Im in the house, finishing off some work

I am supposed to be at B*N*Imeeting but for the first time in 2 years I overslept and got up at 6.30. Instead of 5.00 am. And after praying, getting ready, waking kids up for school, duk dik duk dik, wallah it was past 7. Takpa lah. I'm allowed to be absent for 3 times before they kick me out of the group- I try not to miss it because you get a lot of referral for work when you ARE there...and when you're not, takda lah. You have to open your shop orang kata.

Anyway I just wanted to share what happened this trying to get hubby to hurry out of the loo,  I called "Babyyyyyy!"
and tibatiba  I heard a cry from downstairs..."Iya ibu???"

Aiyo panggil Baby yang jawabnya Bibik!

Ciou guys!


Bibik nak manja tu. hehehhee
Yantie said…
haha...very funny la sis..
btw, i am your silent reader...suka baca what u wrote because it soo santai...*smile*..i'll keep on coming for more cerita-ceriti

Putri,Bibik perasan dia baby hahahahaha!
Yantie..singgah selalu ok!
Anonymous said…
Shila, Bibik u nak bermanja with both hubby & u nampak gayanya..he he he

hahhaha.. this is funny!
tireless mom said…
sure tak de orang laiin in the house panggil your bibik baby? jeng jeng jeng...

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