Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Time flies when you're doing nothing much!

Hi there!

The thing about not going anywhere for a long holiday is that...you escape the jam back home! :)

Yups, we stayed home - and lounged about..ada lah keluar  short trip but not anywhere far...our neighbour had a "do" to celebrate the reversion of a new mualaf..alhamdulillah...and gave me a chance to see their GEDEGANG HUGE HOUSE ...!! then we did go and visit my husband's brother in law to discuss his current project that he wants us all to be involved ..and we did go back to Kampung at my 2nd brother's invitation..

Actually malas nak drive out to kampung... pikir nak drive thru traffic nak pi Ulu Sopoyee , sure jam giler..But apparently semua adek beradek I and parents akan datang..and it WOULD be nice, to have the whole family around, especially as it was Johan's birthday the next day and he had said that in lieu of a party, he wanted his family to be around him. (belia kan anak I) ..so sweet. (that was then, today in the light of day AFTER his birthday , he now is considering a party)

So off we went and by midnight we arrived , my brother no 2 je sampai..takpa lar, we all slept on the sofa, on mattresses, etc etc ..Nadine and I stayed up till 3 am watching Gokusen (japanese classic drama) ...the next day my normally empty-save-for-a -couple-caretaker kampung house, became loud with the sounds of cooking lah, main dalam pool lah, budak main badminton lar. Terjerit jerit...I can safely say that Johan had a good birthday. His uncle Sazzli bought him a Nerf gun (memang diidamkan) and his other Uncle bought him a cake. and my husband's brother pun datang (cousins v close to Jojo too) .We left at about 7pm, full and tired!

That was yesterday actually! Thismorning after subuh everyone crashed again and got up at 9! And we continued lounging about at home, except ada kenduri tahlil tadi kejap..and husband visited the hospital (of course)...

And I cant believe that the 4 day break..is over!!


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Happy Belated Birthday to Johan.

I always thought, companies should now shorten work hours - 4 days work and 3 days off so that employees could rest more and increase their productivity during the 4 days of work :) :)


Superwomanwannabe said...

I agree wholeheartedly! :)



nizamohamed said...

Reading about your family get together reminded me of mine. Kalau jumpa, riuh rendah, padahal tak la ramai mana but we really have fun! Can't wait to be back home and be with them!

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