Monday, February 20, 2012

1st day Kursus Haji

- Was good! Dr Sharpawi was funny!

And it wasn't actually how to do the haj..more of how to be a better muslims..get you back on the how to eat properly:

1. Eat small portions
2. Swallow first then chew another bite
3. Finish whats on your plate
4. Never eat standing up !
5. Eat whats in front of you first if possible and not reach to the middle of the table
6.Dont blow on your food ! or drink!
7. Dont breathe in your glass!

Now tell me, if i was to tell you this was 1400 years old, you'd be amazed kan. Im sure they have this in latest cosmo or something.

How to sleep also is covered! Like:
1. Shake the blankets/cover before you sleep ! Common sense lar, case of ants etc!
2. Take your wudhu before you sleep!
3. Read doa when you get up  as in IM ALIVEEEEE! Thank you GOD!
4. Sleep early so you can get up early also lar

Common sense? And also ...always always have God in your hearts...Tapi macamana,,my brain so bebal now to hafal doa... BUT WILL TRY!! Never give up!

After all...Kalau pasal gossip tu ingat saja yek? So I can indeed remember the doas... hehehehehe- or else speak Malay.

Other things I should increase now:

1. Pray on time!!
2. Do more extra solats!
3. Read quran!
4. Give alms! and dont blog about it!

So that by the time you go to Haj takdalah so kekok..awkward...right?

Actually no wonder laaa the Mualaf become devout Muslims...because they appreciate the simplicity and common sense that it teaches...I sudah take for granted ...kan kan kan

Husband went out halfway..sent Nadine to a talk...of course I KNOW he would not come back ..basic for him..but then I told him ..its the semangat ketogether-gether an yang penting..he must join ...even though he thinks he knows....sebab the Ustaz was hilarious and very experienced!



Anonymous said...

Being your silent reader, tapi bila sebut Uzt Dr Sapawi..wahh terpanggil nk tulis something..Last year Kak Azi attend klas dia sabtu & ahad (nk pegi Haji tapi pengetahuan takde & tambah pulak slow learner kenalah pegi 2 klas) ..memang best, baru first week kan..ada 17 minggu.makin lama makin seronok ..Itu belum dia nyanyi lagu hindustan lagi tuh..Alhamdullillah Kak Azi dapat jemputan last year..Doa kak Azi SW pun dijemput ke rumah Allah dlm masa yg terdekat.

Kak Azi

Superwomanwannabe said...

Apakabar Kak Azi! Wah jelesnya saya kak azi dah pergi...sayaaminkan doa kak azi. walaupun sekarang saya ni sungguh rasa tak prepared...tapi best gak dengar drs sharpawi...he really is funny..ada hindustan?? ni yang tak leh miss nih!

Anonymous said...


Kak Azi sihat.. rasa tak prepared tu you put aside, yg penting jgn ponteng pergi kursus sebab tu je masa yg kita boleh belajar pun, tahun lepas masjid (kalau masjid yg sama lah sebab kalau klas pg ahad memang Drs Sapawi kat situ je..) ada print buku nota, buku tulah kak azi bawak pergi Mekah as a reference, sampai ke sana, insyaallah pandailah..kita tak leh nk bayangkan selagi kita tak sampai .. Drs Sapawi ni memanglah tersangat kelakar, confirm tak ngantuk, tapi dlm kelakar tu bila sampai bab2 yg menyentuh perasaan tu, laju je airmata kluar..dia yg nangis dulu! kita apa lagi berjurai2 lah. Jangan ponteng tau..nanti miss part hindustan & byk lagi part yg best2 tak leh lah crite semua..hahaha

Kak Azi.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak Azi

Ni yang berkobar kobar nih! Sekarang tengah plan activity for the kids around that time so they tak boring! And semua aktiviti kena postpone jap. Dr S said, dia boleh tolak , apa lak kita tak leh tolak? betol jugaaak

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