Awan Nano

Are you the cloud, or the one protected by the cloud? Have a listen to this beautiful song:

Favourite line yang buat I sebak : Kasihnya tiada banding, Setianya tiada tara.....
(kalah power Ai will always lahve yu ) 

I rasa lah this awan nano cloud ni is saying Im the one who cant see you cry, who protect you from the rays of sun from reaching your delicate skin..and who provide rain when you are thirsty. Because of me you are not dark and not parched , ada faham? And so tolong lah appreciate sikit ok. Ni tak you think you are fair and well fed etc on your own or what? want to marah marah some more? want to ego ego huh? karang I merajuk karang (kata awan  nano ni lar) Haa if I merajuk duduklah you bawah matahari sorang sorang..terbakar pun terbakar lar ada aku kesah? (kata awan lah kalau dia boleh bercakap!! hihi)....

To all my clouds, thank you. My husband is the no 2 cloud , my parents the no 1 of course. My brothers are my er 3rd awan nano....They are there when Im happy, sad, fat, thin (that would be my parents and brothers as my husband has never seen me thin ha ha) and rich or poor when Im annoyed with any of them I should remember that they are really my awan, and appreciate them accordingly, before I hit the roof ha ha ha. Eh mana lah I ni pandai marah..tak pandai...

How about if you are the awan nano? You get ignored, you get forgotten, you get abandoned when he has new friends,  you dont even get a decent sms when something good happens to him, you get snubbed by the one you would happily protect with your life,or give a kidney to , or EVEN lend money to . What happens then? Nak merajuk (sulk) tak?

Bolehhhh. Merajuklah! We can ignore back, or toksah call or lets go and find another person to hover over , come. ..but I think before we do that...we should tell the person for whose sake we would happily punch a school bully's face , that we are soooo merajuk ...entah entah dia tak tau exactly how we feel kan...worth it what...dont you think? Because awan nano tak go over just any ole person's head right... awan of course protected our great Rasulullah saw you have very strong ties with this ungrateful person.

So tell lah kat dia..I wish you can be a bit more considerate...if this happens to you you would be upset too right? After all we are (insert relationship) would not treat your best friend like this right so how come you are treating ME like this? ..Hokey tak?  Yang stew sorang sorang tu apasal.......takkan taknak try..biarlah you make the first step..if both stubborn nothing will get achieved...dont be Palestine and like Malaya and the UK dulu... .....terhegeh hegeh kita kat orang puteh tapi last last...through softly softly tactics and constant nagging, we got our independence and no blood was shed. Kan Kan kan??  Although he may have forgotten who his awan cloud is...and maybe dia pun macam sawan, if you tell him or her yang you merajuk ni..sure dia say sorry kan?? Tak ke?Kalau tak jugak- hmmph biarlah dia hangus and hitam legam kena matahari! Yang penting you tak merajuk lama lama....Merajuk merajuk ni so penat tau..I tak pernah can do it..I will cave surely. Macam dalam video awan nano ni, he came to his senses as to who his real protectors are...but it was too late...huhuhu..

Er kalau ada yang terperasan tu kan -  er takdalah..i change my mind..this is NOT about you. LANGSUNG takda kena mengena.

So ends my unofficial analysis of the awan nano amacam?

Dah jiwang jiwang..tengok ni...Yang bawah ni is absolutely HILARIOUS!!


LifeBloom said…
I really like this fact it brought tears to my eyes..hehe dah semonel tuo2x nih...but why the word nano ..sebab kecik ke?

Did u know that Roza knows Mr Tino quite well? He even sang at her wedding..!!
Ye ke?? bestnya I suka Herman Tino..dengan kain pelikat dia....

yeah lah this song so sad one.

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