Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine Day To me!

belated valentines day post.!!

ya, on FB and media, there was a huge debate about whether halal or haram or ok or not ok , to celebrate Vday...I stayed very quiet on this matter ! I have friends who celebrated and friends who equally thought its tantamount to being a murtad. My own children told me the origin is from some christian battle or saint and its not good to celebrate it. Semua orang tak approve.

Sekali sekali! My husband came home with a  gorgeous deep red roses  with deep red carnation floral arrangement . 6 roses and 6 carnation. You should have seen him.  I was at home, Ustaz was teaching the kidsmengaji. In the middle of recitation, husband came home. He walked in, came to where I was (at the dining table) planted a kiss on my forehead and said loudly "HAPPY VALEN--!!-and then I pinched him, he looked up at Ustaz and petered lah, takut dia marah!

heheheh anticlimax tol for him!

What do I think about it then?

Since i don't get flowers normally, I'm grateful that there IS a day marked for husbands to remember their wives . and for love to be celebrated generally. So Im ok with Valentines Day. Im not ok with the name, who the heck was Valentine and what has he got to do with me and my husband. I think it should be renamed, so that it has no religious or other connotation kan? How about calling it a "Love Day/RomentikadiAmor day" . Ok kan??

BUT!! If Love Day is ok, what Love Day may lead to I tak setuju sangat and want to prevent lar. among muslims and actually amongst non muslims - ie celebrating your love between the sheets ! Kalau kawin tu, nevermind least there IS a day when you get some ha ha. But for those youngsters and in love?? 14 year olds with 19 year old bf? That would be the day they er...give themselves away. Is this really a strictly Muslim worry though. Actually I think non muslim parent pun won't be ok with the thought of their unmarried late teens early 20s kids doing IT? They may well have been free in the past, but I believe most parents, when they become parents, will suddenly want their daughters to all wear PURDAH when it comes to men, regardless of religion --especially the DADS! EK?? Tol tak?? hehehehe!

I love the concept of Love but not the unwedloving  ... I am concerned also with the statistic (Supplied by DadofSix with his 2 girls)- that every 17 minutes, there is a child born out of wedlock in Malaysia. EEPS!(you have to guard your boys too!)..But , to tell this to our youngsters ...susah kan? So have to be subtle lar..and have to get cooperation from many ppl.

So I propose that we do this:

1. On or around this Love Day, all hotels will only accept booking from couples with married certs only. Of course, this will apply to Muslims . I cant imagine ada orang Islam that will protest..berani tak nak declare...I have the right to commit sin! Yeah, but I also think Islam is like Alcoholic Anonymous-we need Intervention! ha ha..this will not be popular with the hotblooded youngsters but when they have kids, they will understand.....

2. All parks will have very bright lights! No hidden corner! also safe for ladies

Every year this becomes an issue. This and rock concert. So waste time. But since it is an issue, let's pay attention to it all year round. We should not panic when one political party calls for it to be banned. I would not want this day to be banned...cause otherwise I wont get this bunga bunga (simple minded, me) ...but I think we should be very smart...and deal with this in a smart way....where there is political will kan...semua boleh jadi..I think that hotel idea would be very easy to implement....if our politicians back it up...unless of course...they want to be the ones booking rooms with their gf!

Tak pek den nak nolong do! hihihi!


Anonymous said...

SW, this is so hillarious. Thank god the ustaz never get angry.

I think it's okay not to celebrate V day, bt can just get a gift for each other.

Personally I don't like to celebrate V day and avoid going to restaurants on that day. However, we get each other a small gift just for the sake of it.

Sometimes, I feel so geli looking at people walking on street n V day, holding hands and the gal having a flower bouquet in her hand. It's like r all dressed up and they hold flower and walk only once a year.

florist and restaurants take this opportunity to increase price of flower n food....the govt shd ban these type of price increase kan?


Superwomanwannabe said...

Sally..the florists will charge (and did charge) double !

And the restaurants do all sorts of package kan...i guess orang berniaga ..they would not pass this chance up man!Anyway at least you get a gift..nice!

Leezas touch said...

Wow! u r very straight forward....i admire ur frankness.
Well,actually we can celebrate anything at anytime...maybe dah in the era of 50's ni(but still young at heart)i'm not so particular of celeb V day cept for birthdays n anniversary cos my hubby sometimes shower me with gifts at odd times.. whatever u think is right as long as u n ur partner is happy n ur good intention wont gives any ill feelings to others.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kak Leeza- 50 is not that far away from me its nice that we still can give bunga bunga ek?? or present? I dont buy presents usually...sebab cek suami very fussy shopper..karang I beli dia tak suka..pernah I beli dia comment, terus I merajuk takndak beli dah. Anyway dont mean to be too direct, its just that I think so much energy has been wasted on talking about the actual day, sebenarnya what we want to avoid is what the day encourages right> so why not we just tackle the issues instead of politicking kan dia...i geram bila jadi issue politik. Hudud lagi satu..start je lah soemthing, at least educate etc instead of just talk talk talk about it right...tak yah cerita cerita...kat Vietnam tu orang dah buat dah pun , takda call it hudud je apa ke...
EHH !Dah jauhh! Apa apa pun Kak Leeza thank you for coming to my blog...!!

Dr. H said...

he he just drop a comment kat valentine..ask hubby to sponsor dental implant and superior quality crowns

MrsNordin said...

I don't understand what's the big fuss about Valentine's Day. If you wanted to celebrate it, celebrate lah. Tak nak, sudah!

Somehow this day has become like "Dooms Day" or something which should be avoided like a plague. Whenever Feb 14 approached, out came opinions and actions to be taken by all sorts of people and parties. "Beware of Valentine's Day!" "Don't celebrate Valentine's Day!" "V Day is HARAM!" etc, etc. Haiyo.. why on that day only??

To me, it's just another day. If you received gifts of love on that particular day, good for you! If you didn't, it doesn't mean your loved ones love you less.

I saw a young girl waiting at the bus stop with a big bouquet of flowers in her hands on my way home that Feb 14. I thought, "How sweet.." She must be proud of it. Despite the fact it would be really troublesome to carry the big bouquet on the bus, she must felt on top of the world that evening.

I think, orang yang made a big fuss about V Day ni are simply jealous coz they've never received anything on V Day! Ha Ha! That's just my shallow opinion!

And babe, you shouldn't feel sorry or embarrased for receiving those flowers from Jeb. Even infront of the ustaz!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...