Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moanmoan Im not well....

Today I feel a bit off, 

Dizzy you know. macam naik boat. Sea sick. 

I know why...and its not being pregnant. that ship has LONG SAILED

I took some antibiotics this morning and apparently husband said it can make you sick

Remember I have this humongous huge cavity ? and I went to the dentist and he said I should just do a root canal except I have complicated roots? and he then said I can pull both of those molars off but I then will not have any molars on that side and would look so hideous? And then he said look why not I just cover your huge cavity and hey! if you get infection now and again, at least you have teeth!


Well , so far so good. I have been a good girl and not chew on that side for a long time. Then I forgot and ate steak and hard stuff ..and now I have a molar ache

And its been 2 days. 

And I have been downing Actifast like they were sweets. You dont want to know me when I forget to take them, or take them late...beranak pun tak sakit cam ni..I will be growling at husband, at kids at everyone. 

Then today I decided to tell husband that I need antibiotics. Actually Ive been saying it since I first felt pain , moan moan moan but he tuned me out. but today I think he kesian so he gave me a handful- take 2 of this, and 1 of that etc. So I ni dengan penuh lurus, makan..and then suddenly the whole day  I kepala pusing..and I sms him..and dia segala coolnya told me they can do that to you. Now you tell me!!

Anyway yes, I hope it clears up soon! The dentist did say that the infection would find a way to cure itself...if Im lucky.Kira infection tu macam malas dah , since I dont treat it properly.

And yes, this is a boring post kan? I pun nak tidor baca benda ni..ok lah bai!!


Anonymous said...

SW, I am so sorry to hear about that. Why not consider removing em? Permanent removal of the problem.

Take care and rest a lot. Hope you recover soon.


Leezas touch said...

Oh so sad....know what u should do..makan pain killer dulu,rest...
bila dah hilang sakit...jumpa dentist cabut terus whatever is bugging u...
Hahaha senang cakap than done... Trust me i've gone thru that sampai berhari2 m.c.(masa tu kerja lg).
Anyway t.care...ya n hope u'll b ok soon.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally...sebab nanti gongak..burukk senyum tak leh besar..tats why..hehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Leeza- dah hilang yay! and now I bet I will forget pas tu bila kena, merana balik..ya lah ,will consider pulling out lar!

Anonymous said...

ah, I think they got such thing as implant a fake tooth there which will look like a real tooth.

do it now since u are still young, cos as we grow older, our body wont be able to tolerate pain much and at that time doc may not wanna perform it


Superwomanwannabe said...

Er...implant a fake tooth?? ok will ask the dentist..maybe can consider//rather than stick with the pain kan

Thanks for saying im still young though ha ha!

Dr. H said...

just to share..implants are now considered the third set of teeth, after gigi susu and gigi kekal (should find another name for this) lah.

however it is costly, price ranged from 3K(kalau buat kat subsidised place) to 8 K...that is in Kelantan, don't know in KL.

he he good to spend on implants if you're already have a big house and a luxury car...it is not only good for chewing steak and brocolli, but it is important to oral health and also to prevent that "caved in" look bila ngogok...

don't ever give in to root canal..kalau belum tahu, I dah summarised kat my blog..

ta ta, after the implant experience, you'll either want to go and pull out all your teeth and replace with implants, or you keep relieving the trauma every time you pass by people who are drilling into something...orang shave ice with the machine pun can make you cringed....but then...shhhhhh...jangan sampai mat dadah tahu...nanti dia datang korek ambil titanium tu..h ah a..

i tak ada implant,,,,cuma kongsi cerita aje..

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