorean cousins with their  berzanji, marhaban, berkatam! Macam macam! God is great, sebab I married a Johorean and God gave me my mother in law whose lips tak lekang lekang sebut nama Allah swt and forever reminding me not to forget prayers (I must look like such a slacker to her hehehe) -- 

I envy that kind of attitude to religion. ye lah, sayang agama. and not buat because kena suruh... and sent my kids hoping they would have that same attitude instilled- ...hope menjadiklah.tapi still have to nag them to pray! (me too!) I think the attitude to teaching Islam everywhere is too strict lar ..- we should take time to break down why we are asked to do what we do...then we do it because we want to do, not have to do...and we should have cool ustaz first..hehehe 

I ni can talk the talk...can i walk the walk??? Right now I memang trying to be a  better muslimah. the intention is there.....the thing is i get distracted a lot! I mean to do a lot of good things, then I forget! That's why I tell everyone I know I want to go to Haj- so I blardie well do it! My iman meter is like my diet metre..up and down....To pray on time for me is a big achievement!!! (eee confession) 

So its good that I got reminded and motivated by the speaker at the mosque (he was funny!) Kamal Ashaari-  to be absolutely honest...i didnt mean to attend the maulud- I went to the mosque actually to attend my very first kursus haji...then I found out it was cancelled and instead there was the Maulud- they asked me- nak join kan? I can't very well turn around and said, "oh well, i have about 5 episodes of my korean drama to watch so I better go home- catch you next week, then!" right?? So I stayed...and husband stayed too ..

And I'm glad! Because the speaker did talk about how a person's faith wavers all the time. gets attacked all the time. be it the ulama, or the new it a child or an old guy.. We came out of it very motivated and malu as of course we have taken the religion very much for granted....tak tau pun sunnah nabi tu apa beyond commonly known facts*** honey and dates...actually how come we don't trade like the Prophet. or rule like the Prophet ha? 

***I have to say that this is me, my husband's level of knowledge is super larr orang johor kannnn...

EH I pulak bersyarah!! Takda, just to share how now I think majlis kat masjid is a good way to be motivated...sebab without reminder we forget...esp me with memory like sieve... and I know Im not alone ...ramai people out there who are muslims but quite "easy going"..and if you are "easy going" you'd be like "whats the big deal about valentines day anyway?" instead of "valentine's day is an excuse to kissing kissing among our youths so its baaaadddd"!

  hope this post will also put pressure on me to remaiin on the path of straight and narrow...jangan hangat hangat tahi ayammmm kang...

Ishhh dah 40 pun masih ada issue iman ?? camana ni????

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Morning ramblings

Hmmm apa topic harini

Im at home, I have to send Daya to the clinic, and then wait for the gate man to arrive. Daya is complaining of ear ache, probably ear infection. gate pulak, One door of the gate cannot open , and yesterday Daya called and said she was locked out, unable to come in, as the gate refused to open, and in the end the maid had to haul her over the gate and into the house compound. Imagine if it was ME who was locked out!! Haa satu kerja nak kena haul ME.

Am dieting now. Which means skipping meals. Which is never a good idea because you are always hungry and when you do eat , you eat more. What to do, hate exercising. Partner at office is laughing at me , one of these days he will get one from me. Ada ke dia kata I gemok lah, selekeh lah...kok ye pun nak motivate I, choose a better option ler.! mentangmentanglah kitchenguardian wife my partner ni slender and lawa hahahahah (ok Yani, send me a macaron ok- but you are)  Insulting me has not worked, as you can tell heheheheh...As i said before only you can motivate yourself right? I need to be a biiit lighter so I wont be huffing and puffing if ever I get to do the haj! What better motivation right?

Have announced it to the world that I want to go..well actually told the world that I want to start the course. Announced it so that I will be FORCED to go. And now, alhamdullillah, semangat dah datang lah! Takpalah I have 2 ringgit in the account, we will wait for gaji and register yay!! Nadine said mom, this year 3 major exams, takkan nak pergi?? Hmm takpa nadine, mummy pi course dulu..just attend the course, first.

Someone told me that one year course is not enough...she wished she had done many many times..baru lah ingat or appreciate the haj course. Haji is after all , a pilgrimage, a spiritual one you take into yourself, to divest yourself of all your worldly goods and worldly worries and be totally vulnerable to God. Scientology has nothing on Islam. If Tom Cruise ever gets to know Islam, he'd convert , straight away. hehehehe..Don't you think? The other day I had 2 mat sallehs over for dinner and they were asking me about Islam and quran . I am surprised how many misconceptions and perceptions they have! In the end I told them, go read the quran, that is the voice of God , no interpretation or man made laws can mess with that. It is not their fault that they think Islam is bad...when you have honor killings., female mutilation etc. Islam or the culture??? They asked me if I was a poster child for Malay Muslim, etc etc (!!) I had a good laugh. There is a looong way before I get to be a good muslim....!!

