Strictly for ladies eyes only.

I have gone shopping for undergarments! yay! and the lady told me (1) you cannot wring your brassiere (2) you cannot dump it in the washing machine (3) you cannot hang from the strap because it will be stretched and (4) I am  no longer 34 B...its now 38F ok!! Wow! Thank you, fat rolls! Merasa jugak aku jadi Dolly parton! ha ha!

It was depressing a bit that we can only get LL sizes only. This company must be marketing for midgets. LL?? Lebih Lebok? Laaa..Lumpynye? Larger than Large? 

But wearing a good fit makes a heck of a difference, gals! So go and get measured today! 


LOL!! Very funny post indeed..
Betulkan? kena measure..barulah betul...

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