This is a "membukapekongdidada"(revealing your defects!) post...heheheh

But I'm sure a lot of people can relate and do go through this from time to time, what's wrong with sharing..

here problem right now is......



Eh gelak pulak..betol lahhh Waaarghh!

My mom pantang (forbid!) us from saying ever that we have no money. because she said that everything is a if we keep saying we have no money, that will happen. So say, not enough yet......

I'm sure we all go through this right?? Normally you'd be happily surviving, and then some months- WHAMMO, you are just counting the days till the next pay check comes. This can come due to stuff like cars breaking down, or in my case, paying the contractor a humongous chunk for painting my house. Paying school. Paying to change locks for whole house. And paying the tv man a huge chunk for fridge,  tv and new airconds. And also getting new furniture for the kids' rooms - Yeah yeah, all this totally could wait and did NOT have to be bought when we did but we got carried away I guess. OK OK I got carried away...hehehehehe ..And of course some funds that were supposed to come in did not come in, which DID not help, and of course me lending his money to people who convinced me they realllyyyyy needed it , did not help also hehehe..Plus how come I need to pay everyone NOW?

I think this is a good reminder to us. Since his new job I have taken some things for fancy restaurants, kids' activities, holidays etc. Alhamdulillah for his extra income..but perhaps God wants to remind me to appreciate it more and cut down on wastage like stays in  hotels (which you guys know I love right, I should be Paris Hilton the way I love hotels haha) when all of a sudden I cannot, padan lah muka, it makes me realise that MONEY is FINITE! And enough is enough ! hehehe Allahswt  gives us this moment where we have to sit and stay still and reflect...perhaps this is payback for something? Or perhaps this is because I poohpoohed my dad when he said I really did NOT need to get the extra telly? heheheh  .(it was a good idea at the BNI friend kan kerje kedai TV....)

it's a good lesson, and I am grateful God that you still love me enough to test me. But God,  I am having a dinner party tomorrow! And my inlaws are coming too! And this weekend there will be 3 families in my household I think..erks...challenge challenge..

TAKPA! We shall face it! And remember this ! Grit your teeth!! And raid your kids' tabung! (KIDDING!!) And stop spending! And start saving!

Alhamdulillah..Mamasita reminded me...we have so much when others don't...but this is lah what I mean..kadangkadang what you have tu, is not blessed by God so it doesnt goes as soon as it comes in...betol tak??

Sorry lar, memalukan ke? Maybe I will delete this post later. 



Anonymous said…
SW, I like your honesty. Frankly, you are not alone. Many, including myself do experience this sometimes, especially when we have some major things to do like shifting to new house, some renovation, etc. Sometimes, its not because we are careless with our money, but it is because there is just too many things to pay for.

I usually do not like to put myself in such situation, because it doesnt feel good and gives me some kind of stress daily thinking abt many things till I get my next pay cheque. Nowadays I am quite careful and wait till nearer to my payday before I spend my balance money on somethings I need to buy but not so important.

mamasita said…
Don't worry...there are people much2 worst off than you.
So you are still so lucky.. Alhamdulillah.
*sikit jer dah panik..whatlaa you superwoman per?* :))
Mamasita...we are very very very lucky .at least we can still get out of it...tapi actually very gering. he he
Sally- I will now remember to do the same instead of going mad ..yeah next month i dont see anything huge to pay not yet anyway
Anonymous said…
All the best SW & Enjoy your weekend.

AzeedA said…
Slm kak :)
I was just got told off by a kakak ofis for saying just that! She said bukannye takde duit, duit tu ade utk gune bende lain.. jgn cakap duit takde, takde le jadinye'
Bak kata MaherZain, insya Allah ada jalannya... :)
LifeBloom said…
You are so right..Allah SWT loves you and send this test to make you stronger. Yelah duit is a necessity..but just Rabbi Yassir wa la tu assir many2x times..rezeki akan datang dari sumber yang tak disangka 2x.

A friend once was totally broke sebab kena cheat..sampai cecah million in debt. He and his family qiam by solat tahajjud and hajat for some months..and Allah SWT provided..they are now richer than they can imagine and infakkan rezeki lebih to less fortunate.

I ni selalu lalai nak qiam..insyaAllah kita amalkan petua and see what unfolds :))
Anonymous said…
Dear SW,
You are not alone. Most of the times I do not think about the money I've spent unnecessarily like. Paying rm100 on mani pedi, on one lunch, beli tudung ke.then tiba2 I get to know a patient's father who was sacked from work. Because of having to take a few days off every month to look after her when she has treatment. She has brittle bone disease. He was worried that the tambang bas from Ipoh to KL (they were from Ipoh) has increased by a few rM. And there I was moaning of having to wait for the next pay check when I've just berbelanja on entah apa2. Memang Allah nak tunjukkan to me...subtly nasib baik!
the principal said…
This post reminds me masa jd lawyer; gaji ok, still mcm tak cukup. Bila dah jadi cikgu tadika, income taklah byk, cukup je coz dah mula belajar learn to manage my money...

Masih terngiang2 kata2 my former boss "tau tak Emylia, gaji I 2,3 bulan lepas pun tak habis lg"..ish! rasa nak tampar je mulut dia sbb kita keje penat2, dia senang2 je lepak2 kat kondo dgn "anak ikan" dia...
Azeeda- ha betul betul..and thank I nyanyi kuat kuat Insyallllahhhhh cepat lah mashoooouukkkk

tu lah the power of doa ..this is a very inspiring tale...sebab in the end yang bagi rezeki is the Almighty kan...

and you and me both ! Kena buat Qiyam!! and not just Qiyam facebooking!!
Anonymous- kesian nya!!! sacked because of that?? Takda hati perut betol?

Kan , kadang kadang (selalu actually) kita makan ratus ratus buat deq je...walhal ada orang tu satu ratus tu berpeluh darah nak dapat kan...

God IS great. At least dia bagi kita tak lupa...macamana rasanya kena control funds... and my husband commented, that when I wrote money is finite, he said adakah i ingat dulu money is infinite? Takda lah, tapi dulu tak da pikir pikir kalau say, nak makan ke.(benda mahal tak lah, tapi benda like facial ke, apa ke..senaaangje belanja)

Eh ! Membebel lak I
Emylia..meh I tolong you tampaukan your ex boss...agaknya dia tak banyak commitment kot...orang bayarkan ke apa ke...hehehe tak baiknye i...

actually kalau tak meraban beli apa apa tak pa kot.walaupun necessary, mungkin tak now i have to budget more carefully

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