Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Another good morning! 

Alhamdulillah we are alive, and lets hope everything goes well ...

Life is chugging along as usual..nothing exciting..

Last Sunday was the kids' dressage competition.. Dressage ni is when the kids take their horse and go through certain routines. They're required to make an 8 figure ke...and they get marked on how they control their horse, how close they follow the route, whether or not they remember the route! 

So last year Sara and Sophia entered..Sara placed 7 . They compete against other international school kids and they looked different from the others. as they all wear hijab. We were told to dress them in white tshirts so semua belasah je lah. They were a bit casual The only girl from Adni who did well that time placed 3rd and the judge made the remark that she dressed very well, very smart. Her scarf was in her shirt, she wore a blinking tie. and therefore won. Ada ke. What happend to the skill and the horse thing. 

Anyway this year the teacher said be smart. So we pun got them shirts. White shirts yang murah murah je...and the teacher said for secondary kids, blouse mustcover bum. ye lah, seksi sangat uniform horseriding ni tau. And the jodphurs so tight fitting! I made Sophia tuck out her scarf and let it hang loose (I pinned it) .oiii shes busty oi nanti lari kuda...And my other kids put their scarves in their shirt. 

And , they got 3rd (sara) and 5th (daya) - they' re so happy! 

I of course tak pi tengok. I just went during prize giving je. I saw the Adni gals..hmmm....its not menutup aurat lar...they cover but you can see every curve..How?? Sunah nabi I know , to ride horses, but for girls ? Anywayits a good sport and I dont mind taking it up ..(sebab I read that it burns a lot of calories) . A biiiit expensive je. 

Why didnt I go see my babies compete? I ada date with Dr Sharpawi.. the kids were accompanied by their dad. Ni dah kali ke dua ni you ponteng klas haji ni ! Takpa parental support very important...

But sayang tau , hubbs, because he was hilarious! He translated historical lessons into language you and I can understand and gave a lot of examples . He said come the middle of the series, come early because a lOT Of people will attend. You know, I think I need to go 2 years lar. One year not enough! 

What else happend, oh yeah. We went to Hospital Slim River , to visit my husband's auntie..kesian auntie ni, she was admitted because of water infection, and was anaemic and then now stomach ulcer. she was so frail when we saw her. A tiny tiny shrivelled woman. I arrived and instinctively went to kiss her cheek and stroked her forehead! Aiyo she must have been taken aback because you know, I rarely see her and she's not even his blood relative . She was married to his dad's elder brother, and they moved to Ipoh yonks ago, and have 9 kids!  They were staying in  a single story terraced house , and in modest circumstances. Seadanya, as they say. But, amazingly, all their kids have degrees, majority studied abroad. One of the sons is a warden in UNITEN and another one is now staying in Japan. did they do it? Amazing. I ni baru 5 pun terhegeh hegeh

Anyway I must say I'm very very IMPRESSED with Hospital Slim River..its very clean, very quiet, very nice . Coupled with the weather (drizzling), the time (near maghrib) and the silence in the wards , I yang melawat ni pun nak nod off! Husband played the "im a doctor" card when he found out that his auntie had been asked to fast since morning when the actual procedure they want to do is the next day's afternoon- he said no need lah so long, 6 hours cukup lar tu..they called the doctor in, and then asked him to go talk to that doctor in the doctor's room (why? doctor dont want to come see izzit...) . the doctor said he will "see".. 

By the way I have to rethink my visits to the sick..i keep cracking jokes ,totally inappropriate. I told her off also, told her dah lah tu enough with the hospital, dont get sick you need to go home. Who's going to babysit your cucu hahahahaha. Funny lar tu. She smiled so I guess she didnt mind too much

I love Slim River! We stopped at their mosque, and drove through the small town. Nothing much to you or to visitors but it was soo good that it wasnt KL. KL ni terlalu sebok,too busy, too many tall buildings! Not enough birds!~ . You only realise it when you go out and see small towns, normal cars (and not the Ferraris and the Mercs and the BMWs in KL) and normal looking shops (not malls) and I hope, normal values....This coming from  a KL girl, you say. I AM a KL girl at heart, but KL of 1984 not 2012 lar hehehehe... KL hsa changed, everything has changed.. You know, I can't bear to go to my mom's place in Gombak from Jalan Setapak anymore..because it has changed so much..they've widened the roads and destroyed that smelly but iconic Lee Rubber no longer smells Waaah!. And Gombak the sleepy malay residential place is now very urban and more chinese stay here and visit here and lepak here. And Indons too, thanks to the Bazaria..

Ok ok im rambling pointlessly...dah the moral of the story? Apakah nilai nilai murni dari cerita ini murid murid?? hehehe choose lah. It can be : Appreciate what you have before they remove Lee Rubber? or visit your aunties when they get sick? or never crack jokes to sick people? Or move to Slim River when you are old ? (that or tuscany, choose lar) he he



jana said...
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Anonymous said...

Terima kasih cikgu Shila!


Anonymous said...


May I ask where do the kids do horse riding? We asked Mont Kiara before, but the waiting list was soooo long. Do you horse ride too? :)


Superwomanwannabe said...

Jah- hehehe perasan jadik cikgu sat

ABNS- itscalled the Royal Sgor Polo Club and its behind raintree. Not sure whether they got in via school or can anyone go in. I was told anyone can be a member, and hope one day I can find the time. It does look fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SWW,

I will check that place one day and let you know the outcome ya. Thanks! :)

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