Thursday, February 02, 2012

My day Off and Antonio Banderas was in it!

I was on leave yesterday!

I did! Totally wasted it.

Husband was working and kids were at school !

I did have ideas of indulging self and had visions of myself walking in KLCC or Pavillion ALONE and browsing clothes and trying on make up etc ..aloooone..(that's luxuryto me)

However, in the end I got too lazy.

I stayed in the bedroom until about 2 pm, in front of my PC. Mandi when nak zohor je..eeee....Did do some work but with healthy doses of gossip mags online hahaha(yeah, Heidi is definitely splitting with Seal and it's because of his horrible temper it seems) . Watched ORIGINALSIN the movie! Alamak, have to delete this movie from the AC Ryan cepat cepat in case kids find it...because its soo er...not kids compliant and definitely not syariah compliant! Verryyy er...good for biology lesson if ya know what i mean!

[KIDS IF YOU ARE READING THIS , DO NOT EVEN THINK OF IT OKAY!! I WILL KNOW because ALL MUMMIES have EYES at the BACK OF THEIR HEADS, TAU! I have RIGGED the AC Ryan so you better not try watch this ok...*]
*Btw AC Ryan is a device which lets you store thousands of movies .  Its not called AC Ryan, that's just the brand..but I dont know amende nama we call it AC Ryan

In case you're wondering heh? Original Sin? Never heard of it! It's about this rich handsome coffee plantation owner who advertised for a wife. One of those types who thinks all this real love business is rubbish. So he  got an answer from a plain looking lady, but when the bride came woah it was Angelina- dropdead gorgeous with lips as big as my face -Jolie. Chuffed as anything, they got together and slowly fell in love with each first they didn't consummate the marriage but hey..your husband is Antonio Banderas for heaven's sake! She did what I would expect her to do and jumped him  (well, on the other hand when your wife looks like that - what do you do?? can't blame the man) ..Anyway rupanya she's a con person bla bla and cleaned him out of his joint account (which I will never do to yours ok dear! hehe) and then disappeared !!

However, the love scenes aside, it was a very romantic movie..when Antonio Banderas (Senor Luis) finally found Angelina again, and he was going to kill her, he told her desperately :Can't you see? Can't you see? That I kahnot breeeez without you, I cannot leeeeeve without you! (ok tak my spanish impression?) All this while holding a gun (btwkann... Antonio's physique..all I can say is if that's not photoshopped or digitally touched up, Melanie is one lucky lady indeed hokey!)

Ee I sound creepy for a minute there! Let's get back to the sigh inducing romance of the story! Falling in lurve when you dont want to...sacrificing yourself to save the said loved ones...I am a sucker for all that...jadik..after that bila husband balik kita pun look at him with full rose tinted glasses mode ON. (not the x rated type ok more the romantic type) ...

So dalam mood romantic I told him lah about the movie and how much Antonio loved Angelina and it was soo sad but so nice bla bla bla and so romantic bla bla...and he said ?? - "Oh yah I watched it too dulu dulu - craplah, entah haper haper.."

Hah??? Are we talking about the same movie? (btw when did you go see and with whom ha? Heheh...)

Crap?? just remember certain scenes je and tak hingat dah the rest?? hehehehehehehehhehe

Oklah...gurau gurau je...jangan maraaaah...never mind lar I romantic sorang-sorang.!

So yeah, I didnt really get to do anything useful or worthwhile..but I guess its good to bum around once in a while..because today I'm raring to go at the world! Before 8.30 I'm in the office! Whatzaaappppp???

Ok lah guys..take care and have fun today! And go watch the romantic scene with the hubby! I can't now, since someone said he allready saw! Ta!!


LifeBloom said...

I saw the movie aeons ago and m in total agreement abt keromantikan value cerita ini..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Shila i lovelovelove this entry!!!! Btw how does ac ryan look like? What is it? Harddrive ke? The original annon. Now days ur so popular so many other annons

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lifebloom....kan kan kan?? plus they are both gorgeous people are no longer An Anony but a friend.....AC Ryan tu er..entah macam box which you can transfer downloaded movies - dalam my AC ryan ada 1000 movies!

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