Thursday, February 09, 2012

Morning ramblings

Hmmm apa topic harini

Im at home, I have to send Daya to the clinic, and then wait for the gate man to arrive. Daya is complaining of ear ache, probably ear infection. gate pulak, One door of the gate cannot open , and yesterday Daya called and said she was locked out, unable to come in, as the gate refused to open, and in the end the maid had to haul her over the gate and into the house compound. Imagine if it was ME who was locked out!! Haa satu kerja nak kena haul ME.

Am dieting now. Which means skipping meals. Which is never a good idea because you are always hungry and when you do eat , you eat more. What to do, hate exercising. Partner at office is laughing at me , one of these days he will get one from me. Ada ke dia kata I gemok lah, selekeh lah...kok ye pun nak motivate I, choose a better option ler.! mentangmentanglah kitchenguardian wife my partner ni slender and lawa hahahahah (ok Yani, send me a macaron ok- but you are)  Insulting me has not worked, as you can tell heheheheh...As i said before only you can motivate yourself right? I need to be a biiit lighter so I wont be huffing and puffing if ever I get to do the haj! What better motivation right?

Have announced it to the world that I want to go..well actually told the world that I want to start the course. Announced it so that I will be FORCED to go. And now, alhamdullillah, semangat dah datang lah! Takpalah I have 2 ringgit in the account, we will wait for gaji and register yay!! Nadine said mom, this year 3 major exams, takkan nak pergi?? Hmm takpa nadine, mummy pi course dulu..just attend the course, first.

Someone told me that one year course is not enough...she wished she had done many many times..baru lah ingat or appreciate the haj course. Haji is after all , a pilgrimage, a spiritual one you take into yourself, to divest yourself of all your worldly goods and worldly worries and be totally vulnerable to God. Scientology has nothing on Islam. If Tom Cruise ever gets to know Islam, he'd convert , straight away. hehehehe..Don't you think? The other day I had 2 mat sallehs over for dinner and they were asking me about Islam and quran . I am surprised how many misconceptions and perceptions they have! In the end I told them, go read the quran, that is the voice of God , no interpretation or man made laws can mess with that. It is not their fault that they think Islam is bad...when you have honor killings., female mutilation etc. Islam or the culture??? They asked me if I was a poster child for Malay Muslim, etc etc (!!) I had a good laugh. There is a looong way before I get to be a good muslim....!!

Eh for no topic morning, lots of topic pulak.. you have a good day k?


Anonymous said...

hi superwomanwannabe(sometimes)...
i have been reading your blog for a few days now and you remind me of sophie kinsella(the shopaholic series).err,her writing of course,very funny and witty.i enjoy your entries immensely and glad that there are women/mums out there who think similarly like me.hehe... elly

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI Elly! Welcome to the blog! Well, you know, I cant cook, I dont sew and I have no outward talent that I can think of . So its immensely lovely that you like to read my ramblings :)

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