Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dahlia's trip to the hospital

I was at the hospital yesterday. Dahlia woke up crying in pain cause her right ear hurt...the other day her left ear hurt and we went to the clinic , she was given eardrops and antibiotics. This time round the dad said - hospital for you my girl. So off we went. Dahlia crying all the way. We had to wait for the doctor who only turned up at 9.30 am (he must have been sending his wife to work too!) And I made friends with a lady from Johor who came up to see the doctor, (I liked her blouse!)  When we were finally seen the doc put this long tube thingy in her ear, and sucked out all the fluids, and told me that he would speak to me about a gromit. So I smsed husband  (who had gone to his own clinic)  Gromit tu apa? and he smsed back "Friend of Wallace".

Hahaha kelakarnyeee....(not).

It's actually an ear operation procedure to remove fluid from the middle ear- " Glue ear is a condition where the middle ear fills with glue-like fluid instead of air. This causes dulled hearing. It clears by itself in most cases. An operation to clear the fluid and to insert grommets may be advised if glue ear persists.(

Er..operation ke doctor?? er no need lar ye.. Anyway she gets this v rarely. Daya was given some ibuprofen and some eardrops and seemed ok. Especially after the hot chocolate and cream puff treat at Tarik cafe kat spital tu. 

Every single one of my kids have gone to the hospital for one thing or the other..although thank goodness not for anything serious like surgeries! Nadine went for a girly check up, Sophia did too, Sara had H1N1 fears (dad probably overreacted) and jojo...hmmm ..jojo tak pernah pergi kot...

Hope their relatively good health continues ...(its expensive woi to get sick, dad working at same hospital notwithstanding!) 

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MrsNordin said...

The picture you posted... isn't that from Shaun the Sheep? The dog looks like that. Anyway, ha.. ha.. kelakar!

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