Eh for no topic morning, lots of topic pulak.. you have a good day k?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Time flies when you're doing nothing much!

Hi there!

The thing about not going anywhere for a long holiday is escape the jam back home! :)

Yups, we stayed home - and lounged about..ada lah keluar  short trip but not anywhere far...our neighbour had a "do" to celebrate the reversion of a new mualaf..alhamdulillah...and gave me a chance to see their GEDEGANG HUGE HOUSE ...!! then we did go and visit my husband's brother in law to discuss his current project that he wants us all to be involved ..and we did go back to Kampung at my 2nd brother's invitation..

Actually malas nak drive out to kampung... pikir nak drive thru traffic nak pi Ulu Sopoyee , sure jam giler..But apparently semua adek beradek I and parents akan datang..and it WOULD be nice, to have the whole family around, especially as it was Johan's birthday the next day and he had said that in lieu of a party, he wanted his family to be around him. (belia kan anak I) sweet. (that was then, today in the light of day AFTER his birthday , he now is considering a party)

So off we went and by midnight we arrived , my brother no 2 je sampai..takpa lar, we all slept on the sofa, on mattresses, etc etc ..Nadine and I stayed up till 3 am watching Gokusen (japanese classic drama) ...the next day my normally empty-save-for-a -couple-caretaker kampung house, became loud with the sounds of cooking lah, main dalam pool lah, budak main badminton lar. Terjerit jerit...I can safely say that Johan had a good birthday. His uncle Sazzli bought him a Nerf gun (memang diidamkan) and his other Uncle bought him a cake. and my husband's brother pun datang (cousins v close to Jojo too) .We left at about 7pm, full and tired!

That was yesterday actually! Thismorning after subuh everyone crashed again and got up at 9! And we continued lounging about at home, except ada kenduri tahlil tadi kejap..and husband visited the hospital (of course)...

And I cant believe that the 4 day over!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012


This is a "membukapekongdidada"(revealing your defects!) post...heheheh

But I'm sure a lot of people can relate and do go through this from time to time, what's wrong with sharing..

here problem right now is......



Eh gelak pulak..betol lahhh Waaarghh!

My mom pantang (forbid!) us from saying ever that we have no money. because she said that everything is a if we keep saying we have no money, that will happen. So say, not enough yet......

I'm sure we all go through this right?? Normally you'd be happily surviving, and then some months- WHAMMO, you are just counting the days till the next pay check comes. This can come due to stuff like cars breaking down, or in my case, paying the contractor a humongous chunk for painting my house. Paying school. Paying to change locks for whole house. And paying the tv man a huge chunk for fridge,  tv and new airconds. And also getting new furniture for the kids' rooms - Yeah yeah, all this totally could wait and did NOT have to be bought when we did but we got carried away I guess. OK OK I got carried away...hehehehehe ..And of course some funds that were supposed to come in did not come in, which DID not help, and of course me lending his money to people who convinced me they realllyyyyy needed it , did not help also hehehe..Plus how come I need to pay everyone NOW?

I think this is a good reminder to us. Since his new job I have taken some things for fancy restaurants, kids' activities, holidays etc. Alhamdulillah for his extra income..but perhaps God wants to remind me to appreciate it more and cut down on wastage like stays in  hotels (which you guys know I love right, I should be Paris Hilton the way I love hotels haha) when all of a sudden I cannot, padan lah muka, it makes me realise that MONEY is FINITE! And enough is enough ! hehehe Allahswt  gives us this moment where we have to sit and stay still and reflect...perhaps this is payback for something? Or perhaps this is because I poohpoohed my dad when he said I really did NOT need to get the extra telly? heheheh  .(it was a good idea at the BNI friend kan kerje kedai TV....)

it's a good lesson, and I am grateful God that you still love me enough to test me. But God,  I am having a dinner party tomorrow! And my inlaws are coming too! And this weekend there will be 3 families in my household I think..erks...challenge challenge..

TAKPA! We shall face it! And remember this ! Grit your teeth!! And raid your kids' tabung! (KIDDING!!) And stop spending! And start saving!

Alhamdulillah..Mamasita reminded me...we have so much when others don't...but this is lah what I mean..kadangkadang what you have tu, is not blessed by God so it doesnt goes as soon as it comes in...betol tak??

Sorry lar, memalukan ke? Maybe I will delete this post later. 


Friday, February 03, 2012


Im in the house, finishing off some work

I am supposed to be at B*N*Imeeting but for the first time in 2 years I overslept and got up at 6.30. Instead of 5.00 am. And after praying, getting ready, waking kids up for school, duk dik duk dik, wallah it was past 7. Takpa lah. I'm allowed to be absent for 3 times before they kick me out of the group- I try not to miss it because you get a lot of referral for work when you ARE there...and when you're not, takda lah. You have to open your shop orang kata.

Anyway I just wanted to share what happened this trying to get hubby to hurry out of the loo,  I called "Babyyyyyy!"
and tibatiba  I heard a cry from downstairs..."Iya ibu???"

Aiyo panggil Baby yang jawabnya Bibik!

Ciou guys!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

My day Off and Antonio Banderas was in it!

I was on leave yesterday!

I did! Totally wasted it.

Husband was working and kids were at school !

I did have ideas of indulging self and had visions of myself walking in KLCC or Pavillion ALONE and browsing clothes and trying on make up etc ..aloooone..(that's luxuryto me)

However, in the end I got too lazy.

I stayed in the bedroom until about 2 pm, in front of my PC. Mandi when nak zohor je..eeee....Did do some work but with healthy doses of gossip mags online hahaha(yeah, Heidi is definitely splitting with Seal and it's because of his horrible temper it seems) . Watched ORIGINALSIN the movie! Alamak, have to delete this movie from the AC Ryan cepat cepat in case kids find it...because its soo er...not kids compliant and definitely not syariah compliant! Verryyy er...good for biology lesson if ya know what i mean!

[KIDS IF YOU ARE READING THIS , DO NOT EVEN THINK OF IT OKAY!! I WILL KNOW because ALL MUMMIES have EYES at the BACK OF THEIR HEADS, TAU! I have RIGGED the AC Ryan so you better not try watch this ok...*]
*Btw AC Ryan is a device which lets you store thousands of movies .  Its not called AC Ryan, that's just the brand..but I dont know amende nama we call it AC Ryan

In case you're wondering heh? Original Sin? Never heard of it! It's about this rich handsome coffee plantation owner who advertised for a wife. One of those types who thinks all this real love business is rubbish. So he  got an answer from a plain looking lady, but when the bride came woah it was Angelina- dropdead gorgeous with lips as big as my face -Jolie. Chuffed as anything, they got together and slowly fell in love with each first they didn't consummate the marriage but hey..your husband is Antonio Banderas for heaven's sake! She did what I would expect her to do and jumped him  (well, on the other hand when your wife looks like that - what do you do?? can't blame the man) ..Anyway rupanya she's a con person bla bla and cleaned him out of his joint account (which I will never do to yours ok dear! hehe) and then disappeared !!

However, the love scenes aside, it was a very romantic movie..when Antonio Banderas (Senor Luis) finally found Angelina again, and he was going to kill her, he told her desperately :Can't you see? Can't you see? That I kahnot breeeez without you, I cannot leeeeeve without you! (ok tak my spanish impression?) All this while holding a gun (btwkann... Antonio's physique..all I can say is if that's not photoshopped or digitally touched up, Melanie is one lucky lady indeed hokey!)

Ee I sound creepy for a minute there! Let's get back to the sigh inducing romance of the story! Falling in lurve when you dont want to...sacrificing yourself to save the said loved ones...I am a sucker for all that...jadik..after that bila husband balik kita pun look at him with full rose tinted glasses mode ON. (not the x rated type ok more the romantic type) ...

So dalam mood romantic I told him lah about the movie and how much Antonio loved Angelina and it was soo sad but so nice bla bla bla and so romantic bla bla...and he said ?? - "Oh yah I watched it too dulu dulu - craplah, entah haper haper.."

Hah??? Are we talking about the same movie? (btw when did you go see and with whom ha? Heheh...)

Crap?? just remember certain scenes je and tak hingat dah the rest?? hehehehehehehehhehe

Oklah...gurau gurau je...jangan maraaaah...never mind lar I romantic sorang-sorang.!

So yeah, I didnt really get to do anything useful or worthwhile..but I guess its good to bum around once in a while..because today I'm raring to go at the world! Before 8.30 I'm in the office! Whatzaaappppp???

Ok lah guys..take care and have fun today! And go watch the romantic scene with the hubby! I can't now, since someone said he allready saw! Ta!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...